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Position Title         Graduate IT Officer
Division               Information Communication and Technology
Area                   Communication and Security Services Unit, Technical Services Unit ,
                       Integrated Spatial Services Unit
Activity               Undertake training and develop the knowledge and skills to provide an ICT first
                       line support service to Lands staff.
Location               Bathurst
Reports to             Communications & Security Manager, Technical Services Manager, Integrated
                       Spatial Services Manager
Along with
Direct Reports         Nil
Position Number IT##             Classification Departmental Officer       Grade: 3/4

Purpose of the Position                             opportunities only within the last six
                                                    months of the program.
The Graduate will work in a supportive
learning environment to acquire the
                                                    Organisational Context of Position
knowledge and skills required to provide
IT first line support, advice and
                                                    The Department of Lands comprises three
troubleshooting service to all Department
                                                    business divisions – Land and Property
of Lands staff.
                                                    Information, Crown Land and Soil
                                                    Services. It also includes corporate
Contribute to the development and
                                                    services such as Human Resources,
maintenance of support systems and
                                                    Finance,    Administration, Information
services to reinforce Departmental
                                                    Communications and Technology, and
business initiatives.
                                                    Communication Solutions Group.
This position will include rotational
                                                    The Office of the Director General within
placement in the Technical Services,
                                                    the Department provides the necessary
Communications       &     Security and
                                                    coordination to ensure appropriate
Integrated Spatial Services units.
                                                    communication across and between all
                                                    areas of the Department, as well as a
Graduates will be provided with the
                                                    consistent     approach     to     policy
opportunity to undertake a 24 month
                                                    development and strategy implementation.
learning and development program. The
program will be tailored for the graduate’s
                                                    The Information, Communications and
specific development requirements.
                                                    Technology (ICT) Division of the
                                                    Department of Lands provides central IT
A continued increase of knowledge and
                                                    support services to all business areas.
skills are expected from graduates as they
progress through the program. Given the
                                                    The Division is responsible for:
temporary employment status graduates
may apply for permanent opportunities
that are advertised. Due to the benefits                   Data Centre Services
gained from this program graduates are                     Integrated Network Services
encouraged to seek new employment                          Desktop and Peripheral Systems
                                                            Operating Environment (SOE)

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       Information    Security     and           3. Assist with the provision of a number
        Document Management                          of unit specific ICT services including:
       Electronic   Service    Delivery              Installation and support of servers,
        Initiatives                                      desktops, peripherals and network
       Business and Spatial Systems                     equipment.
        Development & Support                            Supporting the operation of local
       Customer support.                                 area and wide area networks
                                                          (LANs and WANs)
The Department of Lands operates two
large data centres offering high availability            Contribute   to    the    ongoing
access to integrated business systems.                    management of Web servers using
The data centres provide the base                         Web administration tools.
computing       and        communications                Undertake        analysis     and
infrastructure to support the varied                      programming tasks as directed for
business operations, remote access, and                   the development and ongoing
administrative     functions     of     the               support of the Department’s spatial
Department.                                               systems and services.
Each data centre has a primary function,
one     focussed     mainly     on     titling,   4. Provide high quality services         for
registration, valuation and Crown estate             internal and external clients.
services, whilst the other is the main
spatial centre. Each site is available as an      5. Deliver quality work and project
alternative disaster recovery site for the           components to clients on time and on
other.                                               budget.
Key Accountabilities:
The position requires the graduate to             6. Apply the principles of Equity and
develop the necessary knowledge and                  Occupational Health and Safety in all
skills to perform a range of duties which            aspects of work
may require all or some of the following
accountabilities:                                 7. Participate in group discussion,
                                                     contributing ideas for improving work
1. Assist in the delivery of a project, a            practices,    consistent   with   the
   number of project components or a                 organisation’s goals.
   range of activities that meet ICT
   business objectives.
2. Assist with the provision of a range of        Challenges/Problem Solving
   general ICT services including:                The graduate will be faced will a number
                                                  of challenges including the need to:
       Contribute to the documentation of
        systems, procedures and fault                Quickly gain a sound understanding of
        remediation actions.                          ICT and the Department of Lands
                                                      business units.
       Perform first level support for ICT          Work collaboratively with staff not only
        users. Liaise with users and                  to identify processes for improvement
        customers to solve these support              but also to work with them in
        issues.                                       recommending and adopting solutions.
       Assist with systems maintenance           ▪   Prioritising conflicting work demands
        and application upgrades as part              while working on a wide variety of
        of scheduled outages of spatial               tasks all within deadlines and quality
        systems and services.                         requirements.
                                                  ▪   Actively participating in their career
                                                      development by maximising learning

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    opportunities provided through work
    placements and training, and by
    building networks throughout the               Knowledge, Skills and Experience
    organisation.                                  1. Graduated in the past 2 years or due
    Gaining the knowledge and skills to              to graduate by the end of this year in
     be able to perform tasks with minimal            tertiary studies such as information
     supervision.                                     systems/technology,        information
                                                      management, business computing or
Decision Making                                       computer technology.

                                                   2. Self motivated and ability to develop
The Graduate acts under the direction of a            and apply new ideas and practices
senior officer and makes day-to-day
decisions in relation to prioritising activities   3. Demonstrated effective written and
and maximising the utilisation of assigned            verbal       communication     and
resources. The Graduate generally sets                interpersonal skills
priorities within the time restraints set to
ensure effective and efficient allocation of       4. Sound organising skills, the capacity to
work.                                                 undertake several tasks concurrently
                                                      and achieve deadlines.
Internal                                           5. Well developed research, analytical
 Effectively   interact   with           team        and problem solving skills.
     members and colleagues.
                                                   6. Ability to work independently and as a
   Work closely with ICT support teams               member of a team.
    in resolving technical problems.
                                                   7. Understanding of: security and privacy
   Liaise confidently with internal staff at         principles for managing access to
    all levels regarding work requirements            sensitive data.
    and status of jobs.
                                                   8. Ability to provide quality customer
   Actively participate in the training and          service with a genuine desire to assist.
    development program and provide
    feedback to program leaders and                9. Drivers Licence or the ability to obtain
    stakeholders.                                     a licence within 12 months and a
                                                      willingness to travel throughout the
External                                              state
 The position provides a customer
   service to Lands staff.
   The position may be required to deal
    with suppliers and external clients.

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                     – May 2008

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