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					                Plant Maintenance
                  SAPbiz Update

July 14, 2004         M. Damian/R. Romanowicz   1
Background and Terminology
Phase 1 Scope Statement
Project Leadership
Collaboration and Contributors
Project Timeline
Go Live Schedule
Phase 2
Early Lessons Learned

July 14, 2004             M. Damian/R. Romanowicz   2
                     Plant Maintenance
SAP Plant Maintenance automates the process of performing
facility repair and maintenance requests.

For example, SAP records a problem that is reported, labor
and materials are planned, costs are recorded, and then costs
are settled.

Preventive maintenance includes the planning and
scheduling of routine maintenance including any special
instructions for performing the upkeep.

Facilities uses a software application called Maximo for their
repair and preventive maintenance requests.

July 14, 2004              M. Damian/R. Romanowicz               3
                        Phase 1
Implement SAP Plant Maintenance corrective and
preventive maintenance to Facilities Repair and
Maintenance operation.

Implementation will include the submission,
management, and planning of work orders,
cataloguing and processing preventive
maintenance plans, and confirmation of workers’

July 14, 2004        M. Damian/R. Romanowicz      4
                Phase 1 – Project Mgmt.
Project Sponsors
Wayne Turner – IST Admin. Comp. Director
James Wallace – Facilities Director of Operations

Project Leaders
Mark Damian – IST Admin. Comp. Logistics Group Leader
David McCormick – Facilities Asst. Director of Operations

Project Manager
Robert Romanowicz – IST Admin. Comp. Logistics,
   Sr. Business Analyst

July 14, 2004              M. Damian/R. Romanowicz          5
                 Phase 1 – Project Team
Core Team Members
Greg Billington – CAO
Eugene Hurley - DoF       Bernard Richard – DoF
Joe McWeeney - DoF        Michael Sherman - DoF
Bruce Miller – Consultant Lisa St. Croix - DoF

Extended Team Members
Timothy Boyden – DoF Sharron Sawyer – Admin. Comp.
Jennifer Lynch – DoF  Gus Thomas – DoF
Randall Preston - DoF Elda Prudden – Admin. Comp.

Gill Emmons – CAO          Tammy Doyle - DoF
Elena Zhitnikov – IS&T     Mark Prudden – Admin. Comp.
Irina Vainstock – IS&T     Kevin Lyons – Admin. Comp.
Allan Davidson – Admin. Comp. Esther Yanow – IS&T
Nancy Gift – Admin. Comp. Ruth Davis - DoF

July 14, 2004              M. Damian/R. Romanowicz       6
                                PM Project Plan Time Line
9/03   10/03     11/03   12/03        1/04       2/04        3/04             4/04        5/04           6/04         7/04           8/04
                         Project Kickoff
       Discovery Phase                                                Implementation Phase
                                              Team                                                                   Today
                                           Organization                                                              7/14/04

                                                          Identify Business

                                                            System Configuration

                                                                              - ABAP Program
                                                                              - Web Interface
                                                                              - GUIXT
                                                                              - Load Programs

                                                                                     System Test

                                                                                           Training Preparation



                                                                                                                                     Go Live
   July 14, 2004                             M. Damian/R. Romanowicz                                                             7
                                System Test
•      Test Plan was developed by QA
•      Core Team Developed Test Scripts
      – 57 Unit Test Cases
      – 6 Integrated Test Scripts –
            •      Beginning to end business processes
•         Test Execution
      –         Test Cases – 2 weeks
      –         Integrated Test Scenarios – 1 week
•         Test Issue Database
      –         Record, Prioritize, Communicate and Track

July 14, 2004                    M. Damian/R. Romanowicz    8
                        Test Issues
•      Issue Tracking
       - 45 Issues recorded
       - 2 Resolutions in process concerning MIT’s Detail
       Transaction Report and the Summary Statement
•      Issue Resolution and Re-test
      – Core Team researched issues
      – Resolution Team formed
      – Options formed and presented
      – Decision made
      – Resolution in SF5 for unit testing

July 14, 2004           M. Damian/R. Romanowicz             9
                      Go Live Planning

Developed 2 detailed plans outside of our normal project

One plan covered day-to-day go live activities from 6/29
through 7/18.

Another plan covered hour-to-hour go live activities from
7/19 – 7/21.

July 14, 2004              M. Damian/R. Romanowicz          10
                 Go Live Schedule

Most transports moved to Production June 17
Master Data entry began June 18
Remaining 2 issues being tested by CAO
Maximo user ID’s disabled July 20 3:00 PM
Maximo extracts July 20 4:45 PM
SAP cutover activity July 20 6:00 PM – 12:00 AM
Production use July 21 5:00 AM

July 14, 2004        M. Damian/R. Romanowicz      11
                 Risk and Mitigation

Primary Risk
Extract of open Maximo orders and load of
resulting open SAP work orders

Perform full test extract and run in SF5 for

Perform load in Production by 7/16 but execute it
in test mode

July 14, 2004          M. Damian/R. Romanowicz      12
                     Contingency Plan
Second Attempt
Reload open orders and validate 12:00 AM – 5:00 AM
Continue with Go Live Schedule

Fall Back Plan
If unsuccessful, begin enabling Maximo user ID’s.
Communicate to Facilities delay in go live date.

Contingency planning meeting later today will decide
whether we would go live in SAP with new work only and
process open orders in Maximo should the open order load

July 14, 2004             M. Damian/R. Romanowicz          13
                        Support Model

Shared Support Model

Facilities Information Technology Support to take Tier 1

Facilities Applications and Network Services to take Tier 2

Administrative Computing to take Tier 3 calls

Service Level Agreement is being developed with the
Department of Facilities

July 14, 2004              M. Damian/R. Romanowicz            14
•      Training Responsibility
      – Shared responsibility between IS&T and Facilities.
      – Web Demos to MIT Community – IS&T
      – SAP Navigation – IS&T
      – SAP Plant Maintenance - Facilities
         • Trades Personnel – 43 people, 2.5 hrs
         • Administration and Support – 32 people, 4 hrs
         • DDEC (design and construction services) – 31
             people, 2.5 hrs
•      Training Delivery 6/29 – 8/4

July 14, 2004          M. Damian/R. Romanowicz               15
Plant Maintenance will have little impact on the general MIT
community. Heavy use will be limited to Facilities.

• Presented at the Facilities Supervisor and Support Staff
meeting 6/8
• Presented at the Facilities Local Area Meeting 6/11
• SAPweb announcement
• Facilities web page announcement
• SAPbiz Meeting 7/14
• Briefing and demonstration for the Computing Help Desk
on 7/20
• Email and Accounting Statement Announcements

July 14, 2004              M. Damian/R. Romanowicz             16
                               Phase 2

Phase 1 enhancements
Department of Housing
Facilities Central Utilities Plant
Facilities Custodial and Grounds
EHS Integration
Facilities Back Up System
Data Warehouse integration

Planning to begin immediately after Phase 1 stabilization

Estimated beginning October 2004

July 14, 2004               M. Damian/R. Romanowicz         17
                  Early Lessons Learned

Involve as many disciplines as possible early in the project.

There is no such thing as too much communication.

As we use more of SAP, we increase the likelihood of
impacting other modules and invalidating previous

Changing custom reports as a way to address issues isn’t
always the best overall answer. Depending on the issue, we
may need to rethink how we implemented solutions.

July 14, 2004               M. Damian/R. Romanowicz             18
                Questions & Answers


Mark Damian
Extension 8-0737

Robert Romanowicz
Extension 2-3131

July 14, 2004       M. Damian/R. Romanowicz   19

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