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TSA Open order


TSA Open order

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									      OASIS RFP HSTS03-07-R-CIO209
      Amendment A00003
      Attachment A

  #                Reference                                       Offeror Question                                                Response
12    Section 5.1 .4, Application               In an effort to promote a lev el competitive field would    The TRM cannot be freely distributed to prospective
      Platforms and Technical                   the Government prov ide a copy of the Technical             Offerors due to security reasons. The TRM contains a
      Env ironments, page 18                    Reference Model document as it’s likely the incumbent       standard assortment of standard platforms and
                                                has the information?                                        applications in use in Government and industry. The
                                                                                                            Gov ernment expects that the successful Offeror will
                                                                                                            hav e sound knowledge of established Technical
                                                                                                            Methods for application development.

                                                                                                            However, the TRM can be made av ailable at the
                                                                                                            Gov ernment site for prospective Offerors who are
                                                                                                            currently under a contract with TSA and who possess a
                                                                                                            minimum of a “Secret” lev el clearance.
13    Section 7 .15.1 , Certification of OCI,   Will the Gov ernment prov ide a list of companies that      At this time there are no known OCI issues relating to
      page 33                                   would be precluded from participation on the OASIS          any vendors in EAGLE Functional Category 4. Section
                                                program due to OCI issues?                                  7 .15 of the RFP governs prospective Offerors’
                                                                                                            responsibilities with respect to OCIs. Prime v endors
                                                                                                            are encouraged to check with prospective
                                                                                                            subcontractors and teaming partners to determine if
                                                                                                            any OCI issues ex ist.
14    Section 7 .16.6.1 2)a), Contract          Will TSA allow/accept the contractor's industrial           No. A v alid contract between the Government and the
      Personnel Screening, page 42              security office to process the SF 86 and Fingerprint        Contractor must be in-place before official personnel
                                                cards for new hires in an effort to reduce the 35-day       screening can be initiated. However, Offerors may, at
                                                TSA submission requirement prior to the new hires           their own discretion, collect and organize information
                                                employment start date?                                      that would be needed to complete personnel screening
                                                                                                            to ex pedite processing after award.
15    Section 5.1 .5 EDB Framework.NET          The RFP work package lists 20 deliverables and the          See response to question #9 in OASIS Amendment
      Conv ersion and Enhancement               pricing sheet lists 30 deliverables for the same work       00002 Attachment A:
      Work Package & Proposed          package. Is this intentional? Should the contractor use
      Prices Template "EDB-NET"                 the larger list of deliverables for pricing and creating    “The information in Appendix 6 is correct. Please cut
      sheet, page 1 43                          DIDs?                                                       and paste the information for this work package as
                                                                                                            shown in Appendix 6 into the Deliv erable and Labor
                                                                                                            Resource Spreadsheet entry for this work package.”

                                                                                                            Deliverable information in Appendix 6 should be used
                                                                                                            for the price proposal worksheet in Section

                                                                                                        Page 1
      OASIS RFP HSTS03-07-R-CIO209
      Amendment A00003
      Attachment A

  #               Reference                                    Offeror Question                                                   Response
16    Section, 1 st sentence, Page   Can additional labor categories be proposed by the            Yes, additional labor categories may be proposed after
      11                                     contractor after contract award or can they only be           contract award as described in Section
                                             added in the proposal to the RFP?                             However, for your response to the OASIS RFP, Offerors
                                                                                                           should limit labor categories to those in the EAGLE
17    Appendix 6,                            Work Order 1 , work package: EDB Framework .NET               The Gov ernment believes that the SDLC work package
      Section 5.1 , Page 1 42                Conv ersion and Enhancement specifies “The                    is more appropriate as a basis for the “EDB Framework
                                             Ev erything” database in a RAD framework, the                 .NET Conv ersion and Enhancement” work package.
                                             schedule is 45 days and the package is defined as an
                                             SDLC effort, given the fact that this is a 45 day activity,
                                             would the Government prefer a RAD or an SDLC?
18    Appendix 6, Section 5.4.2, Page        Can the Government provide sample work order                  No. The Government believes that the information
      148                                    representation of high, medium and low scope and              prov ided in the RFP is sufficient to enable prospective
                                             complex ity ?                                                 Offerors to develop a plan to support a data center
                                                                                                           migration effort.
19    Attachment 5, Section 1 .1.1, Page     Can the Government clarify the number of                      Page 116 refers to a template for preparation of a Data
      116                                    customizations and lines of code for the standard found       Item Description; there is no reference to
                                             on page 116?                                                  customizations and lines of code on page 116.
20    Appendix 6, Section 5.1, Page 1 42     On page 142, Section 5.1.1 states “TSA uses the EDB           The Gov ernment will use the SDLC work package as a
                                             framework to provide rapid application development            basis for the “EDB Framework .NET Conversion and
                                             for a certain class of mission or business                    Enhancement” work package.
                                             requirements”, but on page 1 43, Section 5.1.5 states the
                                             work package is SDLC. Should RAD or SDLC be                   See response to question #8 in OASIS Amendment
                                             utilized for this work package?                               00002 Attachment A for an elaboration on the
                                                                                                           relationship between “EDB Platform Application
                                                                                                           Dev elopment” and “EDB Framework .NET Conversion
                                                                                                           and Enhancement.”

