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									                 Three Traits Responsible for Making Good Designs

        Almost everywhere we can see some really amazing custom logo designs. A few could be
quite simple while some might be enriched and complicated to understand at first instance. At
times it happens that some designs look as if a kid has prepared them. Have you ever been
surprised why some of the patterns of logos could be easily remembered from the rest but there
are some which are difficult to be remembered? There basically are three common traits which
designs share. These traits could work in an appropriate way to help make it a success. So let us
discuss which three traits we are talking about.

Description- For instance, your business is engaged in the production of perfumes and scents,
probably what image would be the best to denote it in terms of pictures? How about using an
exotic flower in the design which is a major hint to the customers to easily recollect or remember
your pattern? Perhaps, your firm’s identity would appear in their minds, abruptly It is important
that the trademark’s pattern can be easily described so that potential customers give a positive
response to it. Given that you already own a trademark then you could try experimenting this tip
and evaluate how it does for you and your company.

Colors- Plain or the simple boring match of dull colors! What do you think it would be capable
of? Definitely, it would not impress people at any cost. However this does not mean that any or
every color could be used. Colors make it easy to remember things. Just the way we remember
objects better with the colors they have in the similar method, the hue used by you in trademark
would make an impression accordingly. As well try ensuring that too many colors at the same
time are not used or else it would give a messy look.

Scalability- It might be a surprise for some but is true that it makes a lot of difference. A custom
logo design that could be scaled or resized and yet looks equally good is a good bet!

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