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					                  GREENW ICH BOROUGH                                             GBNWA


                                                                                 Information Sheet

                                                                                 for Co-Ordinators

                            ASSOCIATION                                          Spring 2005

PUBLIC LIA BILITY INSURANCE                                             THE A.G.M.
The Association has arranged,
through       ANSVAR        Insurance     Our A.G.M. took p lace on Saturday, March 5. We were delighted to
Co mpany Limited, public liability        welcome more than 30 Registered Co-o rdinato rs, and 2 Guest Speakers.
insurance with effect fro m March 31,     Our new Boroug h Commander, Chief Superintendent Pe ter Lowton, gave an
2005. Individual watch schemes            update on the Step Change process. Three new Safer Ne ighbourhoods w ill
benefit fro m the cover, which has        be launched in May: Charlton, Woolwich Riverside and Eltham West,
relevance in       connection    with
                                          bringing the total to 8 across the Borough. Burg lary is currently 7% down
problems such as signs falling off
lamp-posts, and public meetings held      and autocrime 18% down. Murder and knife crime are also down. Chief
in locations which do not carry their     Superintendent Lowton highlighted that the Police recover MANY stolen
own cover. ** To be covered, signs        mobile phones; but cannot return them to their owners because they do not
must be erected with the lower edge       know who the owners are. (This is a subject we, at GBNWA, have
at not less than 2.1 metres above the     highlighted before: you can security-mark your mobile w ith your postcode
footway.                                  & house number; and/or register it at He also
                                          emphasised that he would like to improve feedback to the pub lic who
                                          report a crime. The Police have prioritised a “Basket o f 10” crimes, based
Thank you to everyone who has re-         on the British Crime Survey, which people most want to see addressed.
registered their Schemes over the last    The Police aim fo r a 20% reduction in those crimes over 3 years. A third of
year, giving us updated information       the crime targeted by the Basket of 10 is in fact criminal damage.
for our database. As part of our          If any Co -ord inator would like copies of the Summaries provided by Peter
commit ment to good housekeeping,         at the AGM, one a Summary of MPS objectives for London, and the o ther
this needs to be a regular process. For   containing maps of the Greenwich Safe r Ne ighbourhood Regions to date,
insurance purposes, the Association
                                          please call Nick Jo hnson (8284 5682) o r Jane Richards (8858 3452).
may be asked to confirm where street
signs are situated and which              Our second speaker, David Eaton, from LNWA, e xplained to us the
households within the Borough are         advantages and rules about becoming a charity. The meeting vo ted by an
covered by NW Schemes. We cannot          overw helming majority to modernise the Constitution and to apply to the
do this without your help.                Charities Commission to become a Charity.

    WELCOME TO 3 NEW                                               2005-2006 CO MMITTEE
                                                      Chair: Felix McLymont – St. Alfege Passage NWS
   SCHEMES – inaugurated
                                                        Vice-Chair: Richard Cains – Courtlands NWS
        since the AGM                                     Treasure r: Des Avery – Little Heath NWS
    Villacourt Road, SE18                          Secretary: Jane Richards – Kidbrooke Gro ve North NWS
    Liskeard Gardens, SE3                                       Committee Members at large:
                                                            To m Leathers – Sowerby Close NWS
      Brook Square, SE18                                    Ted Driscoll – Mayday Gardens NWS
                                                            Dave Brooker – Old Page Estate NWS
                                                                   Sue Mead – Weigall NWS
                                                              Annie Hart – Eastbrook Road NWS
                                                                 Pat Gillard – Heathway NWS
                                                        Constable Nick Johnson – NW Liaison Officer
                                                             Me lanie Gosse – G reenwich Council
                                                                     David Eaton - LNWA
The GBNWA is now linked to the Council’s Website in 2 places. The links are as follows:

