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ORDER FORM Open order


ORDER FORM Open order

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									                                                     “Open Ear” or “Open Fit” type hearing products have taken a priority position
                                                     in today’s market because of what they have to offer. According to the NATIONAL
                                                     HEARING INDUSTRIES ASSOCIATION, behind-the-ear type fittings (such as OPEN
                                                     EAR) now make up 42.8% of all fittings performed in the first half of 2006, up
                                                     from less than 16% before 2001. (Hearing Review, Aug. 2006.)
Consumers have reacted very positively to them because they are easy to use, there is no
bothersome occlusion when they are worn with OPEN TIPS and they are cosmetically
acceptable. Unlike many of the other units on the market, E.A.R., Inc. has taken access
to the current technology and provided a memory circuit designed to compress loud
sounds such as WIND NOISE or GUNFIRE when CLOSED tips are attached. In other
words, the Open EAR–D has been designed to be MULTIFUNCTIONAL and can be
purchased for considerably less than most conventional hearing aids.
Audiograms from board-licensed providers can be accepted with orders. All orders come with
30-day return privilege and 1-yr. warranty.
For complete details, see: www.openE-A-R.com or www.earinc.com.

                                                           ORDER FORM
Please fill out below and return to E.A.R., Inc. , P Box 18888, Boulder, Colorado 80308 U.S.A. with appropriate payment.
Fax: 303-447-2637. Phone: 303-447-2619 or 1-800-525-2690. Email: info@earinc.com.

SHIPPING ADDRESS                                                         BILLING ADDRESS FOR CREDIT CARD:                              Same as Shipping
                                                                                                                                       Address (left)
Name:                                                                    Name:

Address:                                          APT:                   Address:                                               APT:

City                                   State/Prov.                       City                                        State/Prov.

Postal Code                            Country:                          Postal Code                                 Country:

Phone Number: (Including Area Code:)                                     Phone Number: (Including Area Code:)


 Check Number
   Credit Card:      VISA        MASTERCARD               AMERICAN EXPRESS
Name on Card:                                                            Number:

Expiration:                                                              Security Code (If Applicable)

  QUANTITY         DESCRIPTION                                                                           COST EACH                 SUBTOTAL

                   Set/s of OPEN EAR-D™ Each set includes 2 Open Ear-D™                                  Please call
                   instruments, 2 sets of Open and Closed Tips, Instructions, Batteries,                 1-800-525-2690 or
                   Cleaning Tool, Carrying Case, 1 year warranty.                                        email info@ear.com
                                                                                                         for pricing
                   Color/Pattern       New Penny Bronze (Standard)
                      Electric Blue       Canyon Red          Vanity Pink        Sunburst Yellow
                      Fog Gray            Aspen White         Mocha Brown        Salt and Pepper
                       Carbon Fiber      American Flag       Tiger Eye        Camouflage
                   If no choice is made, units will be delivered in New Penny Bronze.
                   Extra Tips
                     Open Tips         Size:      Small       Medium             Large                   $5.00 per set
                     Closed Tips       Size:      Small       Medium             Large                   $5.00 per set
                   Insured Shipping                                                                      U.S:$15.00
                                                                                                         Outside U.S:$40.00
                   Tax: Colorado residents add 2.9% sales tax.


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