                                                                                                     Page 2
      OASIS RFP HSTS03-07-R-CIO209
      Amendment A00003
      Attachment A

  #              Reference                                      Offeror Question                                               Response
21    Appendix 6, Section 5.3.1, 2nd         It states, “TSA has defined a method to use HTMLDB        The class of mission requirements addressed by
      Sentence, Page 1 46                    to prov ide rapid application development for a certain   HTMLDB applications are generally those where:
                                             class of mission or business requirements.” Q: What            1. A low-level of complex ity (data and/or logic) is
                                             are those business classes and requirements?                      required by a relatively larger number of users
                                                                                                            2. A relatively higher lev el of complex ity is
                                                                                                               required by a low number of users
                                                                                                            3. Mission customers value faster delivery of
                                                                                                               functionality over functional
                                                                                                               robustness/complex ity ; or, they are willing to
                                                                                                               accept staged delivery of incremental
22    Appendix 6, Section 5.3.1, Page 1 46   Please describe some of your custom extensions that       “Ex tensions” in this context means a set of reusable
                                             hav e been developed on top of the standard HTMLDB        HTMLDB-based components that are part of most
                                             platform.                                                 HTMLDB applications. Examples are a common User
                                                                                                       Administration module, “List of V alues” manager
                                                                                                       module (i.e., reference data which populates UI
                                                                                                       widgets, such as drop-downs, ad hoc reporting module,
23    Appendix 6, Section 5.7 .3, Page 157   What is the work package as related to Work Package       The work package in Appendix 6, Section 5.7 .3 titled
                                             #11 , or should it be titled Design and Implementation    “Information Sharing Env ironment (ISE) Initial
                                             Work Package?                                             Operating Platform (IOP) Enhancement” is derived
                                                                                                       from the Representative Work Package titled “Design
                                                                                                       and Implementation of Dev elopment, Test, Integration,
                                                                                                       and Non-Production Env ironments” found on in
                                                                                                       Attachment 5, Section 1 .1.5.1 on page 1 34.
24    OASIS RFP, Attachment 8, WO 2,         Please provide TSAs current SLAs for Tier3 level          There currently are no SLA s in place, as this is a new
      Section 5.                             support.                                                  function.
      1.2, bullet 3, Page 3

                                                                                                  Page 3
     OASIS RFP HSTS03-07-R-CIO209
     Amendment A00003
     Attachment A

 #               Reference                                 Offeror Question                                             Response
25   Attachment 7 , WO 2, Section 8,   States, “…levels defined in Section 12.1 Volume 1           Section 10.1 in Volume I is correct.
     2nd Bullet, Page 1 9              Instructions to Offerors for Indiv idual Work Order
                                       Ev aluation Criteria of the RFP.” Q. No Section 12.1        We are looking to the Offeror to propose their skill and
                                       Volume I, we believe that the Government is referring       labor mix that will best meet the government’s
                                       to Section 10.1 Instructions to offerors, however in        requirements. This will be ev aluated by the
                                       Section 10.1 there is no skill and experience lev el        government as part of their ev aluation of the Offeror’s
                                       defined as it is inferred in Page 19 of Attachment 7 , WO   proposal.
                                       2, Section 8. Please clarify .

