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					                                  STAFF POSITION QUESTIONNAIRE
Oklahoma State University staff positions are classified based on position questionnaires. Information will be used to evalu ate job
requirements and to determine appropriate job title and pay range for this position.
Employe e Name : (or "new" or "vacant")                                                                 Job Family/Pay Grade:

Curre nt Title :                                                                                        Position Number:

Job Location: (Section or Unit)                                           (Department Name and               (Division Name and Code)
Library Systems                                                           Library Systems                    Library

Curre nt               Current Salary Range :                             Labor Distribution: REQUIRED FOR NEW POSIT IONS ONLY

                                                                          Account #                                                            %

                                                                          Account #                                                            %

Biweekly                  Monthly              X                          Account #                                                             %

                                                                          Account #                                                             %

                                                                                                     T otal must equal          100             %

Name of Imme diate Supervisor:                                                     Title:
Rod McAbee                                                                                    Manager
Action Re que ste d:                        New Position                  Possible Upgrade                  Possible Downgrade

                                            Update O nly                  O ther (Please Specify:)

Re ason for Action:
T he Library Systems devpartment is undergoing a restructuring.

Similar Unive rsity Positions:

Signature s Authoriz ing Review:                                  Date:             Comments:

O riginator:

Unit De signe e :

Pe rsonne l Liaison:

Recommendation of University Personnel Services:
Position Title :                               Class Code:                Position Number:           Job Family/Pay Grade:            Job Code:

Salary Range :                                                            Pay

Re ason for Re comme ndation:

Re comme ndation to Pe rsonnel Liaison:                                                                         Date:

Oklahoma State University                                          1                                                     Revised February, 1996
Personnel Services                                                                                                 Revised by CEAT 2-21-96, Library 9/2000
Approval (for Colle ge /Division use only):                                                    Date:

                                    OSU STAFF POSITION QUESTIONNAIRE


     The purpose of the questionnaire is to obtain an accurate description of the responsibilities assigned to the position.
It is also used when the performance of the employee is being evaluated. Stating the expected standards for satisfactory
level performance with each major responsibility on the form permits employees to clearly understand performance


1. Either the employee or a supervisor may complete parts of the questionnaire, except the supervisor must complete
   the performance standard section of each major responsibility and the minimum qualifications.

2. The performance section of each major responsibility is provided for the convenience of the department and the
   employee whose duties are being described. It is not mandatory, but guidelines for performance must be given to
   the employee in some form.

3. The form will be typed.

4. Each question should be completed or marked "not applicable". Enough detail should be given that persons outside
   the department can understand the position. Be particularly thorough in describing the four major responsibilities.
   Tell what is performed, how, and why where appropriate.

5. If more space is needed to complete an answer, attach additional sheet(s). Number each sheet with the number of
   the question.

6. If a question is not clear, ask a supervisor, department head, Personnel Liaison or call University Personnel
   Services, x45352, for clarification.

7. Be sure to attach a current organization chart to the questionnaire.

8. When the questionnaire is completed, appropriate persons should sign it and send to the Personnel Liaison. The
   Personnel Liaison will forward to Personnel Services for evaluation and recommendations.

9. Personnel Services will respond back to the Personnel Liaison, who in turn will notify the department.

    If the questionnaire is for a “new” position, the labor distribution data must be included on the routing sheet. A
position number, classification code, and job code will be assigned by Personnel Services. The position number will be
used for identification during recruitment and subsequent filling of the position.

Oklahoma State University                                 2                                            Revised February, 1996
Personnel Services                                                                               Revised by CEAT 2-21-96, Library 9/2000
       Note: Major Responsibilities, whether there are four or more, or fewer, should total 100%.
Identify within responsibilities those that are essential functions.

1.1.      Major Responsibility                                                          % Time: 20

          a.    General: System Administration of Library Automation environment excluding WebVoyage.

