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									                           Appointments Committee Minutes
                                   August 24, 2009

Committee Members Present:
Elaine Lauterborn, Chair
Steve Hervey
Sandra Keans
Ray Lundborn

Committee Member Absent:
Ralph Torr

Elaine Lauterborn called the meeting to order at 6:30 p.m. on August 24, 2009.

Kyle Davis Jones – Selectman, Ward 4
Kyle Jones is a young man with a sincere interest in politics and in serving his
community. He moved to Rochester with his family in 2008. He registered to vote
immediately upon turning 18 this summer. Kyle is employed in Rochester and he
expects to be a resident here for the long term.

Dean Clegg – Selectman, Ward 4
Dean Clegg is self-employed in the events production business. He learned about this
open position from a relative who is a city employee. Dean expressed an interest in
serving the community. He would be able to arrange his business schedule so as to be
free on election days.

Christine Hamann – Selectman, Ward 4
Christine Hamann has been working the election in Ward 4 for a number of years. She
has served as a Ballot Clerk. In that capacity Christine has filled in for many of the
different positions as needed, including that of Selectman.

Recommendation: The Appointments Committee, although confident that any of these
volunteers would be able to fulfill the responsibilities of Selectman, unanimously
recommends that the Council appoint Christine Hamann for the open Ward 4 Selectman
position. Mrs. Hamann’s experience working at the polls is the reason for this
recommendation. We encourage the other candidates to volunteer at the Ward 4 polls, as
needed, in order to ensure that this is a responsibility that they would like to commit to in
a multi-year position such as Selectman. The term of this open position expires in
January 2012 and would next be on the ballot as a 6-year term in the 2011 municipal
Paul Dolnier – Utility Advisory Board
Paul Dolnier returned to Rochester with his family in 2007 after spending about 10 years
working in Florida. He has a Master’s degree in Taxation and is a certified tax
accountant. Mr. Dolnier is self-employed with an office in downtown Rochester as a
business consultant. He assists businesses, both new and existing, in the development of
business plans. Paul expressed an interest in serving Rochester either as a member of the
Rochester Economic Development Commission or on the Utility Advisory Board.
Because of his taxation background, the Appointments Committee unanimously
recommends that Paul Dolnier be appointed to the vacant UAB position, term to expire in
January 2010.

                                            Respectfully submitted,

                                            Elaine Lauterborn
                                            Chair, Appointments Committee

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