26   OASIS RFP, Appendix 6 – WO 1 ,    What enterprise search technologies and tools are           The Gov ernment has recently purchased licenses for
     section 5.5, Page 149             currently being utilized by the Sy stem Innov ation         Autonomy to support its enterprise search
                                       Group (SIG) for the enterprise search prototype?            requirements.
27   General                           The methodologies between the work order and the            The methodology to use is identified in each work
                                       work packages is different. Please clarify which            package within the work order.
                                       methodology we are to use.
28   General                           There are additional work packages in the work order        Yes. The Government intends to issue additional work
                                       that are not in the work packages. Is it the                packages in future work orders.
                                       Gov ernment’s intent to issue additional work

                                                                                             Page 4
     OASIS RFP HSTS03-07-R-CIO209
     Amendment A00003
     Attachment A

 #               Reference                              Offeror Question                                           Response
29   TSA OASIS RFP A0001 ,           This paragraph states that “Each build will be priced    The Secure Flight Development System has the
     Attachment 7 Work Order #2      using the following government supplied items: IMS,      following PRs/CRs open at present:
     Section 5 page 2                list of Problem Reports (PRs) and Change Requests
                                     (CRs) for inclusion into the build and the applicable        o   7 3 PRs
     TSA OASIS RFP A0001 , Section   deliverables for the work package in section 5.2.4.”         o   53 CRs
     10.2.6 - Work Order 2 & 3
     Proposed Prices (Section 6)     Section 10.2.6 in the Amendment prov ides instructions   The Secure Flight Operations and Maintenance (O&M)
     Subsection 3 page 6             for pricing Work Orders #2 and #3.                       Sy stem has the following PRs/CRs open at present:

                                     Since the RFP requires offerors to price the Work             o 98 PRs
                                     Order #2 SF Build Release work package, please                o 33 PRs Awaiting QA (11 Released, 2 V erified,
                                     prov ide the GFE IMS, list of Problem Reports (PRs)              20 Implemented), 1 Returned
                                     and Change Requests (CRs) that define the scope of the        o 65 CRs
                                     build(s) to be priced.                                        o 2 CRs on HOLD

                                                                                              However, it should be noted the count changes on a
                                                                                              daily basis as fix es are approved and implemented
                                                                                              (closed) and cleared from the list.

                                                                                              The GFE Integrated Master Schedule (IMS) shows in
                                                                                              great detail every activity that needs to take place to
                                                                                              bring SF to production. As a result, the IMS cannot be
                                                                                              freely distributed to prospective Offerors due to
                                                                                              security reasons.
30   TSA OASIS RFP A0001 ,           This section appears to require Contractor support to    Section 7 .2 is intended to be an introduction about the
     Attachment 7 Work Order #2      be “on-call for any troubleshooting or resolutions” in   Secure Flight operating Env ironment. The on-call
     Section 7 .2 page 1 2           the Operations Centers for the Secure Flight             support is the same support as required in Work Order
                                     application. We assume this is the same support          #3, and should not be priced as part of the Work Order
                                     required in Work Order #3, where the Contractor is       #2 cost proposal.
                                     required to prov ide 24x7 x365 Level 3 support to TTAC
                                     applications, and that it should be priced as part of
                                     Work Order #3. Please confirm.

                                                                                         Page 5
      OASIS RFP HSTS03-07-R-CIO209
      Amendment A00003
      Attachment A

  #                Reference                                Offeror Question                                                Response
31    TSA OASIS RFP A0001 ,             In these sections, the offeror is required to propose a       Please include your proposed SLAs as an addendum to
      Attachment 7 Work Order #2        complete list of SLAs for the Work Order, including           your technical proposal for each work order.
      Section 7 .4 pages 1 6            proposed monitoring methods and proposed financial
                                        incentives/ disincentives. However, there is no
      TSA OASIS RFP A0001 ,             prov ision in the instructions on where to include this
      Attachment 8 Work Order #3        information in the proposal. Please clarify.
      Section 7 .4 pages 9-11
32    TSA OASIS RFP A0001 ,             This section does not prov ide enough detail about the        We are not currently running a Tier 3, so unfortunately
      Attachment 8 Work Order #3        work scope in this work package for offerors to specify       it is impossible to give a number of calls per
      Section 5.1 .2 page 2-3           level of effort and pricing as required in the proposal       application, ticket open/close metrics, etc.. However,
                                        section 10.2.6. Please specify the assumptions the            we recognize that an offeror may wish to propose a
      TSA OASIS RFP A0001 , Section     offeror should make (number of calls per application,         pricing strategy that grants them flexibility for this
      10.2.6 - Work Order 2 & 3         ticket open/close metrics, etc) in order to price the         service.
      Proposed Prices (Section 6)       work package in Work Order #3.
      Subsection 3 page 6
33    TSA OASIS RFP Section 1 0.3       Is it permissible for the offeror to use zip files for        It is permissible to use ZIP files for electronic
      Submission Format page 89         submission of the proposal? If so, does the “.zip” file       submission. In order to avoid e-mail filtering issues,
                                        ex tension need to be modified to something else (ie,         Offerors should not use the .zip extension; choose a
                                        “.piz”) in order to have the files accepted by TSA?           different extension (e.g., “txt”, “piz”, etc.) and rename
                                                                                                      the file for e-mail transmission.
34    TSA OASIS RFP Section 1   CLIN numbers are not provided for several of the work         An updated Volume 2 file is included with CLINs for all
      Ex cel Workbook                   packages included in the excel pricing for RFP Section        remaining work packages.
                               For ex ample, 2.0 Enterprise Search
                                        references CLIN 0001 and 6.0 ISE Identity and Access
                                        Management references CLIN 0002, however, the
                                        remaining work packages do not include CLIN                        Volume 2 - Price
                                        reference numbers.                                                  Proposal - A3

