ms excel by pnrkumar


									                     JNANA VIKAS SCHEME
                    MS-EXCEL EXAMINATION
MAX. MARKS: 50                                                      DURATION: 2 Hrs
I.     Fill in the blanks: -                                                   1x15=15
   1. Each formula in Excel starts with __________________.
   2. The bar which shows the information about the current cell is _______________.
   3. In a cell we can type up to ____________ characters.
   4. A worksheet contains _____________ number of columns and _____________ number
       of rows.
   5. The default file name of MS-Excel is ________________.
   6. Goal Seek option is available in __________ menu.
   7. Sub-Total option is available in __________ menu.
   8. Excel automatically loads ______________ number of worksheets in a workbook.
   9. A worksheet is also known as a ____________.
   10. In default, all texts are ___________ aligned and all numbers are __________ aligned in
       a cell.
   11. We can insert up to ___________ number of worksheets in a workbook.
   12. A data>Form is a convenient way to enter or display _____________.
   13. ____________ number of records can be displayed at a time by the Data>Form.
   14. ____________ displays the current cell address.
   15. The names of the sheets appear on the ____________ at the bottom of the workbook.

II.      Answer the following: - (Each question carries ONE mark)
    1.   What do you mean by a cell address?
    2.   What do you mean by a Chart?
    3.   What is a Worksheet?
    4.   Write the four types of views in MS-Excel.

III.    Answer the following: - (Each question carries THREE marks)
     1. Write the parts of an Excel workbook in correct order.
     2. Write the steps to define a name to a range of cells.
     3. Write the steps to change the column width of a range of cells.
     4. Write the steps to apply an auto-format to a range of cells.
     5. What is a Filter? Write the two types of Filters.

IV.      Write True of False: -
    1.   We can change a chart from one type to another.
    2.   A new record cannot be added to Database>Form.
    3.   We cannot change the name of a worksheet.
    4.   Delete>sheet option is available in Insert menu.
    5.   Pivot Table is available in Data menu.
V.        Explain the following Formulas: -                                   1x5=5
     1.   Total
     2.   Average
     3.   Maximum
     4.   Minimum
     5.   Result (on Total)
VI.       Match the Following: -
                   A                                          B
          1.    Chart                         -   a.   Positioning the Character
          2.    Data Base                     -   b.   Condition.
          3.    Alignment                     -   c.   Logical Results
          4.    If function                   -   d.   Collection of records.
          5.    Criteria                          -    e.     Graphs.

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