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                       TAMPA BAY DEPRESSIVE AND
February-March                                       Providing Education, Support and Hope                                              2001

      Challenges for Self-Responsibility                                                             Advanced
     William Bonney, Ph.D. spoke to the
Tampa Bay DMDA on October 10, 2000.
                                               health and to live our lives fully, problem-
                                               solving is essential to self-responsibility.
                                                                                                  Medical Hypnosis
Dr. Bonney asked: “Who will make things             Self-responsibility is self-sustaining.            How can hypnosis reduce stress, man-
work for you”, and “do you know anyone         The more we are accountable for ourselves,        age pain, cause weight loss, improve con-
who knows you better than you do?”             the greater our sense of self-worth. Mak-         centration, lead to confident living, and help
     Everyone has problems. It is part of      ing a contribution makes us feel better.          people stop smoking? Is it magic? Is it clap-
the human condition. We can give up and        Confidence and trust in the world are en-         trap?
stop trying, or we can stand up with skinned   hanced. It is not what happens to us, but               Dr. John Gullo, Ed.D., P.A., DABP,
knees and keep going. We can decide to         how we handle and respond to what hap-            DFPPA, board Certified/Diplomate Li-
actively approach problems or we can be-       pens to us, that gives us a sense of self-        censed Mental Health/Clinical Psychology,
                                               respect and self-worth. With practice, prob-      and president of Advanced Medical Hyp-
                                               lem-solving becomes easier and less stress-       nosis, explained how hypnosis works and
        “Finding help is an                    ful, inherent in our approach to life.            dispelled some mythology.
   active role and an approach                      How do people problem-solve effec-                 He emphasized that hypnosis is safe
         toward wellness.”                     tively? By creating as many resources as          and widely used. It’s safe because nobody
                                               they can in order to become active partici-       will accept the hypnotist’s suggestions un-
come passive and “just let things happen,”     pants in their self-responsibility. People        less the suggestions are acceptable to the
as if we have no control over our lives.       need to know when to seek help. No one is         client and do not violate the client’s val-
There are times when we are not able to be     an island and everyone needs other people         ues.
as active as other times. However, Dr.         to do some things for them. Asking for help             When asked how to determine whether
Bonney pointed out, a diagnosis does not                                                         a practitioner is effective, he advised the
mean that a person cannot function.                                                              audience to ask the hypnotist for their defi-
                                                  “You are very powerful in
     Each person is ultimately the expert on                                                     nition of hypnosis. It should be similar to
solving his own problems, achieving the
                                                 what you do by the things that
                                                                                                 this: Hypnosis is a state of awareness domi-
“ability to respond” effectively. Each per-            you think about.”                         nated by the subconscious mind (that part
son draws from his own unique experience.                                                        of the thought process that controls all
Being answerable for oneself can be hard       is not a sign of weakness or a flawed char-       bodily processes).
work and painful and it may seem easier        acter. It is an acknowledgement that we do              Dr. Gullo stressed that the subcon-
to give responsibility away. “It’s the         not have all the answers. It is okay for a        scious mind dominates in many normal
doctor’s fault,” or “My sister made me do      person to say “I don’t know how to do this.”      daily situations. For example, it is the sub-
that.” However, to optimize our mental         Finding help is an active role and a step         conscious rather than the conscious mind
                                               toward wellness. People in the passive lane       that allows you to drive the car while con-
                                               do not feel good about themselves and are
             In This Issue                     less likely to receive help.
                                                                                                 ducting a conversation and planning your
                                                                                                 work day or listing items to pick up from
  Annual Meeting                    p. 2            Another important factor in self-re-         the supermarket. The subconscious mind
  Stigma                            p. 2       sponsibility is a positive attitude and a will-   retrieves such information as what you ate
  Personal Transformation           p. 3       ingness to learn. People can choose to learn      for dinner two nights ago. The subcon-
  Legacy of Abuse                   p. 4       from experience, reading, and support             scious mind, more than the conscious mind,
  Depressed Brain Cells             p. 5       groups, to see new possibilities, and even        propels most behavior. In addition, the sub-
  Intuition vs. Reason              p. 6       to find humor in their circumstances. Ad-         conscious mind takes over in situations of
  Sleep & Stress                    p. 6       versity may even be seen as a challenge.          great stress or danger. The subconscious
  Web Addiction                     p. 6                                                         mind can produce healing when it believes
                                                         Challenges continued on page 3          so strongly in the doctor that there is a pla-
                                                                                                 cebo effect, but it can also override the con-
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From the                                                              LECTURE SERIES 2001
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     It's February and love is in the air. The       Lectures are free and open to the public. Free Parking north of the building.
psychiatrists of our Tampa Bay community
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rectors, dedicated support group facilita-
tors, and supportive membership, Tampa
Bay Depressive and Manic Depressive As-                              ANNUAL MEETING 2001
sociation exists. It is inspiring to see, feel,        The ANNUAL MEETING of the                       Any person nominated for a seat on
and read notes from our membership and            Tampa Bay Depressive and Manic Depres-          the Board of Directors must agree to have
people from as far away as Australia thank-       sive Association Annual Meeting will be         their name on the ballot before the vote is
ing us for the volunteer work we do. Scores       held on Tuesday, March 13, 2001 at 7:00         taken. The new Board will then elect of-
of people, including those who support and        P.M. at St. Joseph’s Hospital, Medical Arts     ficers.
those who are diagnosed, attend our sup-          Building, Auditorium 1                               Current dues-paying members are en-
port groups each week, demonstrating that              If you are interested in serving on the    couraged to vote in these elections.
self-help is beneficial to their mental health.   Board of Directors please leave a message
Our web site provides us with the ability to      at 813-878-2906.
help people beyond Tampa Bay and hear-
ing from them is very exciting. You may
enjoy reading some of their comments in                                The Stigma of Depression
our guestbook.                                                   Excerpts from a letter to the editor by Piper Hoffman,
     Celebrate Tampa Bay Depressive and                             Brown Alumni Magazine, July/August 2000
Manic Depressive by renewing your mem-
                                                        The misconception that many people        social, financial, and professional risks, that
berships or becoming members. Volunteer
                                                  with depression are self-indulgent or emo-      number (of suicides) will not decrease. As
to help us help others help themselves and
                                                  tionally lazy is only one of many reasons       one step in reducing these risks, we should
you, too, will reap self satisfaction, become
                                                  that even the desperate may not seek help.      call on bar review boards and any other
more knowledgeable about depressive dis-
                                                  Another is apprehension that their disease      professional organizations that engage in
orders, foster self-help, advocate research,
                                                  will become a matter of public record, jeop-    similar practices not to require information
and eliminate stigma.
                                                  ardizing not only their health insurance,...    about applicants’ psychiatric histories. Psy-
                                                  but also their livelihoods. For example,        chiatric treatment is medical treatment and
                    Susan Shaw                    many states ask applicants to the bar to        is no more appropriate for professional or-
       Tampa Bay DMDA President                   describe psychological problems or treat-       ganizations to investigate than is an
                                                  ments they have had, and even to supply         applicant’s history of cancer or any other
      Tampa Bay DMDA is an                        their psychologist’s or psychiatrist’s          medical condition.
           all volunteer                          records. Applicants who refuse to answer
      non-profit organization.                    are not admitted to the bar and cannot prac-
                                                  tice law... it is certain that as long as de-          SPONSORSHIP
                                                  pression continues to be stigmatized and             We are looking for sponsorship
    TAMPA BAY DEPRESSIVE AND                      its treatment continues to carry significant             of our bimonthly
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       Tampa, FL 33694                                                                              organization that would like to
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      Tel: (813) 878-2906                            CONSULTING YOUR DOCTOR.                        help, please call 813-878-2906
                                                                                                         and leave a message.
      You can e-mail us at:                           TAKE YOUR MEDICATIONS                                      AS PRESCRIBED.                                       Thank You

