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									                                                THE FEDERATION OF
                                           FAMILY HISTORY SOCIETIES
                                                 Registered Charity No 1038721 Company No 2930189 (England)

                                                                                     Finance Officer: David Williams
                                                                                                           Red Court
                                                                                                Woodland Rise, Seal
                                                                                                      Kent TN15 0JB
                                                                                                        01732 764068

                                                                                                     23 November 2006

To the Treasurers (or equivalent) of all UK member societies

Dear Treasurer (or equivalent)

2007 Subscription and Insurance Renewal
I attach a pro-forma invoice for the annual membership subscription and insurance premiums which you
arrange through the Federation of Family History Societies (“the Federation”), due for renewal on 1 January
2007. Could you please complete the pro-forma invoice and return it to me at the above address together
with the list of assets and your remittance as soon as possible after receipt of this letter? This will avoid
additional expense to the Federation and ensure insurance cover is arranged at the due time. The pro-forma
invoice includes your society‟s 2006 insurance declarations and amendments to those figures for 2007 should be
entered as appropriate in the fields provided.
The annual „per capita‟ subscriptions to the Federation for 2007 remains at 30p. Family memberships are
considered as one 30p subscription. Membership should be taken as at the last day of your last financial year
prior to 1 January 2007 with a minimum subscription due of £30 and a maximum of £600.
The parties being insured are the Federation, its member societies, their subsidiaries (if any) and their members.
As in previous years, the cover arranged through the Federation consists of three parts. The first, Public
Liability, comes with membership of the Federation and there is no additional premium to pay. The second and
third (Personal Accident and Assets) are optional and if you take them out the appropriate premium is payable
through the Federation. In addition, our Brokers (Sayer Powell & Co Limited, whose details are given in the
appendix) can provide a number of optional add-ons for you (such as employers‟ liability and trustees‟ liability).
Again, details are given in the attached appendix. For these you should deal directly with our Brokers and make
any additional premium payments direct to them. We believe that, overall, these arrangements represent
exceptional value for money for our member societies.
The standard cover is as follows:
1) Public Liability. This insurance is a general cover intended as a safeguard in the event of a claim being made
against a society or its officers by a third party and covers claims made against a society for death or bodily
injury to persons or damages to property for which the society is legally liable. The limit of Indemnity is £2mn.
Societies should advise our Brokers immediately of any incident that might give rise to a claim and under no
circumstances admit or accept liability.

aedc60b7-dfd2-40f5-a31d-71cddfb3aab4.doc                                                                      22/12/2010
                           Registered Office: Artillery House, 15 Byrom Street, Manchester M3 4PF
Basic cover is provided to all fully paid up UK member societies by the Federation free of charge and relates to
normal society meetings and activities. Societies hiring halls under a lease or letting agreement may require
extra cover or evidence of cover. Details of optional extra cover and appropriate evidence can be obtained from
our Brokers. There is no age limit on the officers or members of your society whose action might lead to a
claim being made.
2) Personal Accident. This insurance provides cover for the risk of personal injury and is direct and specific to
fully paid-up registered individual members of a society aged between 16 and 75 (up to a member‟s 76 th
birthday) whilst taking part in a society meeting or activity. Insurers will not waive this age restriction. You
should note that it does not cover non-members, helpers, assistants or guest speakers/lecturers. If you feel that
such people should be covered you should either take out additional insurance (see appendix) or make them
temporary or honorary members of your society, possibly with a time limit. They would not have to be paid-up
members if you made this clear in your rules.
The premium rate remains as last year at the standard rate of £10.80 per annum per £5,000 unit of cover and you
can decide upon the number of units (level of cover), if any, you wish to have, up to 10 units.
3) Assets. Cover remains this year at the rate of £11.50 per £1,000 of cover for all categories of assets and
subject to an excess of £50 per claim on all equipment with the exception of publications and microfiche. A
recent copy of your societies' asset register or a full copy of assets required to be covered, subdivided into three
categories 1) publications including library books, microfiche, CD‟s etc. 2) computers and 3) all other
equipment will need to be attached to the pro-forma invoice. Assets must be insured on a new for old basis.
Cash is not covered under the basic package but optional cover can be arranged under certain circumstances.
If you make substantial additions to the assets which you require to be covered during the year, you should
immediately send details to me. These should include date from which cover is required, cost and nature of the
asset. In most cases a prorata premium for the rest of the year will be payable, through the Federation. If assets
are acquired towards the end of the year, I may ask for the additional premium to be carried forward and paid
with your following year‟s remittance.
The Federation regrets that it is unable to act as an intermediary in the collection of additional optional
premiums and societies taking out any or all of the specified endorsements and/or additional policies shown at
extra cost must make arrangements direct with the Brokers.
More details of insurance matters are contained in Bulletins which have been issued by our Brokers and sent to
societies where they have contact details. A list is given in the appendix. Summaries of these available on the
Federation web site under
I would appreciate your early attention to these matters ensuring the returns are made as quickly as possible in
advance of the 1 January 2007 deadline for insurance renewal. I am available for help and advice, at any
reasonable time, so please feel free to contact me, preferably by email, or contact our Brokers directly.
Following receipt of your subscription and insurance premiums a receipt confirming your basic insurance cover
will be forwarded to you.

Yours sincerely

David Williams
Finance Officer
The following additional cover and insurance policies are available from Sayer Powell & Co Limited. Please
contact them and settle any additional premium payments directly with them. Because of the large base cover
provided by the general policies, you should note that these optional covers are usually provided at a
considerably lower rate than any other competitive quote.
Public Liability – standard endorsements
Endorsement 1
This endorsement will cater for organisations hiring halls where the hirer requires an increased limit indemnity
of £5,000,000
Endorsement 2
When the insured needs cover for contractual liability
Endorsement 3
This will provide similar cover to endorsement 1 but change the wording to include contents.
Endorsement 4
This will embrace the cover for endorsements 1 and 2 and extend cover under the liability section to include
helpers etc, in accordance with the following clause:
“At the request of the insured the company will treat as a member a temporary member, helper or assistant in
respect of legal liability as defined during the period of the following event……..”
Employers Liability Insurance
It is a legal requirement that societies‟ employing staff on a full or part time basis must have Employee Liability
Directors and Officers Insurance
The Federation and a number of member societies have taken out Directors‟ and Officers‟/Trustees‟ liability
policies. These provide indemnity against a wrongful act of a Director, Officer or Trustee in carrying out their
society duties.
With the increasing use of the Internet, and also its misuse, societies may wish to consider cyber liability cover
which is outside of the public liability cover which our brokers arrange. This is a relatively new form of cover
and a new policy form has been created for it. Other policies available include buildings and contents, business
interruption, books debts, money, documents in transit, glass, cancellation, professional indemnity, legal
expenses and protection of intellectual property.
Care has been taken in the preparation of details and notes, which are not all-embracing. Further professional
advice can be obtained from our brokers direct.
Brokers’ bulletins
Our brokers have issued the following bulletins in the last two years:
Public Liability                                          Special Events
Personal Accident                                         Directors‟ and Officers‟ Liability
Assets                                                    Cyber Liability
Professional Indemnity
Our Brokers are:
Messrs Sayer Powell Co Limited
8 The Square
Havant Road
Hants PO8 0DT
Contacts: John Lowe or Mike Powell
Tel: 023 9259 7462.    Fax: 023 9259 6463

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