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					                                  NATO UNCLASSIFIED

                                            PART I

                            POST NUMBER: AF INTSYS 0050
                        CLOSING DATE: 01 December 2010
                         HEADQUARTERS / UNIT: HQ ISAF
                        LOCATION: KABUL, AFGHANISTAN
                                 GRADE: ICC IIA

                               The benefit package includes:
                - € 5017.00 monthly salary, tax-free in the host country.
                           - € 74.04 per day spent in the Theatre
            (€ 42.31 Hazard allowance + € 31.73 austere living allowance).
                     - Installation allowance equal to one-month salary
       (50% to be reimbursed if not completing two consecutive years of service).
                        - Accommodation in the Camp, free of charge.
                         - Meals of good quality available to purchase.
                                  - Laundry at nominal charge.
                             - Two days of annual leave per month.
                      - Start of Tour & End of Tour paid transportation.
              - 5 + 2 days “Leave from Theatre” plus reimbursement of ticket
                  up to € 1000.00 for every 6 months spent in the Theatre.
          - Medical Insurance from Van Breda International, small fee charged.

                                     PART II – CE DUTIES

A. Post Context:

       Intel applications technical specialist and trainer is responsible for providing technical
       and training expertise for all ISAF Intel applications.

B. Reports to:


C. Principal Duties:

   -   Responsible for the administering, monitoring and enhancing the NATO Intel
       applications across the ISAF AOO across the NATO Secret, Afghanistan Mission
       Network and Unclassified domains.
   -   Supports ISAF HQ CJ2 Chief Systems with experienced technical expertise
       concerning the successful installation, operation, monitoring and reporting of NATO
       Intel applications and CJ2 ADP Systems and projects. Therefore, must be able to
       identify complex problems and support their rectification.
   -   Provides 2nd line support for all ISAF Intel applications.
   -   Provides all ISAF HQ CJ2 users with on the job training in ADP matters as required.
   -   Trains ISAF CJ2 personnel on NATO Intel applications.
   -   Provides Database Administration support for all ISAF CJ2 NATO Intel Databases.
   -   Identifies and oversees enhancements to Intel application hardware and software

                                  NATO UNCLASSIFIED
                                 NATO UNCLASSIFIED

   -   Provides first line support to ISAF HQ CJ2 personnel for all ADP related issues.
   -   Responsible for resolving technical issues with the CJ2 Sharepoint Portal.
   -   Assists in the management of all new information systems requests (ISR).
   -   Acts as the Computer Information Systems (CIS) account holder and point of contact.
   -   Provides Systems Support to National Intelligence Centres throughout theatre.
   -   Support for theatre wide BICES enabling on NATO Systems.

   D. Additional Duties:

   -   The incumbent may be required to perform such other related duties as directed.

                               PART III - QUALIFICATIONS

A. Essential Qualifications:

   1. Professional / Experience:

       -   Minimum of 5-6 years experience administering complex network environments.
       -   Minimum of 5-6 years experience administering distributed relational and non-
           relational databases.
       -   Must be familiar with both stand-alone and network operations.
       -   Must have experience in common programming environments.
       -   Experience using Microsoft Windows Applications.
       -   Working knowledge of Windows Server/Exchange.
       -   Overall Knowledge of computer hardware and software.
       -   Experience of adult training/education.

   2. Education / Training:

       -   Microsoft Certified Systems Engineer or equivalent experience.
       -   Microsoft Certified Database Administrator or equivalent experience.

   3. Security Clearance:

   -   NATO security clearance up to secret.
   -   National authorities are asked to ensure that security clearance is provided before the
       arrival of the individual.

   4. Language (Listening, Speaking, Reading, Writing, according STANAG 6001).

       Mandatory Proficiency:
       English: 3333

       The normal working language within the organisation is English for all written and oral

   5. Standard Automated Data Processing (ADP) Knowledge:

       a. Word Processing            : Working Knowledge

       b. Spreadsheet                : Working Knowledge

       c. Graphic Presentation       : Working Knowledge


                                 NATO UNCLASSIFIED
                                  NATO UNCLASSIFIED

       d. Database                   : Advanced Knowledge

B. Desirable Qualifications:

   1. Professional:


   2. Education / Training:

       -   General higher secondary education.
       -   101 NATO CIS Orientation Course.
       -   274 Web Interface Service Environment (WISE) Content Manager Course.
       -   278 INFOSEC (COMPUSEC).
       -   I2 Database Suite Advanced training.
       -   Web-Enabled Timeline Analysis tool (WebTas) advanced training.
       -   Microsoft Office Sharepoint Portal Server/Windows Sharepoint Portal Server.

   3. Language:

       Desirable Proficiency:
       English: 4444


   1. Personal Attributes:

       -   Intelligent - able to identify causes of complex problems.
       -   Trustworthy and adaptable.
       -   Dynamic and self-motivated
       -   Resilient.

   2. Managerial Responsibilities:

       -   Lead a small but highly technical CIS development, installation or repair team.
       -   Implements ISAF Intelligence Architecture policy and strategy.
       -   Directs, plans and coordinates small but complex teams to ensure ISAF
           Intelligence Architecture is implemented effectively.

   3. Professional Contacts:

       -   Routinely liaises with CJ6 on all CIS issues.

   4. Contribution to the Objectives:

       -   Must provide long term vision in regards to the consistency and continuity of the
           Intelligence systems requirements of the NATO Afghanistan (ISAF) Mission.

   5. Work Environment:

       -   Fast-paced, multinational, multicultural environment.
       -   Living conditions in Kabul are deemed to be austere and hazardous.
       -   Main location of work will be ISAF Headquarters located in Kabul but may be
           required to travel within theatre (Afghanistan) when directed.


                                  NATO UNCLASSIFIED
                               NATO UNCLASSIFIED

D. Remarks:

   -   Initial 12 month contract with possible extensions.
   -   Preferably carry out a minimum tour length of 18 months.
   -   Because of the dynamic environment, ISAF CE posts are under regular review
       and therefore job contents, including contract duration and contractual grade
       may change during the contractual period.


                               NATO UNCLASSIFIED