                Improper system administration of Library infrastructure can result in non-trivial outages or loss of
                functionality in day-to-day operations of the A&M libraries staff and utilization of library resources by the
                patrons for the nine A&M Libraries. The majority of A&M Library Faculty/Staff depend upon the
                Voyager system managed by this position to be on-line and functional in order to perform a critically
                significant amount of their work.

          b.    Specific:
                Responsible for maintaining most automatic data feeds for account administration for all students, faculty,
                    staff via SQL, DB2, ACCESS, etc. throughout the year with emphasis at the beginning of each term.
                Provide technical consultation assistance to the nine A&M Librarians and staff as time and opportunity
                System administration of the Voyager library automation system in terms of customizing the system,
                    creating custom queries and generating reports, providing technical support for all components,
                    Voyager and WebVoyage plus any additional modules as needed.
                Providing support for the desktop component of the system which resides on all library employees’
                    desktop computers.
                Provide appropriate training and documentation.

                Note: Specific libraries may elect to utilize this position in a more consultative manner and have local
                   personnel support perform some of these job duties.

          c.    Standard for Merit Performance Level: (optional)

Oklahoma State University                                   3                                           Revised February, 1996
Personnel Services                                                                                 Revised by CEAT 2-21-96, Library 9/2000
Essential Functions: These are basic job duties an employee must be able to perform, with or without reasonable accommodatio ns
(for qualified individuals with disabilities). Factors to consider include (1) whether the reasons the position exists is to p erform that
function; (2) the percentage of time spent on the function; (3) the number of other employees available to perform the function; and
(4) the degree of expertise or skill required to perform the function. All other duties should be defied as SECONDARY (or marginal

Oklahoma State University                                         4                                                 Revised February, 1996
Personnel Services                                                                                             Revised by CEAT 2-21-96, Library 9/2000
1.2.     Major Responsibility                                                           % Time: 15

         a.     General:

                Customize and support Webvoyage and the Webserver (Apache) aspect of Voyager.

                WebVoyage must be on-line, available for use essentially every day of the year, 24 hours each day except
                for maintenance and unscheduled outages. This is the interface by which the patrons interact with the
                libraries online catalogs. Non-availability can impact every student enrolled at A&M institutions along
                with A&M Faculty and their associated instructional, research and extension efforts.

         b.     Specific:
                Each year, a new version is installed. All sites must have their Webvoyage configurations either updated
                    or completely redone over the span of a few days. Oversee implementation of major upgrades to the
                    facilities and supply appropriate guidance.
                Provide a standard setup for search parameters and displays.
                Document all operational aspects of the computer environment and new procedures.
                Assist in prioritizing work and resolving problems or issues as needed.
                Provide technical advice, guidance to Librarians and staff concerning requirements and procedures for the
                    effective and efficient utilization of Webvoyage.
                Interact with vendors as necessary.

                Note: Specific libraries may elect to utilize this position in a more consultative manner and have local
                   personnel support deviations from the standard.

         c.     Standard for Merit Performance Level: (optional)

                Local library faculty and staff skill and knowledge along with their usefulness should continuously
                Meet all reasonable and realistic needs of the faculty and staff in a professional, friendly, knowledgeable
                   manner. Must be able to communicate with faculty and students in layman’s terms. Time spent
                   answering questions should be minimized due to documentation written by this position.

Oklahoma State University                                  5                                           Revised February, 1996
Personnel Services                                                                                Revised by CEAT 2-21-96, Library 9/2000
1.3.     Major Responsibility                                                          % Time: 5

         a.     General: Coordinate Library WAN environment.

                External agencies control the WAN connecting all A&M Libraries. Coordination between these agencies
                and the A&M libraries is critical in preventing or identifying non-trivial outages or scheduling planned

         b.     Specific:
                Interact with CIS personnel as needed.
                Interact with OneNet personnel as needed.
                Interact with local institutional data communications personnel as needed.
                Propose schedules to insure equitable access among all Library patrons.
                Document operational policies and procedures.

         c.     Standard for Merit Performance Level: (optional) Performance evaluation is based upon availability of
                these resources.

