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 Samsung NX100 system camera review
By Dennis Hissink

 Samsung NX100 system camera review : The Samsung NX100 is a newcomer in the popular
 segment of system cameras . This is a collective term for a group of cameras from different
 manufacturers but with a common denominator: the lack of a mirror. It is a so-called ‘mirror-less’ system,
 or as Samsung prefers, a compact system camera. The Samsung NX100 is a remarkably designed
 camera with relatively small dimensions and an average low weight. Although the true innovation is not
 found inside the camera, but rather in the lens. Samsung introduces the i-Fn lens with the Samsung

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Samsung camera review : Samsung NX100
Photography with a digital camera will be easy for most consumers. Still, pleasure in
photography often depends on a clearly laid out and user-friendly interface. Samsung has thought up
something new for the NX100, the i-Function lens. To be honest, when we first heard about it, we
were a bit skeptical. Why is it so complicated, why a new system? But once we went out with the
Samsung NX100, we were quickly convinced. The so-called i-Function is very easy to use and offers
all the convenience that you could hope for.

Camera review : Samsung kit lens
The standard kit lens (20-50mm F3.5-5.6) does not have a stabilization system. The Samsung
NX100 also does not have a stabilization system built in, making photography without flash difficult in
low-light situations. Samsung’s roadmap shows that we can soon expect new lenses in which
stabilization will undoubtedly play a role.
Samsung camera review
The Samsung NX100 is Samsung’s answer to the different models that some of the competition
have recently introduced in a relatively short amount of time. The division of system camera market
shares is still open and it can apparently still go in any direction. It is notable that Canon and
Nikon, the two biggest DSLR manufacturers, do not seem to be waging the introduction of a system
camera shortly. We tested the Samsung NX100 thoroughly in practice and in the DIWA Lab. The
technical end results and the practical experience form a balanced conclusion. Our findings can be
read in the following Samsung camera review.

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