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									By: Doug Radcliffe

It’s rare for a game to live up to the enormous pre-release hype and Grand Theft Auto IV
is that rare game. With a huge Liberty City to explore, impressive detail, sharp writing,
compelling characters, and a ton of side missions and activities to complete, Grand Theft
Auto IV is not only the best GTA game ever, it’s one of the best games ever period.

We’ve put together a comprehensive guide to get you through every facet of Grand Theft
Auto IV and every corner of Liberty City. You’ll find a complete walk-through of the
story mode, details on all friends, girlfriends, and random characters, solutions to side
missions, multiplayer tips, and cheat codes.

This Gamespot game guide to Grand Theft Auto IV features:

      Story Walk-through: A complete walk-through of the single-player game with
       tips on completing all mission objectives.
      Friends, Girlfriends, and Random Characters: Make friends, date girlfriends,
       and meet random characters. This section covers them all, including how to show
       your friends a good time, impress dates, and how to unlock special benefits.
      Side Missions: Need cash or just want to take on some additional work? Check
       here for tips on completing the available side missions, such as Brucie’s export
       business, Little Jacob’s package runs, Stevie’s vehicles, or the assassin tasks.
      Multiplayer Tips: This section compiles tips on competing in Grand Theft Auto
       IV’s multiplayer modes.
      Cheat Codes and Extras: Check here for Grand Theft Auto IV cheat codes and
       other extras.
      Xbox 360 Achievements: This section lists achievements to unlock in the Xbox
       360 version.

Chapter 1 - Story Walk-through
This section provides walk-throughs for all of the single-player story missions. Note that
many of these missions can be completed in a different order than the one presented
below. You may have two or three story missions available at a time and can complete
any one before moving to the next (although you will eventually complete them all). This
walk-through attempts to stick with a particular contact until the mission set is exhausted.

The Cousins Bellic (Roman)

Niko Bellic arrives at Liberty City onboard the Playtpus; he’s come to live the American
dream, like his cousin Roman. Sports cars, mansions, women…Roman claims to have it
all. But it doesn’t take long for Niko to realize that Roman wasn’t quite honest about his
situation. It turns out Roman’s sports car is just a taxi and the mansion is a rundown

Objective: Drive to Roman’s Place.
Follow the marked route out of the docks toward Roman’s "mansion". Drive Roman’s
taxi onto the resident parking space in front of the apartment building—parking cars in
this space will save them (like the garage in previous GTA games).

You earn $25 for completing this mission (as well as an achievement if you’re playing on
the Xbox 360). Take the opportunity to save your game with a power nap on the bed
before heading out to meet with Roman; he’s marked on the mini-map at his cab depot,
the Express Car Service.

It’s Your Call (Roman)

Objective: Take Roman to the hardware store.

The hardware store is actually a front for an underground gambling ring. Apparently
Roman pays off his debt by getting into more debt—your cousin is playing with money
he was supposed to give to Albanian loan sharks. Roman claims he’s known as "The
Janitor" because he cleans up…but that might be as accurate as his sports car and

Park at the marked location in front of the Discount Hardware and Roman will exit. Your
cousin hands you an old phone with his new number: you need to call if those Albanian
loan sharks show up. Roman says they’ll be in a beige Willard.

Objective: Remain stationary in the car and look out for the loan sharks.
Keep an eye out for those loan sharks. Roman will also call and let you know how the
game is going.

Roman heads inside and leaves you as the lookout. You can rotate the camera around
your car to look for the loan sharks. Look for them to pull up on the opposite side of the
street. Roman will call once to tell you he’s cleaning up and moments later the loan
sharks arrive.

Objective: Phone Roman and warn him.

Once the loan sharks arrive, it’s time to warn your cousin. Toggle the cell phone and dial
Roman. Your cousin makes a quick exit out of the card game and gets into the taxi.

Objective: Lose the loan sharks and take Roman back to the cab depot.

You must evade the loan sharks, not eliminate them. The marked route leads you back to
Roman’s cab depot. Drive fast and put distance between you and the loan sharks. It won’t
be too hard to evade them. Accelerate along a straightaway and avoid crashing into
vehicles or objects that would slow you down. Return Roman to the cab depot and pocket
$30 for your troubles.

Three’s a Crowd (Roman)
Not long after you drop Roman off at the cab depot, he sends a text message. Your cousin
is in trouble already. Drive to the cab depot and find Roman getting roughed up by
Albanian loan sharks. After the fight, Roman wants your help in picking up Mallorie, his
girlfriend. Plus there may be a girl for you.

Objective: Go to the subway station.

Get inside Roman’s car and drive along the marked route to the Hove Beach subway
station. Pull up to the marker in front of the station. Honk the car horn to get the girls’

Objective: Take them back to Michelle’s apartment.

Proceed along the marked route toward Michelle’s apartment. It sounds like Michelle
might be interested in ole Niko…but your "fresh off the boat" clothes need a makeover.
After dropping the girls off, Roman phones and suggests hitting a clothing store to update
your threads. This Russian style clothing department is back near the safehouse.

Objective: Get to the clothes shop on Mohawk and buy some new clothes.

To complete the mission, you must purchase an item of clothing. Fortunately, the first
item is free but you can still completely overhaul Niko’s wardrobe if you wish. After the
task is complete, Michelle will ring on the cell phone. She asks you out on a date! (The
new clothes are already working their magic). Look for the heart and "M" on the map.

Bleed Out (Roman)

After you set up a date with Michelle, Roman will call needing your help. You can
choose to go on the date or help Roman out. Family first, right?

Objective: Go and rescue Roman.

Apparently the irate Albanians have Roman cornered and he needs you to bail him out
once again. Don’t worry—the date will wait. Drive to Roman’s location and find him
getting pummeled on the basketball court.