TAMPA BAY DMDA NEWSLETTER                                              2                                        FEBRUARY-MARCH 2001
            Challenges for Self-Responsibility                                                          Advanced
Continued from page 1                          The basis of QPS is CYA, that is, Check               Medical Hypnosis
                                               Your Assumptions. Many times we have
On the other hand, people can choose to                                                          Continued from page 1
                                               assumptions that are false - they are not
complain, take offense, blame others, and                                                        scious mind with self-destructive habits.
                                               based on accurate data. For example, if a
stagnate. A negative approach to problems                                                        Because the conscious mind cannot repro-
                                               person believes that the world is cruel be-
becomes self-defeating as well as a method                                                       gram itself to change behavior, the subcon-
                                               cause of past experience, he may decide to
to sabotage self-responsibility. Dr. Bonney                                                      scious mind has to be the force for change.
                                               stay home. Missing information results in
states: “You are very powerful in what you                                                       The few lucky ones who appear to simply
do by the things that you think about.”                                                          decide to stop smoking, overeating, etc. are
     Self-nurturing is another important               “Missing information
                                                                                                 more likely practicing self-hypnosis. They
factor in self-responsibility. Knowing how           results in assumptions...”                  have the necessary commitment and belief
to care for ourselves enhances further de-                                                       to accompany the self-suggestions.
velopment and increases a sense of ac-         assumptions, which lead to inaccurate con-             The therapist deliberately interferes
complishment. Ideas for self-nurturing in-     clusions, and impaired decisions. Virtually       with the conscious mind to allow the sub-
clude crafts, music, exercise, reading,        every decision will have its own problems         conscious mind to become dominant in a
nature, reflecting on our positive traits,     and we can never solve them all. However,         positive way. The conscious mind has failed
journaling, and even savoring a cup of cof-    we can find the solutions that work best for      to solve the problem for so long that even
                                               us. In looking for the problem in a solu-         the subconscious mind believes it’s
        “People need to know                   tion, we take the emotionality out of the         insolvable and beyond remediation. Hyp-
         when to seek help.”                   process. We are moving from passive to            notherapy changes this belief system with
                                               active. We are taking control.                    suggestions from the therapist made to the
fee. The main idea is to find something that        Self-responsibility is difficult. It         client when the client is relaxed. The goal
you enjoy doing and that nurtures you.         causes us pain and suffering and we have          is to teach the client to hypnotize himself
Everyone is creative in some way and ev-       to work at it. But as we take an active ap-       or herself with a new set of self-fulfilling
eryone has unique traits and inner resources   proach to our lives, the process becomes          prophecies to replace the ones that haven’t
to draw upon.                                  easier and self-fulfilling. Only you know         been working. He has found that a maxi-
     Dr. Bonney described a useful tool        what works best for you.                          mum of ten sessions usually is sufficient.
called Quantum Problem Solving (QPS).                                       ~Jane Trilling
                                                                                                                             ~Marge Zabor

