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Question[1-40] – Part A [Each 1 mark]
Question[41-60] – Part B [Each 2 marks]
Question[61-75] – Part C [Each 4 marks]

1) RPCs     stands for
     a)     Remote Procedure Calls
     b)     Request Project Common
     c)     Request Product Calls
     d)     None of these

2) ORB stands for
     a) Object Request Broker
     b) Object Research Bank
     c) Object Reject Block
     d) None of these

3) DBMS stands for
     a) Data Base Management System
     b) Data Base Manipulation System
     c) Development Management System
     d) None of these

4) OSI stands for
     a) Open System Interconnection
     b) Object System Inter Communication
     c) Order System Implementation
     d) None of these

5) What are the User System Interface
         (a) Session, text input
             (a) Data & files
         (b) Shared, processing
         (c) None of these

6) OMG      stands for
     a)     Object Management Group
     b)     Order Management Group
     c)     Order Manipulating Group
     d)     None of these

7) MOM stands for
     a) Massage Oriented Middleware

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       b) Massage Object Method
       c) Method Of Application
       d) None of these

8) CADCS stands for
     a) Call Attempt Data Collection System
     b) Call Analysis Data Complex System
     c) Central Analysis Design Command System
     d) None of these

9) IPC stands for
      a) Inter Process Communication
      b) Internet Project Command
      c) Internet Product Components
      d) None of these

10) OSF stands for
      a) Open System Foundation
      b) Object System Formulation
      c) Object System Factor
      d) None of these

11) RPC stands for
      a) Remote Procedure Call
      b) Result Project Class
      c) Relative Project Call
      d) None of these

12) DCE stands for
      a) Distributed Computing Environment
      b) Data Communication Environment
      c) Digital Computer Environment
      d) None of these

13) UTC stands for
      a) Universal Coordinated Time
      b) Universe Computer Technique
      c) Unique Computer Technique
      d) None of these

14) Server selection also called
       a) Binding
       b) Handling
       c) Availability
       d) reliability
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15) Which model is use to development of distributed application
      a) Client/server model
      b) Development model
      c) Application model
      d) None of these

16) Challenges which help distinguish a distributed environment
      a) Naming
      b) Scalability
      c) Heterogeneity
      d) None of these

17) JUM stands for
      a) Java Virtual Machines
      b) Java Script Virus Machines
      c) Java Virus Machine
      d) None of these

18) RMI stands for
      a) Remote Method Invocation
      b) Read Method Interaction
      c) Random Method Invocation
      d) None of these

19) RPC stands for
      a) Remote Procedure Calls
      b) Random Product Calls
      c) Remote Product Calls
      d) None of these

20) HTTP   stands for
      a)   Hyper Text Transfer Protocol
      b)   Hyper Transfer Text Project
      c)   Hyper Transfer Text Protocol
      d)   None of these

21) FTP stands for
      a) File Transfer Protocol
      b) File Transmission Project
      c) Folder Transfer Protocol
      d) None of these

22) URL stands for
      a) Uniform Resource Locator
      b) Unique Resource Locator
      c) Unique Record Locator

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      d) None of these

23) SHA stands for
      a) Secure Hash Algorithm
      b) System Hacking Analysis
      c) System Hardware Analysis
      d) None of these

24) SDK stands for
      a) System Development Kit
      b) System Decode Kit
      c) System Dependent Kit
      d) None of these

25) SCM stands for
      a) Service Control Manager
      b) System Center Manager
      c) Service Center Management
      d) None of these

26) DNS stands for
      a) Domain Name Service
      b) Domain Name Search
      c) Data Name Service
      d) None of these

27) NDR    stands for
      a)    Network Data Representation
      b)    Network Data Recording
      c)    Network Design Representation
      d)    None of these

28) IDL stands for
       a) Interface Definition Language
       b) Internet Declaration Language
       c) Internet Design Language
       d) None of these

29) IID stands for
       a) Interface ID
       b) Interaction ID
       c) Interface Internet Domain
       d) None of these

30) ADC stands for
      a) Active Data Connector
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      b) Advance Data Center
      c) Advance Data Control
      d) None of these

31) NTLAN stands for
      a) NT LAN manager
      b) NT local area network massage
      c) NT LAN media
      d) None of these

32) RPC stands for
      a) Remote Procedure Call
      b) Request Project Call
      c) Random Project Call
      d) None of these

33) IIOP stands for
       a) Internet Inter-ORB Control
       b) Internet Interconnection Control
       c) Inters Internet Connection
       d) None of these

