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					CS-214                                                                                     1. Position Code
REV 8/2007

                                                        State of Michigan
                                                    Civil Service Commission
                                                Capitol Commons Center, P.O. Box 30002
                                                          Lansing, MI 48909
Federal privacy laws and/or state
confidentiality requirements protect            POSITIO N DESCRI PT ION
a portion of this information.

This form is to be completed by the person that occupies the position being described and reviewed by the
supervisor and appointing authority to ensure its accuracy. It is important that each of the parties sign and
date the form. If the position is vacant, the supervisor and appointing authority should complete the form.

This form will serve as the official classification document of record for this position. Please take the time to
complete this form as accurately as you can since the information in this form is used to determine the proper
  2. Employee’s Name (Last, First, M.I.)                              8. Department/Agency
      New position                                                       Corrections

  3. Employee Identification Number                                   9. Bureau (Institution, Board, or Commission)
                                                                         Bureau of Health Care Services

  4. Civil Service Classification of Position                       10. Division
      Psychiatrist Director 3 (22)                                       Correctional Facilities Administration

  5. Working Title of Position (What the agency titles the          11. Section
                                                                         Health Care
      Chief Psychiatric Officer

  6. Name and Classification of Direct Supervisor                   12. Unit
      Jeffrey Stieve, M.D., Senior Executive Physician                   Central Office, GVP
  7. Name and Classification of Next Higher Level Supervisor        13. Work Location (City and Address)/Hours of Work
      Lynda Zeller, Bureau of Health Care (BHCS) Health                  Location to be determined; 40 hrs/week – 8:00 – 5:00
      Services Administrator
14. General Summary of Function/Purpose of Position
      The incumbent in this position serves as the Chief Psychiatric Officer for the Michigan Department of Corrections. S/he will
      act as the foremost authority on psychiatric and psychological matters within the MDOC. S/he will direct the activities of the
      MDOC Psychological Service Unit (PSU) and oversee the activities of the Corrections Mental Health program (CMHP)
      which provides psychiatric services for the seriously mentally ill.

For Civil Service Use Only

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15. Please describe your assigned duties, percent of time spent performing each duty, and explain what is done
    to complete each duty.
     List your duties in the order of importance, from most important to least important. The total percentage
     of all duties performed must equal 100 percent.
Duty 1
General Summary of Duty 1                   % of Time       40
Directs the activities of the PSU and oversees the activities of the CMHP, ensuring an integrated and consistent approach to the
treatment of mentally ill offenders.

Individual tasks related to the duty.
   Supervises the Regional PSU Directors by planning, organizing and directing their work activities.
   Oversees the delivery of psychiatric services provided by the CMHP (these services are provided by non-DOC employees).
   Coordinates the delivery of services between PSU and and CMHP.
   Reviews staffing for the PSU
   Reviews staffing for CMHP.
   Coordinates the peer audit of PSU
   Coordinates the peer audit of CMHP.
   Makes recommendations to the CMO and/or the BHCS Administrator regarding clinical management and program operations
    of the PSU and the CMHP.

Duty 2
General Summary of Duty 2                   % of Time      10
Serves as a member of the Mortality Review Committee (MRC) and Medical Services Advisory Committee (MSAC)

Individual tasks related to the duty.
   Attends monthly MRC and MSAC meetings
   Analyzes circumstances surrounding prisoner deaths of prisoners with mental health diagnoses and reports findings to MRC

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Duty 3
General Summary of Duty 3                  % of Time     20
MDOC chief resource regarding psychopharmacology issues

Individual tasks related to the duty.
   Provides input regarding Pharmacy and Therapeutics (P&T) at the MSAC meetings
   Analyzes prescribing trends and expenditures on psychotropic medications

Duty 4
General Summary of Duty 4                  % of Time        20
Ensures MDOC policies and procedures regarding the delivery of psychological and psychiatric services are current

Individual tasks related to the duty.
   Reviews and evaluates all mental health policies and procedures on an ongoing basis and ensures necessary updates are made

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Duty 5
General Summary of Duty 5                    % of Time     10
Other duties as assigned

Individual tasks related to the duty.
   Legislative and community liaison for mental health issues.
   Serves as liaison with other departments and agencies in order to collect and share information pertinent to the delivery of
    psychological and psychiatric care

Duty 6
General Summary of Duty 6                    % of Time

Individual tasks related to the duty.

