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									Danielcode FAQ’s

Why do the trade signals disappear when the “Account Value” and “Risk %” are empty the
trade signals disappear?

The Danielcode Trade Program requires that you enter your account value and the amount of risk
that you are willing to take in the market. These values calculate the amount of contracts you
should take and the amount of risk that your account would have in the market.

Once you enter these values the Danielcode Trade program will remember these values for the
next day when you bring up the program again.

What time are the signals available?

The signals are available once John Needham has posted them on the Danielcode website. The
earliest the signals will be available is 5 PM US Mountain Time but could be as late as 7:30 PM

Why do I receive a message “Trade signals have expired”?

The signals will be available until 10:30 AM MST the following morning after signals are posted.
Once this time arrives, you will see the message “Trade Signals have expired”. We recommend
you get your simulated orders in as soon as possible so that you do not miss the market move. If
you wait until midnight, EST, you will notice that you missed a lot of signals on most days.

Why did I not get filled at the 1st Target price when submitting 1 contract?

The 1st Target price has been designed to exit half of the position that you submitted for your
entry. Since 1 contract cannot be split in half it will not execute the 1st target. However the Trade
Program was designed to execute the Break Even Stop once the 1st Target price has been met.

Where can I find the trades listed in the Trade Navigator?

The trades will be listed under the “TradeSense Orders” button located in the Trade Console.
This will list all of the connected orders that are part of the group. You will also see orders under
the “Open Orders” window in the Trade Consol. This will list all of the orders that have been
submitted and waiting to be filled. Once the order has been filled the order will be moved to the
“Positions” window.

How do I manually exit the trades?

Once the signals have been submitted from the Danielcode Trade Program the trades cannot be
managed through manual trades. Since the Danielcode Trade Program was designed to
automate the Danielcode methodology it is treated separately and any trades that have been
submitted manually will enter you into a new position. If you need to flatten, please ensure you
cancel the entire Danielcode order group and then close out all positions from within the trade

What happened to my other order group?

Any two or more submitted order groups which are on the same account symbol and submitted in
the same trading session are OCO’d. That means once one order group has a fill, the other order
groups of the same Symbol, account and submitted in the same trading session will be
cancelled. If the order group is submitted a different session, they will not be cancelled and both
order groups can remain working. This is by design.
Why did my TradeSense Order Group not submit?

An order group can only be submitted while connected to streaming. If you submit an order
group and disconnect from streaming, the order group will park or cancel depending on what you
choose. If you are not there to choose, it will assume park and park itself after the timeout time.

Where do the TradeSense Order groups reside, my computer or broker’s server?

TradeSense Order groups are largely TradeSense based. That means it requires a TradeSense
engine to check conditions and react with the appropriate order management. If you are not
connected to streaming, they will not work. If you are not connected to your broker and you are
using them for live trading, they will not work. This is because Broker’s and the exchanges do not
have the TradeSense engine built into their servers. However, if a STOP or LIMIT order is
submitted to the exchange via the broker API, and then you are disconnected after, those orders
will remain working at the exchange unless you purposefully disconnect and tell Trade Navigator
to cancel or park those orders.

When should the TradeSense order group disappear from the “TradeSense Orders”

If a submitted TradeSense Order group has only exits left and all positions are flat according to
the order group, then the exit orders will cancel and the order group will be removed
automatically. It will consider that group as completed through its trade cycle.

GENIE got me into GBP-CHF last session. Why does the TradeSense panel for FOREX has
"Invalid Price" or "Cancelled" notations? 

The S&R orders are "canceled" because we are now into the second day. The "Invalid Price"
notation means that the price is not valid to fill that order. If the price rises to the stop level then
the price becomes valid and the order will fill.

I entered my orders in Genie and "Submitted" they appeared in the "Open Order " window
but they are not colored red or green only black. Is this normal?

All “TradeSense” orders are shown in a black font.

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