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Warren Buffet - PowerPoint

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									Warren Buffet
 The 2nd richest man

      Presented by-:
        Mahek Dhoot
Money is nothing
Attitude is everything
  Born       August 30, 1930
  Age        78

 Place       Ohmaha , United

Occupation   Chairman & ceo

             Berkshire Hathaway

Net worth    Us $ 62 billion (2008)

Spouse       Susan buffett(1952-
             Astrid Menks (2006)
Children     Susie Buffett
             Howard Buffett
             Peter Buffet
 Age 6 – Peddled coke
Age 9 - Carrying golf clubs for $3 per day
Age 11- Bought his first stock
Age 13 - Sold used golf balls.
Age 13 - Carrier for Washington Post and 4
           other newspaper
Age 14 - Bought 40 acres of farmland and
           leased it out
Age 16 - Rented out used pinball machines
           making up to $50 a week.
He still lives in the
same small 3 bedroom
house in mid-town
Omaha , which he
bought after he got
married 50 years ago.
He says that he has
everything he needs…..
His company, Berkshire
Hathaway, owns 63
companies. He writes only
one letter each year to the
CEOs of these companies,
giving them goals for the
year. He never holds
meetings or calls them on
a regular basis.

                          Assign right work to right people
 He drives his own
car everywhere and
does not have a
driver or security
people around him.
He has given his CEO's only 2 rules.

1: Do not lose any of your share
   holder's money.
2: Do not forget rule number 1.
He never travels by
private jet, although
he owns the world's
largest private jet
He does not
socialize with the
high society
crowd. His past
time after he gets
home is to make
himself some pop
corn and watch
His advice to young people: Stay
         away from credit cards
  Avoid bank loans and invest in
A textile mill purchased in
1962 , Suffering from a
$2.2m loss at time of
purchase. Priced at
though it had $16.50/share
of working capital. Buffett
currently holds 38% of
shares, valued at total of
                 Little Diversification

Stocks = Business

Long term

 Oppose herd


Warren Buffet does
not carry a cell
phone, nor has a
computer on his
 Money  doesn't create man but it is the
  man who created money.
 Live your life as simple as you are.
 Don't do what others say, just listen to
 them, but do what you feel is good.
 Don't go on brand name; just wear those
 things in which u feel comfortable.
 Don't waste your money on unnecessary
 things; just spend on them who are really in
 need rather.
 After all it's your life then why give chance
 to others to rule our life."

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