Oklahoma State University                                 6                                        Revised February, 1996
Personnel Services                                                                            Revised by CEAT 2-21-96, Library 9/2000
1.4.     Major Responsibility                                                          % Time: 10

         a.     General:
                Provide expertise and technology perspective in developing and implementing innovative technology
                infrastructure improvements for information services delivered by the Library to on and off-campus
                students, faculty and staff. Non-Voyager related duties.

                Improper development and implementation of upgrades to Library infrastructure can result in non-trivial
                outages or loss of functionality in day-to-day operations of the library staff and utilization of library
                resources by the patrons.

         b.     Specific:
                Define tactical requirements directed at implementing strategic goals.
                Serve as project manager for the implementation of new technology as needed.
                Provide technical assistance as needed in implementation of projects.
                Provide secondary-level trouble-shooting, diagnostic, and problem-resolution support for Library servers,
                    and, when necessary, for Library desktop workstations.
                Respond to requests to develop, fix or modify the computer facilities to meet needs.
                Integrate new, vendor supported application packages provided.
                Guide documentation of all user aspects of the computer facility.
                Aid in developing documented answers to recurring questions or situations.
                Maintain a high level of knowledge about emerging information technologies in general and all Library
                    supported information technologies and systems in particular.
                Research new technology, develop new paradigms and apply same to the computing environment in order
                    to advance and grow the facility while minimizing the time needed to maintain the Library’s production
                Provide for the timely development of new technology concerning installation, configuration, management
                    and maintenance of system, network and application software in student tech fee labs.
                Aid in documenting all necessary procedures for use by other administrators and or users of the facilities.
                Train other administrators, librarians or staff in newly developed technology.
                Maintain a very high degree of technical expertise in IT.
                Serve as a technical consultant to Libraries, Departments, Faculty and special projects as time and
                    opportunity allow.
                As an ongoing process, read books, white papers, manuals, magazines, etc. to assimilate new and
                    developing technologies in regards to computer and network environment.
                Attend training seminars.
                Acquire and maintain any appropriate and recognized certifications in IT as needed.
                Provide appropriate software application support as needed.

         c.     Standard for Merit Performance Level: (optional)
                Must apply knowledge learned to automate, maintain and improve Library’s production computer

Oklahoma State University                                  7                                          Revised February, 1996
Personnel Services                                                                               Revised by CEAT 2-21-96, Library 9/2000
1.5.     Major Responsibility                                                           % Time: 10

         a.     General:
                WWW Administration of A&M site

                This site is the official public face of the A&M Library system.

         b.     Specific:
                Install NT or UNIX as needed on servers.
                Install World-Wide-Web server on either NT or UNIX as needed.
                Maintain and update information for A&M webserver(s).
                Provide technical expertise in maintaining and enhancing the technological infrastructure for any Library’s
                    Web site to provide remote access to electronic information resources for distance learners. (Non
                Collect and publish statistics from appropriate database on usage, resources available and appropriate
                Create and publish documentation associated with policies, usage and information how-to forms.
                Publish status reports from system administrators.

         c.     Standard for Merit Performance Level: (optional)

1.6.     Major Responsibility                                                           % Time: 15

         a.     General:
                Database Administration

                Individual databases supported impact various quantities from an individual user or department to several
                departments or any patron attempting to access the information. Outages of a few days can generally be

         b.     Specific:
                Install and configure systems and database packages for, but not limited to, user account database,
                    software database, system utilization databases, library database, inventory database and security
                    audit databases.
                Develop appropriate system to access databases maintained by CIS on IBM system.
                Create reports and queries as needed.
                Develop tactical plan for accessing database information on Voyager in support of a migration to another
                    library automation system.

         c.     Standard for Merit Performance Level: (optional)

