Resident's Guide to Stain Removal and Carpet Care by malj


									Guide for Carpet Care and Stain Removal
The most valuable step to maintain your carpet is vacuuming. Vacuum high traffic areas twice a week
and the entire room weekly. Redirect vacuuming periodically to prevent matting of carpet.

Vacuum cleaner recommendations
    A good quality vacuum cleaner is imperative to prolonging the beauty and life of your carpet.
    Use a vacuum with a rotating brush and verify that the brush or beater bar rotates when in contact with the carpet.
    Inspect your vacuum to ensure the belt is in good con dition and vacuum bags should be replaced when 1/2 to 1/3 full.
    Redirect vacuuming periodically to prevent matting of carpet.

II. CARPET STAIN REMOVAL (For optimal results, treat stains immediately)

                                                                                                                          Mud- A
Alcoholic Beverages- A                  Coffee- A-1                              Furniture Polish- A,B,PRO                Mustard- A
Beer- A                                 Cola Drinks- A                           Glue- (White) A                          Paint- (Latex, Wet) A
Beer- A                                 Cosmetics- A                             Gravy -A                                 Tea- A
Berries- A                              De-Icer (Calcium Chloride)               Ice Cream- A                             Urine- A-1, PRO
Blood (Wet)- A                          Vacuum-, A                               Ink (Washable)- A,PRO                    Vomit- A-1
Blood (Dry)- A-2                        Excrement- A                             Jelly- A                                 Wine-A
Chocolate- A-2                          Food Dyes- A                             Milk- A

Absorb as much as possi ble with white towels. Dampen the towels with cool water and blot the stained area until there is no more
transfer of the stain onto the towels. If any of the stain remains, use the detergent solution described below. S pray lightly onto the
spot an d blot repeatedly with white towels. To avoid spreading, work from the outer edge in toward the center of the spot. Rinse
thoroughly by spraying with clean water, and then blot. Do not use too much detergent because the residue will contribute to ra pid

Before using detergent, apply the white vineg ar solution (see below) to a white towel and blot or spray onto the spot.

Before using detergent, apply a household ammonia solution to a white towel and blot or spray onto the spot (see below.) Do not use on wool or wool -
blend carpet.

Asphalt -B,PRO                          Furniture Polish- A,B,PRO                Ink (Ballpoint)- B,PRO                   Paint (Latex, Dry)- B
Butter- B                               Grease (Auto)- B,PRO                     Ink (Permanent)- B                       Paint (Oil)- B,PRO
Crayon- B                               Grease (Food) -B                         Lipstick- B                              Shoe Polish- B

Use white paper towels to blot as much as possible. Apply the special oil and grease spot remover such as Carbona or Energine, to a
pa per towel and repeat blotting (protective gloves should be worn, as the solvent will quickly remove oils from the skin and could
result in irritation.) Do not pour or spray directly on the carpet, as damage to the backing or adhesive underneath could result; use
the towels to transport the solvent to the carpet. Repeat as often as necessary. Provide adequate ventilation. Do not use fla mmable
solvents. Follow with procedures in A.

Freeze stains such as chewing gum and can dle wax with ice or a commercially available product in an aerosol can. Shatter with a
blunt object and vacuum before the chips soften. Follow up with solvent as in B.
                                                       Cleaning Solutions

Detergent Solution:                                    Ammonia Solution:
-1/4 teaspoon of clear detergent such as               -1 tablespoon of ammonia to one cup of                 White Vinegar Solution:
Danon, Joy                                             water                                                  - 1 part white vinegar to 1 part water
or Clear Ivory to 32 ounces of water

Disclaimer: The information above is meant to help you resolve flooring issues without calling a professional. There is always a chance that you
might permanently damage your floor by attempting to clean it. That is a risk that you would be taking. You should consult a professional carpet
restoration company if you are not willing to take that chance.CSI cannot be responsible for damages caused as a result of following the instructions

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