34) CORBA stands for
      a) Common Object Request Broker Architecture
      b) Computer Object Request Bank Analysis
      c) Connection Object Request Basic Architecture
      d) None of these

35) ORBD stands for
      a) Object Request Broker Daemon
      b) Object Research Bank Domain
      c) Order Research Balance Decorator
      d) None of these

36) DDCF stands for
      a) Distributes Document Component Facility
      b) Development Distributes Combination Facility
      c) Design Document Command Factor
      d) None of these

37) DSI stands for
      a) Dynamic Skeleton Interface
      b) Design Structure Interaction
      c) Development System Interconnection
      d) None of these

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38) DII stands for
       a) Dynamic location interface
       b) Development connection interface
       c) Distributed interaction interface
       d) None of these

39) IDL stands for
       a) Interface Definition Language
       b) Interaction Design Language
       c) Interconnection Define Language
       d) None of these

40) BOI stands for
      a) Basic object adaptor
      b) Basic oriented action
      c) Basic object analysis
      d) None of these

41) Business object and _________          should be brought as closer together as
    possible , ideally they should together _________ on the same server.
       a) Data Storage, Physically
       b) Client , Network
       c) Service, Server
       d) None of these

42) An ORB is a middleware technology that manages ________& data
    _________           between objects
       a) Communication , Exchange
       b) Connection , Activation
       c) Client , Exchange
       d) None of these

43) OOD is concerned with an ________model of a software system to
    implement the ________requirements.
       a) Object –Oriented , Identified
       b) Platform , Platform
       c) System , Developing
       d) None of these

44) The maximum impact from ________is achieved when used with the goal of
    designing reusable _______system
       a) OOD , Software
       b) Technology, Successes
       c) System , Method
       d) None of these
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45) ________as related to the characteristics of administrative _________or
    domains, of the network will be marageel in different ways.
       a) Manageability , Autonomy
       b) Indeterminacy , Trademark
       c) Distributed , System
       d) None of these

46) ________file system technology provides the ability to access &
    _________data at remote locations.
       a) Distributed , Store
       b) Procedure , Call
       c) Application , Support
       d) None of these

47) Data ________, distributed file system operate by allowing a user on a
    computer connected to a _________ to access & modify data stored in file on
    another computer.
       a) Consistency , Network
       b) Computing , Information
       c) Foundation , Environment
       d) None of these

48) The computer on which the user in working is called _______the computer
    on which the data is stored is called ________.
       a) Client , Server
       b) System , Software
       c) Hardware , Software
       d) None of these

49) _______which abstracts the communication _________to the level of a
    procedure call.
       a) Rpc , Interface
       b) Jum , Argument
       c) Xdr , Object
       d) None of these

50) RMI uses built-in Java _______mechanisms that allow your system to be safe
    then users ________implementations.
       a) Security, Downloading
       b) Network, Download
       c) Design, Cod
       d) None of these

51) A method dispatched by the RMI runtime to a _______object implementation
    may or may not esecute in a separate ________.
       a) Remote, Thread

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      b) Integrity, Remote
      c) Identifier, Remote
      d) None of these

52) The registry implements a _________flat naming syntax that associates the
    name of a remote object with a remote ________
       a) Simple , Reference
       b) System , Class
       c) Remote , Exception
       d) None of these

53) _________applications for distribution gives the system manager a great
    deal of ________in deployment.
       a) Designing , Flexibility
       b) Distributed , Application
       c) Components , Resources
       d) None of these

54) A components that display & modifies ________is implemented as a
       a) HTML, COM
       b) HTTP , DCOM
       c) DLL , CLSID
       d) None of these

55) The ________used for accessing the persisted data is the native –file access
       a) Protocol , Mechanism
       b) Resolves , Composed
       c) Extension , Object
       d) None of these

56) Mechanism to deal with _______related design issues have been built into
    ________from the ground up
       a) Security , DCOM
       b) Platform , COM
       c) HTTP , CLSID
       d) None of these

57) _________are domain independent interfaces that are used by many
    ________ object programs.
       a) Object Service , Distributed
       b) Object Management , Network
       c) Domain Interface, Facilities
       d) None of these
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58) _______interface developed specifically for a given ________
       a) Application , Application
       b) Interface , Architecture
       c) Implementation , Servant
       d) None of these

59) _________is the server side’s analogue to the client side’s _________
       a) DSI , DII
       b) DII , IDL
       c) CORBA, ORB
       d) None of these

