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Employee Engagement Open position


Employee Engagement Open position

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									                                      Donor Forum Meeting
                                      17th April 2008

      Employee Engagement:
              Engaging with your
          Employees and Supporting
        their Community Involvement

Presented by: Sonia Whayman, Donor Forum Chair
& Jonathan Suter
        Introduction: What is
       employee engagement?
   Traditionally – Supporting your employees‟
    engagement with the community,
    specifically through Employee Volunteer

   Expansion of the concept – how the
    organisation engages with its employees
   Creating a positive work environment

   Investing in their personal growth and

   Supporting employees‟ interests
    Engaging with your Employees
   Giving employees a sense of belonging to
    the organisation and providing a work-life
   Creating an work environment built on
    trust and teamwork
   It‟s not „us‟ (management) vs. them (other
    employees) – everyone has a part to play
   Valuing your employees – vital part of the
                      Starting out

   What sets your organisation apart?
   What are your strategic aims?
       Leveraging your unique abilities
       Future Goals
            How can engaging with employees contribute to
             achieving these goals
       SWOT Analysis – Strengths, Weaknesses,
        Opportunities and Threats
          The Work Environment

   Promoting a culture of trust
       Relationship between managers and
       Relationship between employees
       Relationship employees have with their jobs

Great Place to Work Institute
   Dimensions of a Great Place to Work
       Credibility
       Respect
       Fairness
       Pride
       Camaraderie
   HR Policies – work life balance issues
   Social Networks
   Company parties/functions
   Creating a positive and product work
    environment, in which employees feel
      Employee Development

What is Employee Development?
 Active participation in your employees
  growth and development
 Strategic investment in your employees
  and intellectual capital - future success of
  your organisation
 Not just training – growing in their jobs,
  and as individuals
How can you invest in your employees to
develop the intellectual capital of the

   Employee training
   Mentoring programme
   Reimbursing study/tuition for professional
   Study time
   Promote a culture of learning – ongoing
    employee development and encouraging
    new ideas and new perspectives on doing
    things – culture of development
   Promoting/hiring from within
   Recognising and/or rewarding employees
    for their efforts
   Fostering creative learning processes –
    communication avenues
   Other areas for consideration
       Management Involvement
       Pilot initiative
       Make it relevant for employees
       Measuring results – the return on your
 Receive more qualified job applications for
  open positions
 A lower turnover level
       Estimated turnovers costs of $40,000-
        $100,000 per mid-level position (Lyman, A., Great
        Place to Work Institute Inc. (2007). Building Trust by Welcoming
        Employees. From

   Reductions in health care costs
   Higher levels of customer satisfaction and
   Greater innovation, creativity and risk
   Higher productivity and profitability

Great Place to Work Institute
   Attracting, and retaining employees
       The high-skilled labour market
          Investing in the company‟s intellectual capital –
           the strength and future of the company
          Increased employee morale and teamwork

          Knowledge Economy – emphasis on education

          Demand outstripping supply
                Ageing population
                Competition from other markets
   Lower-skilled labour market
      Employees still expect to be treated respectfully
       and fairly.
      Investing in on-the job training and creating a
       positive work environment can contribute to a
       happier and more productive workforce
Supporting Employee Involvement
        in the Community
Employee Volunteer Programmes
 What is an Employee Volunteer Programme?
     “A planned, managed effort that seeks to motivate
      and enable employees to effectively volunteer under
      the sponsorship and leadership of the company.”

  Points of Light Foundation (2004) Developing Excellence in Workplace
  Volunteer Programs: Guidelines for Success. p.11
   Is an employee volunteer programme
    right for the organisation?
       Are your employees interested?
       Size of the organisation
       Informal vs. formal
       Costs vs. benefits
       What funding commitment are you prepared
        to make?
   What do you want to achieve by
    supporting employee volunteering?
       Business reasons – reputation, team building
        and leadership development, attracting and
        retaining employees, demonstrating that the
        company is a good corporate citizen
       Supporting the community – addressing social
        issues, developing trust
   How are you going to support employees‟
    volunteer activities?
       Matching Grants
       Release Time
       Dollars for Doers
       Volunteer Recognition
       Company-wide days of giving/service
       Managing employee volunteerism –
            MicroEdge
            Angel Points
            Internal
   Why?
       In 1997, 75% of Americans surveyed said, all
        other things being equal, they would consider
        switching to a company involved with a good
        cause. In 2002, that number increased to
        91%. 2002 Cone Corporate Citizenship from, Points of Light
        Foundation. (2004). Developing Excellence in Workplace
        Volunteer Programs: Guidelines for Success. p.11
       Companies around the world are doing it;
        Samsung, UPS, KMPG, Timberland, Bank of
        America, Boeing, General Motors, Starbucks,
        Home Depot, Xerox
What Bermuda companies are doing

   Days of Service
   Matching Gifts
   Employee Volunteer Programmes

For more information please visit:
   The Business Benefits
       Enhances public image – part of being a
        „Great Place to Work‟
       Attracts better employees and increases
       Builds employee morale
       Addresses employee work-life issues
       Develops employees‟ teamwork, leadership,
        and communication skills
       Encourages employee teamwork
           Develops trust with stakeholders –
            employees, the community, government
           Developing the local labour pool – specifically
            pertinent in Bermuda
Employee Volunteer Programs Build Value for Companies
Employee Volunteering provides a way to…                    Agree       Strongly Total
                                                                        Agree    Agree
Implement corporate business goals                          53%         34%           87%
Implement strategic community relations goals 61%                       34%           95%
Create healthier communities                                85%         15%           100%
Help employee morale                                        38%         56%           94%
Improve company‟s image                                     74%         26%           100%
Improve company‟s teamwork                                  53%         44%           97%
The Corporate Volunteer Progam as a Strategic Resource, Points of Light Foundation,
2000, from Points of Light Foundation. (2004). Developing Excellence in Workplace
Volunteer Programs: Guidelines for Success. p.11
                 Thank you!

For more information on Employee Engagement
please get in contact with one of the Executive
Members of the Donor Forum.

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