  Personal Transformation: Cause and Effect
       An excerpt from “A Letter from the President”(Chuck Weinstein)
                                                                                                       “Sooner or later we all
    Polar’s Express, MDDA Boston, Summer 2000 as seen in The Initiative                                 quote our mothers.”
                                                                                                                           Bern Williams
      When I first started attending MDDA-     of responsibility was just what the doctor
Boston support groups in 1990, it was a bit-   ordered. It helped transform my deep sense
tersweet experience. Being told that I had     of uselessness and filled the hole of empti-
a mental illness opened a major rift in my     ness inside. It was like a strong multi-vita-                The Art of
life. But MDDA wove many unbreakable           min given to someone malnourished. I
threads of hope, friendship, and love into     looked forward to the magical Wednesday                       Therapy
the fabric of my being. In that wonderful      nights when I wasn’t a patient but a peer
                                                                                                         Health, Nov./Dec. 1998
community, I made friends, shared stories,     group leader, “a facilitator.” I felt a sense
cried and laughed. Talking openly with         of dignity. I felt that my time and efforts,           Children often have difficulty discuss-
other people allowed me to be honest with      comments and caring were appreciated, and         ing their feelings after a fight with a sib-
myself. I knew I’d found a refuge.             I still do to this day.                           ling or a scolding from Mom. To see if
      Chief facilitator Alta List invited me         Helping to develop our facilitator train-   artistic expression helps, researchers at the
to facilitate after I’d attended groups for    ing program has brought me much joy and           University of Otago in Dunedin, New
only a short time. I seized upon this oppor-   satisfaction. When I conduct a training, our      Zealand, gave kids paper and markers to
tunity, not knowing where it would lead me     trainees’ excitement and energy remind me         play with as they recounted a traumatic
or how it would affect my life. A position     how often this job generates positive             event. The kids who were between three
                                               changes in our lives. Being a facilitator         and six, revealed twice as much about their
                                               turns a recipient of care into a care giver,      feelings as did those who had talk therapy.
        Visit Our Web Site                     as you learn to maintain safety and put your      The investigators speculate that sketching
         at this Address:                      needs second to those in the group. It of-        may facilitate memory, help children orga-
                                               fers a profound sense of self-worth and ac-       nize their thoughts, or simply put them                         complishment.”                                    more at ease.

