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Smartphone Consumer Survey


Smartphone, refers to "the same as personal computers, with separate operating system, installed by the user software, games and other third-party service provider process, through such programs to continue to expand the functionality of the phone and via mobile Wireless network communication network to access the general term for such a class of mobile phones. "

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									Smartphone Consumer Survey
                Would you prefer: a wireless service with                            Importance of carrier experience
                4G data speeds that reverts to a much                                managing smartphone traffic vs. carrier
                slower speed when you are out of the                                 with a new, untested but possibly
                high-speed footprint, or a wireless service                          faster network.
                that offers much more graduated speed
                reductions when outside the                                          38% Very Important
                high-speed areas.                                                    49% Somewhat Important

                75% Consistent Speeds
                25% Faster with Big drop

                Importance that a smartphone can do                                  Preference for a next-generation-network
                voice and data at the same time.                                     smartphone with much less battery life, vs.
                                                                                     a smartphone with longer battery life.
                38% Can’t Live Without It
                51% Do Voice and Data Several Times a Week                           70% Current Generation with Longer
                                                                                     Battery Life
                                                                                     30% Next Generation with Less Battery Life
Vendor:  Taylor Research & Consulting Group
Date:  November 5-8, 2010
Sample Definition:  interviewed 1,006 smartphone users with a 3G smartphone & associated data plan
• 405 iPhone users
• 601 smart phones with multiple carriers (AT&T, Verizon, Sprint, T-Mobile, etc)
Survey methodology:  random sampling across the US utilizing an on-line survey

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