Objective: Beat up Belder. Beat up Kalem.

This is your first task of melee combat. Follow the tutorial instructions to punch, kick,
counter, block, etc. These guys aren’t too tough. Take ‘em down one at a time to
complete the objective.

Objective: Go help Roman. Chase Darden.
Walk over to Roman and pick him up. Your cousin spots Darden outside the court—
Darden makes a break for it. Sprint to Roman’s car; wait for Roman to hobble over and
get into the passenger seat. Pursue the marked red car on your mini-map.

Keep Darden within your sights. Eventually, Darden will hop out and attempt to escape
on foot. Exit your car and follow Darden up the stairs.

Objective: Take out Darden.

Darden’s got a knife so you’ll need to disarm him if you want to survive. Follow the
onscreen tutorial to disarm Darden. Now you have the knife! He won’t last long against
the blade.

Objective: Drive Roman back to the garage.

Return to your cousin’s car and drive back to the cab depot to complete the mission.

First Date (Michelle)

After setting up the date with Michelle, a heart and "M will be marked at her apartment.
Drive there and walk up to the marked location. After brief introductions in her
extraordinarily clean apartment, you decide to take her to the fun fair, err…the carnival.

Objective: Take Michelle to the carnival.

Once inside her vehicle, proceed along the marked route south to find the carnival. You
arrive only to discover the carnival is closed—apparently some big developer swooped in
and bought it. Michelle quickly discovers a new activity; there’s a bowling alley nearby.

Objective: Go bowling with Michelle.
Apparently Michelle loves bowling.

Go south onto the boardwalk then east toward the bowling alley marked on the mini-map.
Fortunately for you, this is a rather cheap date: there’s a five frame bowling game for
free! Walk to the desk and start the game. Time to bowl! Follow the onscreen instructions
and try to get three strikes in a row—a turkey—to unlock an Xbox 360 achievement.

Objective: Go back to Michelle’s car.

After the strenuous five frame bowling game, Michelle is tuckered out and ready to go
home. Return to her car and drive Michelle back to her apartment. The date should have
gone well. You can call Michelle again on your cell phone to set up another date (or she
may call you). She loves games, such as pool or darts, and it may only take one more date
to try your luck.

Easy Fare (Roman)

Head over to the cab depot, but Roman’s not there. Vlad decides to boss you around a bit
but you stand your ground. Roman finally arrives and saves you from more of Vlad’s
blabbering. Apparently Roman owes Vlad money as well—not a huge surprise. To help
pay down some of Roman’s debt, Vlad asks for a favor.

Objective: Get in Roman’s car. Drive to Rotterdam Hill and meet Roman’s customer.
Find Roman’s taxi nearby and get inside. Follow the marked route to Rotterdam Hill.
Park the car at the marker and wait for Jermaine to approach and get inside.

Objective: Take Jermaine to Masterson St.

Jermaine needs to deliver stolen goods and he decides to trust your driving even though
he expected Roman for this run. Drive along the marked route to Jermaine’s drop. Find it
in a back alley just off the road. Pull up to the marker.

It’s a trap! Drive out quickly and avoid getting pinned by the police.

Objective: Lose your wanted level.

Jermaine thinks something looks fishy…is that door open? Oh wait, it’s the cops! The
law immediately surrounds your position. Jermaine leaps back into Roman’s taxi and
tells you to start driving! Turn around and exit out the alley. You need to lose your
wanted level.

Drive quickly and get out of the flashing wanted zone indicated on the mini-map.
Roman’s taxi isn’t exactly a Ferrari so you should turn down side streets and even
proceed through the park northeast of the cab depot to try and avoid the pursuing police.
Avoid police positioned ahead of you when you’re almost out of the flashing zone. You
don’t want to get spotted and create another zone. Once you’re free of the zone, lay low
and lose the wanted level. Stay out of trouble to remain undetected.

Objective: Take Jermaine to Gibson Street.

Drop Jermaine at the auto parts store on Gibson Street. The location is also a Pay-n-Spray
used to paint your car to avoid police and the wanted level. Just don’t let the cops see you
go inside! Vlad calls—Roman owes him a lot of money. Vlad says he has more
work…looks like you’ll have to comply in order to keep Roman intact.

Jamaican Heat (Roman)

Objective: Go and pick up Little Jacob.

Roman wants you to go pick up a friend of his, Little Jacob. Get inside Roman’s taxi and
follow the marked route to Little Jacob. You’ll find Little Jacob outside The People’s
Park. Honk your horn to get his attention. Once inside the taxi, Little Jacob provides a
new destination.

Objective: Go to Schottler.

Follow the marked route to Little Jacob’s destination. Along the way, he gives you a
pistol—apparently he may need some backup.

Objective: Go to the lookout spot.

Proceed to the lookout spot and watch for any "badness". It’s up a staircase on the right
side. Arm your pistol as you approach. When you reach the overlook, spot Little Jacob on
the far side. Crouch and aim your pistol in his direction and prepare for the "badness".

A group of three thugs approach Little Jacob—you’re at the perfect spot to ambush their
ambush. Target each thug in turn and eliminate all with the pistol. Don’t forget to reload.
After eliminating all three, a fourth appears on an adjacent rooftop. Target and eliminate
the enemy.

Objective: Get Little Jacob back to the café.

Drive along the marked route and take Little Jacob to his destination. For your efforts,
you get to keep the piece. Also, as you drive away, expect a phone call from Little
Jacob—he’s eager to work with you again.

You get a call from Roman about the family business. He needs more cab drivers. Just
call him on the phone and select job. You can drive as many cab fares as you wish!

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