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									     Girl Scouts of Minnesota and Wisconsin
     River Valleys 2011 Troop Cookie Manager
                 Training Session

Cookies Now! is open for busine

Basics and Benefits of
     Cookies Now!
•Fast, easy and fun!
•Girls go door-to-door with
cookies in hand starting
Cookie Go Day!
•Time-saver for girls,
families and troops with
order and delivery in one
•Instant cookie
gratification for customers
so they buy more
•Program shortened to seven
                    first steps…
•Receive log-in (email address) and
password for eBudde from service unit
cookie manager
•Utilize learning opportunities (see Cookie
eVIP) to become familiar with the system
•Edit Contacts and Settings tabs to update
•Enter girl information in Girls tab
•Have eBudde questions? Service Unit
Cookie Manager is your first resource
                       Initial Inventory
      Recommend that troops order Order
                                  100% of their
     2010 initial order (based on PGA). They need
                 strong to meet demand!
Importance of a cookies troop Initial Inventory:
•Learned from pilot and other councils a strong
Initial Inventory Order is important to the troop’s
•Girls need cookies to meet customer demand when
going door-to-door
•Fewer trips to Cookie Cupboards for troop
•Helps River Valleys Cookie Cupboard system run
•Initial Inventory Award item: Sparkling heart key
ring for each girl in the troop with 100% order of
the 2010 initial order (based on per girl average)
 Initial Inventory
How do troops establish the
    Initial Inventory?
•Discuss goal setting in
December/early January: Girl
goals and troop goals
•Use PURL from River Valleys-
guidance for new troops and
2010 data for returning
troops. Example provided in
Cookie eVIP training
•Troops can order cookies for
Cookie Booths on the Initial
Inventory Order
•Remember, Cookie Cupboards
are available if troops
exhaust their Initial
      Cookie Delivery
•Cookie Delivery: site delivery
or trailer/warehouse-which type
of delivery is our service unit
participating in?
•How many cases of cookies will
fit in a vehicle? See
recommendations in your Troop
Cookie Manager Guidebook
•On Delivery Day-bring Delivery
Confirmation printed from the
Delivery tab of eBudde
•Verify case count of each
variety received
•Any issues? Contact
within 24 hours of the delivery
•After cookie delivery pick up,
cookies will be transitioned to
girl’s and their families ASAP
•For example: A girl with a goal of
150 packages will have just over 12
cases of cookies in her home
•Verify cookie count with
family/provide receipt
•Girl goes door-to-door with cookies
in hand
•Need additional cookies? Establish
a set day/time when additional
orders must be received and
establish a set day/time when the
cookies will be available for pick
up by families
Council cookie cupboards:
•Multiple metro locations plus Redwood Falls,
Rochester, Jackson
•Set days/hours of operation-including evening and
weekend availability
•Troops place pending order in eBudde-pick up next
open day
•Watch for information on placing pending orders to
Cookie Cupboards in the Smart Cookie
Non metro accepted unit cookie cupboards:
•Walk-in’s service
River Valleys has notified service unit’s
that will be participating in this model.
Service Unit Cookie Managers will have
additional information for you if your troop
utilizes this model
 Troops may return or exchange full, unopened
    cases of cookies to a Cookie Cupboard:
•Two days ONLY:   February 21-22
•Troops can return to any Council Cookie
Cupboard or their designated Non-metro service
unit cookie cupboard only
•Transaction will appear in eBudde
•Cookie cases must be in good condition to
return or exchange
•Watch for more information on Cookie Comeback
Days in the Smart Cookie
•Service Unit Cookie Managers are able to
transfer cookies from troop to troop within the
service unit
•Notify when you have surplus packages/cases
or need additional packages/cases
•No payment for cookies is exchanged-cookies
are transferred in eBudde in the Transactions
•Troop that receives the surplus packages also
receives the proceeds and is responsible for
amount due in council proceeds
  Review information in Cookie
  eVIP and in the Troop Cookie
        Manager Guidebook
•Weekly deposits by troops are
encouraged in the troop and
River Valleys Wells Fargo
• Troop Deposit Estimator Tool
available to estimate dollar
amounts for each account
•Drawings for on-time deposits
for troops! Chances to win FREE
troop camp experiences in 2011
or cookie costumes! See Troop
Cookie Manager Guidebook for
•To make final council proceeds deposit-use
Troop Sales Report in eBudde for accurate end-
of-program amounts
•Verify all deposits have posted, reflecting 0
balance in eBudde
•Complete Product/Money Problem Reports as
necessary for issues such as damaged product,
non-payment from families, NSF checks, etc.
•Product/Money Problem Report found on the
Cookie Resources page at
•Email or mail copy of Product/Money Problem
Report to person responsible for money plus,
email a copy to the service unit cookie manager
and email a copy to
• What is a Cookie Rally?
•Girls can sample cookies ,
view the award and
recognition examples and get
pumped up about Cookies Now!
•Watch for more information
from your service unit cookie
manager if your service unit
is holding a Cookie Rally            We can kick off
                                    Cookies Now! with
 *Girls who participate in cookie
    rallies on average sell an             fun
                                    … starting
   additional 38 packages each!

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