TAMPA BAY DMDA NEWSLETTER                                            3                                        FEBRUARY-MARCH 2001
                         Transforming Madness:                                                        Test for Detecting
         New Lives for People Living                                                                   Heavy Drinkers
            with Mental Illness                                                                         The FDA has approved a new test used
                                                                                                  to detect people who are heavy drinkers and
                                 by Jay Neugeboren                                                at risk for alcohol-related disease.
                                                                                                        Sustained heavy daily intake of alco-
                        Quotes excerpted from an interview in                                     hol results in elevated levels of carbohy-
                       National DMDA Outreach, Summer 2000
                                                                                                  drate-deficient transferrin (CDT), which
     In his book Transforming Madness,           People should use them, because isolation        can be used to determine whether a person
Jay Neugeboren, of the University of Mas-        is the enemy. If you have a mental illness,      is drinking more alcohol than their body
sachusetts at Amherst states: “We now have       breaking the cycle of being alone is criti-      can tolerate. The CDT test will initially be
ways of controlling and treating many            cal.”                                            used in alcohol-treatment facilities to mea-
(mental) illnesses, allowing consumers to              “I try to never underestimate just how     sure health and compliance.
‘transform’ their lives - not just survive an    terribly hard it often is for some people with
illness.” The best way to start the process      severe mental illnesses to recover, but it is    Summary of "Test for Detecting Heavy
of transforming, states Neugeboren, is           possible. I’ve seen it. So if someone tells      Drinkers Wins FDA Approval," 1 Dec,
“with one good relationship. Just one. One       you you’re treatment resistant, it’s not true.   2000. Medscape Online. Reuters, Ltd.
person - often a mental health professional      If a doctor tells you that, switch doctors.
- who has compassion for the person with         There is hope.”
the illness and is able to say, ‘You’re doing          “Having others believe in you, while
                                                                                                         More Quotes
well. I believe in you and think you can do      you’re trying to make sense of your illness,            About Science
even better.’ Having one person to trust and     is what I mean by hope. Again, the peer
lean on helps the ‘transformation’ or emo-       groups are so important. Sometimes it is             by 5th and 6th Graders:
tional/physical improvement begin. That’s        the first place where people with mental         1. To most people solutions mean finding
why support groups are so important. If          illness feel understood and for the first time      the answers. But to chemists solutions
people are unable to find support from fam-      in their lives.”                                    are things that are still all mixed up.
ily or friends, the groups are there for them.                                                    2. Most books say our sun is a star. But it
                                                                                                     still knows how to change back into a
                                                                                                     sun in the daytime.
                   Disorders Common Among                                                         3. Water freezes at 32 degrees and boils at
                   Victims of Childhood Abuse                                                        212 degrees. There are 180 degrees
                                                                                                     between freezing and boiling because
      Early childhood abuse, whether physi-      atric illnesses and memory disorders. He            there are 180 degrees between north
cal, sexual, or emotional, negatively affects    states that, “Early abuse molds the brain to        and south.
brain development, according to Dr. Mar-         be more irritable, impulsive, suspicious, and    4. Vacuums are nothings. We only
tin Teicher of McLean Hospital in Massa-         prone to fight-or-flight reactions that the         mention them to let them know we
chusetts. Such changes have been docu-           rational mind may be unable to control....To        know they’re there.
mented in electroencephalography and             a brain so tuned, Eden itself would seem to      5. The wind is like the air, only pushier.
MRI studies. Doctors found “clinically sig-      hold its share of dangers.”                      6. Some oxygen molecules help fires burn
nificant brain-wave abnormalities” in 72%                                                            while others help make water, so
of patients with serious early childhood         Adapted from Cerebrum 2000; 2:50-67.
                                                                                                     sometimes it’s brother against brother.
trauma. EEG studies of the brains of trau-       * The hippocampus is important in long-
matized victims showed left-sided abnor-                                                          7. In looking at a drop of water under the
                                                 term memory.                                        microscope, we find there are twice as
malities and diminished development, most
prominently in the temporal regions. In ad-      ** Dissociative symptoms involve                    many H’s as O’s.
dition, studies showed the left hippocam-        thoughts, memories, emotions that are cut
pus* to be smaller among abused victims          off from consciousness due to the anxiety
than among control subjects. Dr. Teicher         they cause. An extreme example is                       DON’T FORGET
theorizes that these changes in the left hip-    multiple-personality disorder.                            TO RENEW
pocampus caused by child abuse elicit                                                                 Please remember to renew your mem-
“deficits in verbal memory and dissocia-                                                          bership in order to continue receiving the
tive symptoms**.” Also, neglect and sexual             “You might have to fight                   TBDMDA newsletter and to vote in the
abuse have been noted to reduce both the              the battle more than once                   March elections. Some of our reminder
size and activity of some structures in the                    to win it.”                        cards are a little late. Try not to let your
middle portion. Dr. Teicher believes that                               Margaret Thatcher         membership lapse.
these changes increase the risks of psychi-                                                                                    THANK YOU.

