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					                                                                                  Contact us at:
                                                                                    or by mail:
                                                                           IndyGo Customer Service
                           IndyGo Open Door                                          Center
                                                                                 PO Box 441689
                               Pass Form                                     Indianapolis, IN 46244

Order in person, by mail, phone or internet. New pricing effective January 1, 2009. Purchase your
                           passes with cash, check, Visa or Mastercard.

Order in person:                                Order by mail:
IndyGo Customer Service Center                  IndyGo Customer Service Center
City Market                                     PO Box 441689
222 E. Market St.                               Indianapolis, IN 46244
Indianapolis, IN 46204

Order by Phone: (317) 635-3344                  Order by Internet:

IndyGo Open Door passes are now available as an individual pass. They are $3.50 per pass.
This gives you the freedom to buy as many passes as needed. Exact fare is required on the bus.
Driver cannot make change.

Ordering Open Door passes by mail is as easy as 1-2-3!

   1. Tell us how many passes you need. Please send me ________ pass(es) of Open Door at
      the price of $3.50 per pass.

         Passes        Total cost       Passes        Total Cost      Passes   Ticket Cost
           1             $3.50            20           $70.00           50       $175.00
           5            $17.50            25           $87.50           60       $210.00
           10           $35.00            30           $105.00          70       $245.00
           15           $52.50            40           $140.00          80       $280.00
**Remember you can buy as many individual passes as you would like.

   2. Tell us where to mail the passes:

Name:______________________ Phone Number:_________________________


City:____________________ State:_________________ Zip:________________

   3. Tell us your preferred payment:

            I have enclosed a check or money order.
            I wish to pay by credit card. (Visa or Mastercard)

       Credit Card number: _______-_______-_______-_______ Exp. Date: _______

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