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									         Sedation dentistry in Encinitas: Combating the Fear and Anxiety that is

This article explores sedation dentistry and the incredible benefits it has to offer patients who suffer from
fear and anxiety associated with the dentist’s chair.

                                                Sedation Dentistry in Encinitas: The Fear

                                                 For those people who cannot come to grips with the
                                                 crippling emotions they feel on the day of their dental
                                                 appointments, there is sedation dentistry in Encinitas. In a
                                                 day and age where complex oral rehabilitation techniques,
                                                 sophisticated computer software and advanced technology
                                                 are all readily at the disposal of the modern dentist, why do
                                                 we still suffer that awful anxiety on the morning of our
                                                 appointments? Everything that we need to restore, maintain
and preserve the health and hygiene of our natural adult teeth resides within the clinical white of the
dental office, yet countless people would rather hide under their beds than bite the bullet, as it were. So
pervasive a problem is the inexplicable fear of the dentist’s chair that it actually has a name:
‘odontophobia’. Perhaps it is the product of one too many Hollywood movies showing victims (not patients
) having teeth pulled with pliers by some insensitive monster (who’s almost always over six feet tall) clad
in blood-spattered white. The reality is an entirely different story and yet, the fear and anxiety persists.

What is Sedation Dentistry in Encinitas?

Sedation dentistry quite simply involves the administration of oral care and hygiene under the effects of
medications designed to relax the patient. The subsequent experience in the dentist’s chair is completely
pain and anxiety-free, enabling the patient to receive the treatment they need in order to maintain
exceptionally high standards of oral health. There are typically three different approaches sedation
dentistry in Encinitas can take:

    1. Enteral or oral administration ~ patients are given one or two pills prior to their appointment.

    1. Intravenous administration ~ patients are fed sedation medication directly into their bloodstream.
        The level of sedation can be carefully controlled and monitored by the dentist during the course of
        the treatment.

    1. Nitrous Oxide gas ~ patients breathe Nitrous Oxide (“laughing gas”) through an oxygen mask.
        The effects generally take five minutes.

Through one of these three sedation techniques, patients are able to undergo treatment for any variety of
oral ailments or conditions completely free of fear and anxiety.

Sedation Dentistry in Encinitas: The Key to being Anxiety-Free

The professionals who offer sedation dentistry in Encinitas are acutely aware that helping their patients
to enjoy a relaxed experience goes beyond simply administering medication. There is a full suite of
techniques that they can employ to put the patient’s mind at ease, which includes empathy, patience and
communication. The dentist who is kind, gentle and explains what he/she is doing will immediately help to
relax the patient as well as earn their trust. This is the key to successful sedation dentistry in Encinitas.

Sedation Dentistry in Encinitas: A Final Note

Sedation dentistry is the comprehensive solution for people who suffer from the crippling fear and anxiety
they feel at the prospect of having their teeth examined and cared for at the hands of a professional
dentist. While the origin of the fear can lie in the media and even perhaps in previous negative
experiences at the hands of other dentists, sedation dentistry in Encinitas is administered with great care
and empathy for the wearied and anxiety-ridden patient.

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