Oklahoma State University                                  8                                           Revised February, 1996
Personnel Services                                                                                Revised by CEAT 2-21-96, Library 9/2000
1.7.     Major Responsibility                                                             % Time: 15

         a.     General:

                Provide AIX system administration with the exception of hands-on access to the hardware, itself.
                Analyze problems, goals, needs, etc. of all aspects of the computer environment hosting Voyager, then
                develop, test, and document the appropriate script, code, batch program, etc. needed


         b.     Specific:
                The position requires the ability to learn to effectively and efficiently function in the following environments
                (the list provided is not complete and subject to change): IBM JCL, FOCUS, TSO, SQL/DB2, AIX,
                ksh, Perl, cronjobs, scripts, html (Apache), NT, SQL, html (IIS), PROXY, CGI-bin script,
                WebFOCUS, WebVoyage (Voyager), etc.

1.8.     Major Responsibility                                                             % Time: 10

         a.     General:
                All other assigned work.

         b.     Specific:

                Work with external vendors [i.e. EAL]to ensure the successful operation of their systems at the OSU
                Monitor, analyze and report system performance statistics for the various information systems maintained
                    by the Library.
                Research assigned non-routine problems using manuals, online information sources, and so forth and by
                    working with co-workers and vendors.
                Carefully track assigned non-routine problems from initiation through resolution, documenting actions
                    taken for future use.
                Advise senior management on utilization/performance of library information systems and alternatives to
                    improve utilization and performance; recommend system capacity upgrades.
                All other assigned work.

         c.     Standard for Merit Performance Level: (optional)

Oklahoma State University                                    9                                            Revised February, 1996
Personnel Services                                                                                   Revised by CEAT 2-21-96, Library 9/2000

         1.     Scope of Responsibilities (circle the most appropriate answer)

                a. Head of major department, reports to Vice President or President.
                b. Department head who does not report to Vice President.
                c. Administration of a function within large department; gives authoritative assistance to OSU faculty,
                   staff, or students.
                d. Administration or specific activities/projects/programs; or coordination of services within function(s);
                   gives interpretive advice.
                e. Assigned extensive multiple work assignments. Accuracy is generally assumed.
                f. Assigned specific projects with specific guidelines.
                g. Assigned specific tasks, close supervision.

         2.     Supervision (circle the most appropriate answer)

                a.    Project by project.
                b.    Several projects at a time.
                c.    Objectives given for fiscal year.
                d.    Broad goals more than fiscal year.

                Progress checked at what intervals? (circle the most appropriate answer)

                a.    Frequent, more than once a week.
                b.    Key intervals, for progress.
                c.    Only for results obtained by program, services.
                d.    Only for results obtained by department/division.

                How many employees are under the indirect supervision of this position?

                                                           Number            Total FTE
                     Exempt                                    3                 < .5



                How many employees are under the direct supervision of this position?

                                                           Number            Total FTE


                     Student                                 1-3                 < 1.5

         3.     List equipment operated to perform day-to-day duties and percent of time used operating each:

                 Word Processor                  3     %            Copy Machine                                       0          %
                 Telephone                       3     %            Other                Information Tech.            88          %
                 Mainframe Computer              6     %                                                                          %
                 Typewriter                      0     %                                                                          %

Oklahoma State University                                    10                                          Revised February, 1996
Personnel Services                                                                                  Revised by CEAT 2-21-96, Library 9/2000

         4.     Levels of Personnel and Budget Decision Authority (Put 1, 2, 3, or 4 beside each applicable
                decision listed under a, b, and c.)

                       1 = Make recommendation to supervisor, then develop.
                       2 = Develop to point of implementation, check with supervisor before
                       3 = Act without checking, but inform supervisor afterward.
                       4 = Act without supervisor before and after action.