                                        Please provide CLIN numbers for all of the work
                                        packages to be priced.

                                                                                                  Page 6
     OASIS RFP HSTS03-07-R-CIO209
     Amendment A00003
     Attachment A

 #               Reference                                    Offeror Question                                               Response
35   TSA OASIS RFP Section 1 .1.5 .1 .3,   We assume the offeror will not be required to develop      The Gov ernment ex pects its application development
     Deliverable 11.4.3 Sy stem Security   C&A work papers such as Sy stem Security Plan,             Contractors to fully participate in the creation of
     Plan (including all the work          Security Test & Ev aluation, Accreditation and POA&M,      artifacts supporting C&A, such as Sy stem Security
     products under it) and WP    but will e responsible for providing responses to assist   Plans.
     Security Test Plan Page 135 - 1 36    in the Certification and Accreditation (C&A) processes.
                                           Please confirm.
     TSA OASIS RFP Section 1 .1.5 .3.3,
     Deliverable System
     Security Plan (including all the
     work products under it) Page 1 39
36   TSA OASIS RFP Section 5.2.4 EDB       This offeror assumes that the “Code (in Digital            Your assumption is correct. Code in digital format
     Platform Application Development      Format)” deliverable should be included in these work      should be included in these work packages.
     Work Package page 145 – 1 46          packages. Please confirm.

     TSA OASIS RFP Section 5.3.4
     HTMLDB Platform Work Package
     page 147 – 148
37   TSA OASIS RFP A0001 ,                 The list of deliverables and work products specified for   The information prov ided in Attachment 8 is correct.
     Attachment 8 Work Order #3,           the work package in Attachment 8 are different from
     Section 5.1 .4. Pages 3-4, and        the list provided in the Deliverable and Labor
     Deliverable and Labor Resources       Resources Spreadsheet for the same work package. We
     Microsoft Excel Spreadsheet for       assume the information in Attachment 8 is correct.
     TTACRTS                               Please confirm.

                                                                                                Page 7
     OASIS RFP HSTS03-07-R-CIO209
     Amendment A00003
     Attachment A

 #               Reference                                  Offeror Question                                              Response
38   TSA OASIS RFP A0001 ,                As noted in Section 5.1 .1, a primary piece of the        Your assumption is incorrect. Only the COTS software
     Attachment 7 , Work Order #2         SecureFlight COTS package is Bladeworks technology        packages will be GFE.
     Sections 5.1 .1 Background page 2,   from the InfoGlide Services Corporation. The InfoGlide
     Section 6 Government Furnished       Bladeworks and AdvancePoint2 products are listed in
     Equipment page 10, and Appendix      Appendix A as components of the Current TTAC
     A: Current TTAC Sy stem Hardware     Sy stem Hardware and Software Env ironments which
     & Software Env ironments page 23     will be GFE. To date, in addition to the products
     - 24                                 themselves, InfoGlide has prov ided development and
                                          implementation serv ices, enhancements, and support
                                          for the SecureFlight program and maintained a key role
                                          in SecureFlight application development. This Offeror
                                          assumes that these services are also GFE in addition to
                                          the products. Please confirm.
39   Attachment 3, TSA SDLC               The referenced section does not contain the referenced    Yes, Appendix C of the TSA SDLC will be prov ided v ia
                                          Appendix C. Can this be prov ided?                        the TSA website for OASIS. Appendix C will be
                                                                                                    av ailable at

                                                                                              Page 8

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