TAMPA BAY DMDA NEWSLETTER                                              4                                       FEBRUARY-MARCH 2001
                                   Brain Cells and Depression
     Recent studies suggest that depression       sion, the hippocampus has been shown to             to “proliferate and migrate to a damaged
may arise as a result of the body’s failure       be smaller in elderly women with recurrent          or diseased brain region.” Progress is be-
to grow neurons in particular areas of the        major depression than in women without              ing made in these areas, but much more
brain. Scientists now know that adult brains      depression (Yvette Sheline at Washington            work needs to be done before these strate-
do indeed generate new neurons                    U). This particular study also showed that          gies become routine.
(neurogenesis). Theorizing that “control-         “the decrease in hippocampal volume cor-
ling neurogenesis in the adult brain--might       related with the total lifetime duration of         * hippocampus - a brain area important in
have a significant impact on the treatment        depression and not with age.” Studies of            long-term memory
of mental illness,” doctors hope to influ-        temporal-lobe epilepsy also show the cor-           **amygdala - a brain area important in
ence the production of neurons both envi-         relation between hippocampal damage and             emotion, behavior, and memory
ronmentally and biochemically.                    depression.
     Stem cells, our primitive, original cells,         Increasing serotonin in the brain, the        Jacobs, Barry L, Henriette von Praag and
can divide indefinitely, creating differenti-     most common and effective treatment for             Fred H. Gage. “Depression and the Birth
ated (specialized) as well as “projenitur”        depression, works by increasing                     and Death of Brain Cells.” American
cells. While our existing neurons in the          neurogenesis in the hippocampus, stimu-             Scientist 88.4 (2000): 340-45.
brain cannot divide, projenitur cells in the      lating cell growth in various peripheral tis-       Summary by Paulette Lane.
central nervous system can produce new            sues of the central nervous system, and fa-
neurons, glial cells (supporting cells), and      cilitating “neuronal and synaptic plasticity.”
new projenitur cells. Researchers theorize        In the laboratory, rats given fluoxetine                   "Suicide today is seen
that disinhibiting these projenitur cells         (Prozac) for 3 weeks were found to have a                   as the end point of a
could allow them to create new neurons in         “70% increase in the number of cells pro-                     medical illness."
a diseased or traumatized brain.                  duced in the dentate gyrus” (Jacobs).                                   Peter Kramer, M.D.
     By investigating the DNA of projenitur       Ronald Duman also found that fluoxetine,
cells in laboratory animals, researchers are      antidepressants acting on norepinephrine,
studying the processes of cell division as        and ECT all increased cell growth in the             Educational Resources
well as the processes by which these cells        brains of rats. These studies show that “se-
become integrated into the circuitry of the       rotonin can dramatically augment cell pro-               American Psychiatric Association
brain. While primate studies have not yet         liferation and that it does so, at least in part,      202-682-6220 •
been done, studies in rats and mice dem-          by action on the 5-HT1A receptor,” of                   American Psychological Association
onstrate neuron production of 1000-3000           which the hippocampus has an abundance.                 800-374-2721 •
neurons per day in a brain area next to the       Researchers theorize that the usual delay
                                                                                                                 Advocacy Center
hippocampus* called the dentate gyrus.            in effectiveness in antidepressant therapies                   800-342-0823
     Some scientists believe that “stress is      of 3-6 weeks might occur as a result the        
the most significant causal agent-with the        time it takes for these new neurons to “fully
                                                                                                         Child & Adolescent Bipolar Foundation
possible exception of genetic predisposi-         mature, extend their neurites and integrate           847-256-8525 •
tion - in the etiology of depression.” Our        with the existing brain circuitry.”
                                                                                                          National Alliance for the Mentally Ill
nerve cells in the hippocampus are very                 Other alterations in the brain might             800-950-6264 •
“sensitive to the deleterious effects of          also affect depression. Chemical problems
                                                                                                      National Association for the Dually Diagnosed
stress.” Consequently, scientists believe that    in the cerebral cortex, the amygdala**, and                      800-331-5362
“a stress-induced decrease in neurogenesis        the brain stem, may play a part. The inter-
                                                                                                                 National DMDA
in the hippocampus might be an important          connections between the hippocampus and               800-826-3632 •
factor in precipitating episodes of depres-       other areas of the brain help to explain the
                                                                                                         National Family Caregivers Association
sion.” Researchers have discovered that           cognitive and emotional problems seen in                          301-942-6430
exposing rats to stressful situations reduces     depression. In addition to serotonin, the            National Foundation for Depressive Illnesses
their cell proliferation in the dentate gyrus,    authors reveal other means of increasing                          800-248-4344
probably through increases in brain gluco-        neurogenesis in the brain, such as                       National Institute of Mental Health
corticoids. Robert Sapolsky of Stanford U         norepinephrin, glucocorticoid regulation,            800-421-4211 •
and Bruce McEwen of Rockefeller U have            and running.                                                Panic Disorder Line:
shown that “stress and glucocorticoids                  “Advances in controlling neurogenesis                 800-64PANIC(7-2642)
(stress hormones from adrenal cortex such         might also be used to treat many other dis-               Anxiety Disorder Line:
as cortisol) cause widespread morphologi-         eases where brain cells have died,” say the
cal changes and even cell death in parts of       authors. Harvesting, expanding, and trans-              National Mental Health Association
                                                                                                        800-969-6442 •
the hippocampus.”                                 planting stem cells might “replace or aug-                       Confidential
     While other areas of the brain may also      ment endogenous cells” in the brain. Stimu-               depression screening:
underlie changes associated with depres-          lating endogenous cells might induce them   