eDisorde r
                  Thank you – On Behalf of Message in the Fridge

                       Thank you to all Co-ordinators who
                              publicised this Launch.
                   It took place at Waterfront Leisure Centre
                  on February 28, and was very well attended.
               GBNWA had its own stall there for the afternoon too,
                        promoting Neighbourhood Watch.
                 MITF bottles are available from Age Concern
                                   (8269 1622).
News updates
Changes since our last Newsletter
Middle    Park   &        Sutcliffe   (Safer
Neighbourhood Team):
Sgt. Jon Burrows, PCs Louise Smith &
Geoffrey Stocker
Shooters Hill: PC Cliff Graham                               OPEN FORUM PANELS
Co-Ordinators - please telephone your Sector
Team for updates from time to time (phone      The January round of Meetings were designed specifically
numbers given in our last edition).            for the purpose of consulting on the Crime & Disorder
                                               Reduction Strategy for 2005-2008, following completion of
PCSOs nominated as Sector Liaison Officers
                                               the audit of crime in Greenwich. A summary of the audit,
for NW Co-ordinators                           which is compulsory by law, concluded that drug and vehicle
                                               crime in Greenwich have both fallen; and Greenwich has
Certain PCSOs have now been selected to
take on the c ommunity role of maintaining     had the lowest level of street crime over the last 3 years,
contact with NW Co-ordinators in place of      compared to similar London Boroughs. The findings are
Sector Officers. This is an ongoing process,   available in booklet form entitled “What are the Facts about
but so far they are as follows:                Crime in Greenwich?” produced by Greenwich Council’s
Eltham Sector:                                 Community Safety Unit on behalf of the Crime and Disorder
PCSO 7136 Elizabeth Sturdy                     Reduction                Partnership              (“CDRP”)
PCSO 7145 Christopher Snell
PCSO 7112 James Bennett                        The January events were very informal, taking the form of a
Greenwich Sector:                              walk-round exhibition based on the crime statistics. There were
PCSO 7120 Sean Harvey
                                               then formal question and answer sessions for the last hour of
                                               each event. One display invited participants to “vote” for their
PCSO 7123 Sarah Lewis                          main crime        reduction priority. Participants voted
Thamesmead Sector:                             overwhelmingly, and by a large margin, in favour of reducing
PCSO 7104 Bob Lowther                          anti-social behaviour; followed at some distance, but equally,
                                               by burglary and car crime.
PCSO 7128 James Mansfield
PCSO 7119 Tony Weddell                         The CDRP exists to drive actions which promote safe,
Woolwich Sector:                               responsible and considerate community life. From a detailed
PCSO 7122 Lee Wilson                           analysis of the facts revealed by the audit, the CDRP is now
                                               setting its Strategy for 2005-2008.
PCSO 7102 David Lennon
They are expected to maintain contact with     Panel dates & venues for May (all 4pm-7pm):
you from time to time, and occasionally to
attend Co-ordinators’ meetings.
                                               Thursday, May 19 th: Lionel Road Community Centre
   NEW COMMUNITY & BUSINESS                    Tuesday, May 24 th: Charlton House
       DEVELOPMENT UNIT                        Thursday, May 26 th: Abbey Wood School
                                               Tuesday, May 31 st: YMCA, Woolwich Church Street
This is headed by INSPECTOR PA UL
HUDSON,      succeeding      Bruce
Middlemiss as the Crime & Disorder
                                                NEIGHBOURHOOD WATCH MEERCAT STREET SIGNS
                                               Apologies to all those, particularly new Schemes, for whom we
      NEIGHBOURHOOD WATCH                      are having difficulty obtaining street signs to display. LNWA
       NATIONAL CONFERENCE                     are running out of stock, and new signs are due to be phased in
The Conference this year was                   later this year. The new design will feature the Meercats against
organised by the Home Office and               a London skyline. The overall colour scheme will be blue. We
took place on Saturday, March 12               will continue to report progress.
in Nottingham, facilitated by TV
Presenter, Sue Cook. Rep orts of the
speeches and other information
can        be      viewed         at