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  Indicators in                                                                                                EARLY YEARS
Primary Schools                                                                                            ASSESSMENT PROGRAM

                            More information about PIPS
                              can be obtained from:
                              The principal of your child’s school


                      Educational Performance and Reporting Section
                        ACT Department of Education and Training
                                                                                                                 The Performance
                                          GPO Box 158                                                          Indicators in Primary
                                        Canberra ACT 2601                                                   Schools Program assesses
                                     Phone: (02) 6205 9375                                                     the early literacy and
                                      Fax: (02) 6205 8353                                                        numeracy skills of
                                                                                                             students in kindergarten

                  The Department of Education and Training collects student information
                  from PIPS to enable schools to develop learning programs targeted at
                  meeting individual student needs. Information gained from PIPS may be
                  used, together with NAPLAN data, for reporting and planning purposes.
                  This information is managed in accordance with the requirements of the   ADCORP G19023
                  Privacy Act 1988 and the Freedom of Information Act 1989.
What is PIPS?                                   Who developed PIPS?                                 When will the assessment
PIPS is a computer based assessment program     The PIPS assessment was developed by the            take place?
that can assist with:                           Curriculum Evaluation and Management
                                                                                                    Term 1
                                                Centre, University of Durham, England.
•     determining what kindergarten                                                                 The first assessment is administered within
      students know when they enter             PIPS is based on comprehensive research             the first month of school.
      primary school                            across the world into the literacy and
                                                                                                    Term 4
                                                numeracy development of students in
•     assessing the progress of students in                                                         The second assessment is administered early
                                                primary school. PIPS has been trialled
      literacy, numeracy and phonological                                                           in term 4 and shows how the students have
                                                and modified for Australian students.
      awareness (sounds in language)                                                                progressed relative to their starting point
                                                                                                    in the first assessment.
•     diagnosing individual student
      work and providing information to
                                                Who uses PIPS?
      indicate what students are achieving      PIPS is used in Australia, New Zealand, the         How can I prepare my child
      or understanding                          Netherlands, the UK and other countries. PIPS       for the assessment?
                                                is used by schools in all Australian states and
•     predicting future performance and
                                                territories. The ACT Department of Education        There is no need to prepare your child for
      identifying students who might benefit
                                                and Training, in consultation with the              the assessment. The purpose is to find out
      from early intervention or enrichment.
                                                University of Western Australia, provides PIPS      what skills students have when they start
                                                for use in ACT public schools.                      school so that appropriate learning programs
                                                                                                    are prepared.
What is special about PIPS?
PIPS is not a traditional test with a fixed     Who is assessed?
number of questions presented on paper.                                                             Reporting on PIPS
                                                Students in kindergarten will be expected to
The assessment consists of screens, presented   participate in the PIPS assessment program.         Reports are provided to school principals and
on the computer, that are visually appealing                                                        relevant teachers to assist with planning and
                                                Parents who do not want their child to take         teaching in the classroom.
to young children. Students’ progress through
                                                part must discuss this with the school principal.
the PIPS program is determined by their
                                                                                                    The PIPS results are part of the wide range of
responses and reflects their abilities.
                                                                                                    assessment information collected by teachers.
In this way, the assessment is a positive       How do students do PIPS?                            This information provides parents and carers
experience for all children because they                                                            with an extensive picture of their child’s
are not presented with a large number           The teacher works with students on a                learning and progress.
of questions that they cannot answer.           one-to-one basis, in front of a computer.
                                                The assessment takes between 15 and 20              Parents and carers are encouraged to discuss
                                                minutes to administer depending on the              their child’s progress with teachers, establishing
                                                student’s ability.                                  a partnership that supports their child’s
                                                                                                    future learning.
                                                The student either points on the screen or
                                                provides a verbal response to questions and
                                                the teacher uses the mouse to record answers.

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