TAMPA BAY DMDA NEWSLETTER                                                5                                          FEBRUARY-MARCH 2001
         Scroll of                                                     When Not to Use Your Head
        HON OR                                                        Intuition vs. Reason
                                                                        Summary of an article in Health, June 2000
       This year we have initiated a
  2001 Scroll of Honor for professional                 Jonathan Schooler, Professor of Psy-       knowing how you know - or even that you
  members. We honor professional sup-             chology at the University of Pittsburgh, has     know.”
  port of TBDMDA and we extend a                  been studying how intuition works and why             When asked why people do better
  very sincere thank you to the current           we sometimes fail to heed it. By using in-       when they go with their hunch, Schooler
  2001 Professional Honor Roll mem-               dex cards with two groups of three words,        states: “Because humans appear to use two
  bers.                                           and having a participant choose which            disparate modes of thinking, and one often
       We are proud to list your names            group has a connecting word, he demon-           hampers the other. Reason tramples intu-
  in the next issue and we encourage              strates that people are often aware of things    ition. If you try to think in words when
  additional professionals to join.               that they do not realize on a conscious level.   what’s really needed is a nonverbal, intui-
                            Thank You!            Another experiment uses words flashed            tive approach, you are doing yourself a dis-
                                                  quickly on a screen and asks the partici-        service. It’s called ‘verbal overshadow-
                                                  pant to say the word. The majority of the        ing.’”
                                                  words are named very quickly. Using rea-              Professor Schooler does make a dis-
Sleep and the Vicious                             son to name the word is not nearly as suc-       tinction between cultivating your intuition
    Stress Cycle                                  cessful. In a third experiment, participants     versus unfortunate snap decisions, or deci-
                                                  are shown a face that they will pick out of      sions influenced by fear and anxiety. Gut
            Elaine Glusac,                        a line-up. The group who wrote a descrip-        feelings need to be monitored by our rea-
      Shape Magazine, July 1999                   tion of the face were less likely to recog-      son when the consequences could be dire,
     Not getting enough sleep itself is a         nize the face than those who did not write       such as buying an expensive sports car on
stressor. Cortisol, the body’s stress hor-        about the face. Schooler states that these       a whim. And, decisions made out of fear
mone, rises on demand to empower the              experiments are: “an elegant demonstration       are not necessarily intuitive decisions, as
body to defend itself. Responsible for the        of the idea that you can know without            intuition and anxiety are not the same.
“fight or flight syndrome,” cortisol surges
in response to stressful events, giving you
the ability to quickly jump out of the way                                         Caught in the Web
of a speeding bus, for example. Cortisol
levels are normally low at night, enabling
                                                                       Study on Internet Addicts
the body to rest, and then rise in the morn-                         Adapted from an article in Vital Signs, 11/21/00
ing to awaken you. But after a night of cur-
tailed shut-eye, it could be the stress result-        Internet use constitutes an addiction in    tablished diagnostic criteria for the family
ing from fatigue that interferes with your        a growing number of web users. The               of psychiatric illnesses known as impulse
sleep the next night. “It’s a vicious cycle,”     American Psychological Association esti-         control disorders, which include kleptoma-
says sleep expert Martin Moore-Ede, M.D.,         mates that there are 200,000 cyberspace          nia, a recurrent failure to resist impulses to
Ph.D. “It’s the effect of the stress actually     addicts in the U.S.                              shoplift, and trichotillomania, a recurrent
keeping you awake, and as a result you get             In a study by the University of Florida     pulling of one’s hair.”
less sleep, which causes more stress, and         and the University of Cincinnati (UF/Cin-             The study participants also displayed
so on.”                                           cinnati) published in the Journal of Affec-      a “significant amount of treatable psychi-
                                                  tive Disorders, researchers describe the         atric illness...” Mood stabilizers were most
                                                  destructiveness of this addiction, which is      effective as treatment, and antidepressants
                                                  no less debilitating than other forms of sub-    helped some.
  "Without trust, influence is almost im-         stance abuse. Some of the interviewed ad-             It is not known whether subjects had a
  possible. We are most influenced by             dicts reported failing out of school, losing     pre-existing psychiatric illness or whether
  those we trust. We feel positive about          jobs, divorcing, and being isolated from         Internet use precipitated an illness.
  them and tend to be more open to                friends and family, as a consequences. On
  learning from them. We enjoy being              average, the subjects spent 30 hours/week
  with them and do whatever we can to             online, and one spent 3 days in a row online.
  assist them. When you have confi-               The favorite sites were chat rooms, e-mail,
  dence in and respect for another, you           and multi-user domains. It is theorized tele-           “For peace of mind,
  tend to give strong consideration to            vision is not addictive like Internet use,           resign as general manager
  their views and advice."                        because of the latter’s interactive nature.               of the universe.”
             Denise Thornby, RN, MS,                   One of the unexpected findings: “Ev-
     Nursing Spectrum, July 10, 2000.                                                                                     Larry Eisenberg
                                                  ery study participant’s Internet use met es-