60) Every ________based application requires access to the _________IDL
    type system when it is executing.
       a) CORBA , OMG
       b) DLL , IDL
       c) DSI , ORB
       d) NONE OF THESE

61) The ___________         Communication component links the organization
    ________ it to computing ___________ & resource via the organization’s
    LAN or ___________
       a) Massage, Connects, Information , WAN
       b) Communication , Asseccing , Broker, Security
       c) Standard , Interface , Oriented, Application
       d) None of these

62) When dealing with ___________            databases , such as in the
    ___________            architecture , distributed transaction need to be
    coordinated throughout the ________ to ensure data ___________ for the
       a) Distributed , Client/Server , Network , Integrity
       b) Database , Requirement , Class , Protocols
       c) Package , Design ,Banking , Application
       d) None of these

63) ___________ is most appropriate for ___________             application , when
    an event occurs the client application , hands off to the ___________
    middleware application the responsibility of notifying ___________         , that
    some action needs to be taken
       a) MOM , Events-Driven , Messaging , Server
       b) RPC , Flexibility , Dependence , Platform
       c) Apis , Resource , Processing , Kernel
       d) None of these

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64) Physical ___________use of both __________& ___________hardware
    capabilities , the computing environment can be ___________ dispersed &
    __________extended over a large geographical area.
       a) LAN , WAN , Physically , Potentially
       b) MAN , LAN ,Distributed , Capability
       c) Network , MAN ,Environment , Hardware
       d) None of these

65) In a __________ environment each system has its own representation of time
    ; therefore any ___________       based on the associated with ___________
    from different system is suspect.
        a) Distributed , Decision , Time-Stamp, Events
        b) Manipulation , Capability , Potentially , Hardware
        c) Management , Request , Common , System
        d) None of these

66) __________is the __________file system operate by allowing a user on a
    computer __________to a network to access and modify data ___________
    in files on another computer
         a) Data Consistency , Distributed Connected , Stored
         b) Recover , Modify , Accesses , Consistency
         c) Network , Technologies Environment , Distributed
         d) None of these

67) __________use built-in java ___________ mechanisms that allow your
    __________to be safe users ___________ implementation
       a) RMI , security , system , downloading
       b) JDK , interface , download , complex
       c) RPC , target , method , protocols
       d) None of these

68) In a java platform’s ___________           object model , a __________object
    is one those methods can be invoked from another ___________
    machine , potentially on a different ___________
        a) Distributed , Remote , Virtual , Host
        b) Remote , Object , Invoking , Interfaces
        c) Argument , Reference , Operator, Method
        d) None of these

69) A ________registered with the activation system is ________to obtain in
    order to __________or _________an object
       a) Descriptor , Consulted , Re-Create , Activate
       b) Constructor , Object , Accessed , During
       c) Standard , Arguments , Persistent , Identifier
       d) None Of These
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70) ___________ mechanism for access check , launch ___________check , &
    data ___________requires some mechanism for determining the
    ___________     identity of the client .
       a) Authentication , Permission , Protection , Security
       b) Authourization ,Denial , Security , Accomodate
       c) Deployment , Support , Optimized, Reliability
       d) None of these

71) __________a critical factor for a ___________           application is its ability
    to row with the no. of _________, the amount of data , & the required
        a) Scalability , Distributed , Users , Functionality
        b) Deployment , Performance , Bandwidth , Scalability
        c) Versioning , Latency , Distributed , Re Producible
        d) None of these

72) __________the physical _________& the no. of network elements involved
    delay even than ________data packet ___________
        a) Lantency , Distance , Smallest , Significantly
        b) Application , Machine , Protocol , Object
        c) Network , Excessive Automatically . Model
        d) None of these
73) _________fill roles similar to object ________& common __________but are
    oriented towards application ___________
        a) Domain Interface , Services , Facilities , Domain
        b) Common Facilities , Application , Interface , Services
        c) Application Interface , Adapter , Deamon , Server
        d) None of these

74) Language ___________, does not provide features like control _________,
    nor is it directly used to ___________     distributed ___________
       a) Mapping , Constructors , Implement , Applications
       b) Programming , Mapped , Writing , Facilities
       c) Repository , Interface , Components , Gateway
       d) None of these

75) __________has two types of exceptions __________system exceptions
    which are fully satisfied by the __________& user exceptions which are
    defined by the __________application programmer.
       a) CORBA , Standard , OMG , Individual
       b) ORB , Context , IDL , Management
       c) COS , References , DII , Recommend
       d) None of these

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