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									            GOTTESMAN COMPANY & Cooperating Intermediaries                                              Seller Profile

       New York ~ California                                                                        Mergers & Acquisitions
                                               Acquisition Opportunity

                         Manufacturer of Precision Machined Parts

Business Description:
A Massachusetts based S Corporation, this company is a full service manufacturer and assembler of precision
machined components. Established in the early 90’s the company features state of the art CNC machining
technology, cad/cam services, prototyping, production support, and sub component and product assembly.
Stringent quality standards and a unique proactive approach to customer service have earned th e company a
reputation as a superior supplier in a variety of industries including medical, aerospace, and instrumentation. The
company, which started as a single acquisition has grown to over $8 million, 40+ employees, and an asset base of
over $5 million and an open order backlog in excess of over $2 million.

       Customer base is divers ely spread across many high growth industries.
       Negligible customer concentration.
       State-of–the-art CNC machining technology, with original cost in excess of $4 million.
       Currently ISO 9001: 2000 and ISO 13485: 2003 Standards Compliant
       Low employee turnover.
       Currently operates at 50 to 60% capacity.
       Utilizes a variety of sophisticated, state of the art systems that allows it to plan and track production, and
        foster a cost effective bottom line.
       Revenues have remained steady at $8 million plus for 2005, 2006, and 2007.
       EBITDA has average $1.3 million over the same three-year period.
       New target markets are under development.
       Heavy concentration in Medical and Defense markets

                                                      Financial Summary ($MM)

                                           2008 Est.              2007                2006                  2005
           Revenue                            ~$8.5               $8.5                 $8.3                  $8.4
           Adjusted EBITDA                    ~$1.4              $1.453               $1.284               $1.231

                                                      Other Highlights
                                   Type of            Management           Years in            Other (e.g. reason for
                                 Financials           Team in Place        Business                    sale)
           Massachusetts          Compiled                Yes.                 16                   Retirement

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                                                 Gottesman Company

                                              Refer to: S-287-4 OB EAG

                                     Tel: 212-570-0700           Fax: 212-734-2511

                                   E-mail: office@gottesman-company.com

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