Home Remedy for Bacterial Vaginosis Which Will Restore the Vaginal pH Balance by melaniedan


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									Home Remedy for Bacterial Vaginosis Which Will
Restore the Vaginal pH Balance

Bacterial vaginosis, a bacterial infection women commonly
suffer normally happens during theur child bearing years.
Some of these lucky women manage to easily identify what
works for them and manage to get rid of it completely and
successfully once and for all. However there are majority of
others like me who struggle with recurring vaginosis
endlessly. Home remedy for vaginosis is one of the best
optios for such chronic vaginosis sufferers.
Antibiotics and pills prescribed to treat bv do nothing to
restore the pH balance in the vagina. All it does is to kill all
the bacteria, the good as well as the bad ones in the vagina.
Because of this the symptoms of bv disappear temporarily
after which bacterial vaginosis bv reappears..
It is proven fact that bv occurs due to an imbalance of the
naturally occurring bacteria within the vagina. The pH level
of a healthy vagina is normally acidic and when this
balance is disturbed, the pH level becomes alkaline. This
causes bv. Some of the common symptoms of bv include
burning and itching of the vagina, along with a fishy
smelling whitish grayish discharge.
To help restore the pH level, the following home remedies
for bacterial vaginosis are really effective
1. Tea tree oil has strong antibacterial components and can
help in eliminating harmful bacteria. The way to use tea
tree oil is add 10-12 drops to a shallow bath water.
2. Probiotic yogurt is loaded with good bacteria which can
help replenish the depleted levels in the vagina. You can
soak a tampon in probiotic yogurt and apply directly to the
vagina. This is recommended by many alternate
practitioners as a powerful home remedy for bacterial
3. Apple cider vinegar is somewhat acidic. Two small cups
added to the bath will help restore the pH level of the
vagina and boost the growth of healthy bacteria.
The key to getting rid of bacterial vaginosis once and for all
is to restore the natural bacterial flora in the vagina. The
best way to achieve this is to make use of bacterial
vaginosis home remedy which is simple to use, effective
and cheap on the pocket too.
Prompt and swift action is the best way to get rid of any
ailment including bacterial vaginosis bv. Home remedies
for bacterial vaginosis are safe and sure cures which do not
cause any adverse side effects. As compared to medicines
and over the counter creams and lotions this kind of
treatment will ensure that you get rid of vaginosis once and
for all.

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