TAMPA BAY DMDA NEWSLETTER                                               6                                        FEBRUARY-MARCH 2001
                     Depression in Medical Illness:                                                           Breakthrough:
               The Role of the Immune System                                                              Albert Ellis
                   Summary of an article by Kenneth V. Iserson,                                       Psychology Today, December 1999
             Western Journal of Medicine 173(5),2000,
     Immunity and resistance to disease are       vous system, and endocrine system. Ulti-               Ellis developed rational-emotive
affected by stress and emotions. Pathways         mately, chemical changes result in behav-         therapy (RET) – which helps clients iden-
between the brain and nervous system and          ioral changes, collectively known as “sick-       tify irrational beliefs* and replace them
the immune system, in turn, result in be-         ness behavior,” such as depressed mood,           with rational ones.
havioral and mood changes when the im-            anorexia, altered sleep, and reduced inter-            “RET therapists will listen as you
mune system is activated.                         est in interacting with others.                   whine about your mother, but in the final
     When pathogens (germs) invade the                 Disease-related depression causes dis-       analysis, they will put you at the center of
body, the immune system alerts the brain          tress to the patient and can decrease the         the universe, responsible for your own ac-
of the infection-induced immune activation.       body’s ability to fight the illness, as well as   tions and feelings.” July 1973
Cytokines such as interleukins and                compromise the treatment plan.                    * Refer to the list in the Dec./Jan. issue.
interferons, are peptides (chains of amino
acids) that are produced in the brain and
elsewhere to orchestrate the body’s immune                         For Those of You Taking Lithium
response. Cytokines mediate not only the
disease-fighting function of the immune                Replacing fluids and obtaining enough             Taking over-the-counter medications
system, but also changes in the brain, ner-       dietary salt are essential for anyone taking      concurrently with lithium can be danger-
                                                  lithium, particularly in hot weather. Heavy       ous. In particular, medications such as
      Thank You!                                  sweating may raise lithium levels, as may         ibuprofen (Advil. Motrin, Nuprin, etc.) and
                                                  low-sodium diets. If you are on a low-so-         other nonsteriodal anti-inflammatory drugs
      To all of you who have paid your            dium diet, check with your doctor regard-         (NSAIDs) may increase blood lithium lev-
 dues, subscribed to our newsletter, or           ing toxicity. Symptoms of toxicity start with     els. Always check with your doctor or phar-
 made donations, we truly thank you.              increased shaking, nausea, and diarrhea.          macist before taking any medications while
 Without this monetary support, we                The kidneys handle lithium and sodium the         on lithium. Having regular blood lithium
 would not be able to provide educational         same way, and losing fluids and sodium            levels checked is important to avoid toxic-
 materials, literature and newsletters to         results in the kidneys retaining sodium and       ity.
 the people that need our help.                   increased lithium levels.

      What is Tampa Bay Depressive and Manic Depressive Association?
     Tampa bay DMDA is a self-help sup-                The Association's mission is: to pro-             All our activities are conducted so as
port group for persons diagnosed with Af-         vide education, self-help, fellowship and         to facilitate the sharing of experiences, pos-
fective Disorders. We are affiliated with the     other direct services to people with Affec-       sible solutions, and emotional support
National DMDA. TBDMDA is a non-                   tive Disorders and to their relatives and         through the atmosphere of good fellowship
profit, 501(c)(3) organization operated by        friends (support people).                         and outreach while encouraging proper
it members.                                                                                         medical and therapeutic treatment.