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16. Describe the types of decisions you make independently in your position and tell who and/or what is affected by those decisions.
    Use additional sheets, if necessary.
      The Chief Psychiatric Officer makes independent decisions concerning the psychiatric and psychological care provided to
      prisoners and how that care conforms to current federal and state laws and guidelines. These decisions relate to the
      programmatic implementation of clinical systems and are the basis for MDOC policy and procedure regarding all psychiatric
      and psychological practices. They directly impact all prisoners. Failure to make a decision or ultimately making an
      erroneous decision can have financial and legal ramifications that affect the entire MDOC.

17. Describe the types of decisions that require your supervisor’s review.
      The Chief Psychiatric Officer must confer with supervision on issues regarding policy variances or issues for which no
      current policy guidance exists. In addition, issues with known legal, political and financial ramifications require consultation
      with supervision

18. What kind of physical effort do you use in your position? What environmental conditions are you physically exposed to in your
    position? Indicate the amount of time and intensity of each activity and condition. Refer to instructions on page 2.
      Travel to prison facilities located throughout the state is necessary. Touring of prison facilities from Level I custody
      (minimum) to Level V (maximum) and in-person contact with convicted felons is also necessary. In addition, manual
      dexterity, hearing and visual acuity necessary to perform physical examinations is necessary.

19. List the names and classification titles of classified employees whom you immediately supervise or oversee on a full-time, on-going
    basis. (If more than 10, list only classification titles and the number of employees in each classification.)

            NAME                          CLASS TITLE                            NAME                             CLASS TITLE

Tom Osier, Region I PSU
                                  Psychologist Manager 4
Jud Gildersleeve, Region II
                                  Psychologist Manager 4
PSU Director
Hampton Walker, Region III
                                  Psychologist Manager 4
PSU Director

20. My responsibility for the above-listed employees includes the following (check as many as apply):

       X Complete and sign service ratings.                         X Assign work.
       X Provide formal written counseling.                         X Approve work.
       X Approve leave requests.                                    X Review work.
       X Approve time and attendance.                               X Provide guidance on work methods.
       X Orally reprimand.                                          X Train employees in the work.

21.   I certify that the above answers are my own and are accurate and complete.

                                    Signature                                                              Date

                                    NOTE: Make a copy of this form for your records.
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                                       TO BE COMPLETED BY DIRECT SUPERVISOR
22. Do you agree with the responses from the employee for Items 1 through 20? If not, which items do you disagree with and why?

23. What are the essential duties of this position?
     Duty #1

24. Indicate specifically how the position’s duties and responsibilities have changed since the position was last reviewed.
     New position

25. What is the function of the work area and how does this position fit into that function?
     The BHCS provides health care to a prison population of 45,000 prisoners prison facilities throughout the state. The Chief
     Psychiatric Officer provides oversight and direction regarding the practice of mental health services for all prisoners within
     the system.

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26. In your opinion, what are the minimum education and experience qualifications needed to perform the essential functions of this

      Possession of a medical degree from an accredited school of medicine.

      Five years of professional experience equivalent to a psychiatrist in a mental health facility or clinic, including one year
      equivalent to a chief of clinical affairs at state facility for the mentally ill.

      Knowledge of the principles and practices of psychiatry and of current theories and developments in the field of mental
      health; knowledge of administrative management; knowledge of fiscal planning; ability to diagnose and treat mental illness;
      ability to interpret treatment programs to individuals with non-medical background; ability to maintain favorable public

      Possession of a license to practice medicine or osteopathic medicine and surgery in Michigan.
      Board certification in psychiatry by the American Board of Psychiatry and Neurology Inc.

NOTE: Civil Service approval of this position does not constitute agreement with or acceptance of the desirable qualifications for this position.
27.   I certify that the information presented in this position description provides a complete and accurate depiction
      of the duties and responsibilities assigned to this position.

                                Supervisor’s Signature                                                                 Date
                                  TO BE FILLED OUT BY APPOINTING AUTHORITY
28. Indicate any exceptions or additions to the statements of the employee(s) or supervisor.

29. I certify that the entries on these pages are accurate and complete.

                         Appointing Authority’s Signature                                                              Date

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