         NOTE: If position does not directly supervisor at least 100% FTE, a & b will not apply.

                  a.        Personnel Actions

                                 Increase number of positions
                            2    Hire/terminate personnel
                                 Promote personnel
                            3    Discipline personnel

                  b.        Work Assignment

                            1    Define other positions' job content
                                 Change reporting relationships
                            4    Plan work of subordinates
                            2    Delegate responsibilities

                  c.        Budget Development and Control

                            2    Authorize expenditures
                                 Adjust salaries
                            2    Develop budget recommendations
                                 Approve budget from reporting departments
                            3    Procure and maintain equipment

Oklahoma State University                                    11                                    Revised February, 1996
Personnel Services                                                                            Revised by CEAT 2-21-96, Library 9/2000
    (NOTE: Minimum qualifications are required for advertising and selecting candidates. All applicants must meet
    minimum qualifications in order to be considered for the position.)

         5.     Education/Training Skills (circle highest education and indicate field of study)

          DEGREE                                                                 FIELD

          a.     Doctorate
          b.     Masters
          c.     Bachelors                                                       Computer/Networking
          d.     Two years college or technical training
          e.     High school or equivalent                                       See #6 below
          f.            Years schooling (under 12)

         List Special Skills and Abilities: (Include physical requirements, such as number pounds lifted.)
         Ability to lift 40 lbs. Experience with NetWare, NT, UNIX and WinXX. PC Hardware repair
         and maintenance. Ability to learn to perform code development and UNIX shell programming. Networking.
         Ability to understand IPX/SPX and TCP/IP. Excellent oral/written communication. Must be capable of
         interacting with individuals in a patient, professional manner. Must be able to read hundreds of pages of
         technical manauals within a few days, understand the concepts, then develop and implement solutions based on
         this method of knowledge acquisition.

         6.     Years Related Experience Required: (circle amount and indicate type required.)
                                                       TYPE EXPERIENCE REQUIRED
                a.   Over 7 years
                b.   5-7 years(without bachelors)   Demonstrated competence in above sections
                c.   3-4 years
                d.   2 years(with bachelors)        Demonstrated competence in above sections
                e.   1 year
                f.   0-6 months

         7.     License or Certification Required: (circle requirement and indicate type, if applicable)

                a.      None
                b.      Acquire after hire (indicate when required)
                c.      Have before hire

         Types(s):      Examples: Novell CNE or equivalent Microsoft
                        Certification, Sun Solaris, IBM AIX


         8.      Describe with whom, for what purpose, and frequency of non-supervisory relationships
                 and interactions: Daily contact with system administrators, faculty, staff and students in order
                 to facilitate efficient utilization of Library and OSU facilities.

                 Daily contact with the Directors of other A&M Libraries in order to facilitate effective utilization of
                 Library and OSU facilities.

Oklahoma State University                                  12                                           Revised February, 1996
Personnel Services                                                                                 Revised by CEAT 2-21-96, Library 9/2000

         9.     Is travel required in performing job? (indicate place, purpose, and frequency of travel)
                 In/Out of state for training 2-4 times per year.

                If work schedule other than 8 a.m. to 5 p.m., Monday to Friday, describe:
                Occasionally, the work schedule will be modified from 8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. to late, early
                morning or night long and weekend work. For example, work schedule might be 4:00 a.m.
                to 1:00 p.m., or 4:00 p.m. to 1:00 a.m., or work week will be shifted from Monday through
                Friday to Wednesday through Sunday. Holidays may be rescheduled in a similar manner.

                Is there exposure to physical danger? Describe:
                Yes - Electrical

                Is the work environment unpleasant? (Noise, dust, etc.) Describe:
                Yes – Possibility of high pitch, low pitch noise. Occasional work periods in excess of
                24-36+ hours at a stretch (approx. 4 or more times per year). Must be able to handle
                and defuse situations where individuals may be verbally abusive and/or threatening.

Oklahoma State University                                13                                         Revised February, 1996
Personnel Services                                                                             Revised by CEAT 2-21-96, Library 9/2000

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