                                        2001 MEMBERSHIP APPLICATION
Please check the appropriate boxes                Name _________________________________________________________________________
❑ New    ❑ Renewal      ❑ Change of address       Family Members _________________________________________________________________
❑ 20.00 Individual or Support Person
                                                  Address ________________________________________________________________________
❑ $10.00 Newsletter only (per year)
❑ $30.00 Family/Household                         City/State/Zip ___________________________________________________________________
❑ 150.00 Professional Honor Roll for 2001
                                                  Phone __________________________             Email ____________________________________
❑ $100.00 Lifetime
                                                  How did you hear about our organization? _____________________________________________
❑ $_______ Donation
                                                  Confidentiality is very important to us. Our membership list stays within TBDMDA only
Enclosed is $__________ for membership and/
or donation. The Tampa Bay DMDA is a non-         and will not be sent to any other organizations.
profit 501(c)(3) corporation. Contributions are
tax deductible as provided by law.                Please print clearly and mail to TBDMDA, PO Box 340572, Tampa, FL 33694

TAMPA BAY DMDA NEWSLETTER                                               7                                         FEBRUARY-MARCH 2001
             Tampa Bay Depressive and Manic Depressive Association
                            SUPPORT GROUPS
                                                      PLEASE BE ON TIME
            If unable to, please find a place to sit and join in. Everyone appreciates your cooperation. Thank you.
                           Times and locations may change due to circumstances beyond our control.

Carrollwood/Northdale:                      Port Richey: Monday 7:30 PM
Monday 7:00 PM                              1st Presbyterian Church,                      Support Group Guidelines:
Northwest Regional Library, 15610           7540 Ridge Road
Premier Dr. N.; 813-264-3831                Contact: Linda 727-845-7780                   • We are here to support mental health
                                                                                            and your prescribed treatment.
St. Joseph Hospital: Wednesday              Largo: Tuesday 7:30 PM                        • We maintain confidentiality: What is
7:30 PM: 3001 W. Dr. Martin L. King         1st Christian Church of Largo                   said in a group stays here.
Blvd, Tampa in Conference Room C.           1645 Seminole Blvd. Room 406
Check at reception for changes.             (2 blocks N. of Ulmerton)                     • As volunteer facilitators, we help guide
                                            Contact: Gary 727-584-8693                      your discussions. We share experi-
St. Petersburg: Monday 7:00 PM                                                              ences, wisdom, successes, and com-
Lutheran Church of the Cross,               FMHI: Wednesday 7:30 PM                         mon problems. We limit discussions to
4545 Chancelor St., NE.                     MHC Room 1329. Maps available at                depressive disorders and medically
Contact: Connie 727-525-8364                main USF entrance on Fowler Ave.                accepted treatments.
                                                                                          • We are not mental health profession-
James A. Haley V.A. Hospital:               Zephyrhills: Monday 7:00 PM
                                                                                            als. We do not diagnose, advise, or
Saturday 7:00 PM                            E. Pasco Med. Center,
13000 Bruce B. Downs., 1C West              7050 Gall Blvd. (Us Hwy 301),                   recommend specific treatments or
                                            Wellness Center Rm. B.                          doctors.
Town & Country Hospital:                                                                  • Our participants respond with compas-
Sunday 7:00 PM,                             Brandon: Wednesday 7:00 PM at                   sion, not judgement. We may remain
6001 Webb Road - in cafeteria               Brandon Library, 2nd Floor,                     silent.
Contact: Linda 813-887-3127                 619 Vonderberg Road.                          • Intimate personal relationships are
                                            Contact: Paul 813-651-1520;
                                                                                            discouraged. We are here to give and
                                            Jennifer 813-654-3717
                                                                                            receive support.

    You Can Call Us At                        TBDMDA Newsletter                                   Multiple Copies?
                                                     Circulation: Worldwide                    Anyone who would like to receive
        813-878-2906                                                                       multiple copies of our newsletter, please
     Please leave a message and one of             Feel free to reprint our articles or    send $4/issue or $24/year to our PO Box
 our volunteers will call you back. We        our entire newsletter. However, please       and indicate what the funds are for. We
 cannot return long distance calls unless     acknowledge our publication, date, au-       can send about 30 newsletters in a
 you give us permission to call collect.      thor, and source.                            Priortity Mail packet.

P.O. Box 340572
Tampa, FL 33694
Professional Advisor:
Michael F. Sheehan, M.D.

Executive Board:
President:             Susan Shaw
1st Vice President:    Michael Sheehan
2nd Vice President:    Randy Hillhouse
Treasurer:             Joseph Baruta
Scribe:                Jane Trilling

 Editor: Jane Trilling
 Assistant Editor: Paulette Lane
                                     Serving the Community Since 1985
TAMPA BAY DMDA NEWSLETTER                                                                              FEBRUARY-MARCH 2001

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Description: hypnosism (derived from the Greek mythology Hypnos Hypnos's name), is caused by a variety of different technologies an alternative state of consciousness. At this point suggest to others who have a high reactivity. Is a high degree of suggestibility of the state. And in perception, memory and control and make the appropriate response. Although hypnosis like sleep, but sleep in hypnosis is not to play any role, because if man who is really sleeping, there will be no hint of any reaction of the. "hypnosis " The name itself is of a certain misleading.