intimacy styles by mahekdhoot


									   A presentation on
Male and Female Intimacy Styles

            Presented by :-
            Bhavik, Mahek, Garvit, Hemant
            Group no. 7
Intimacy means closeness or privacy, in
which we disclose our personal information.

Most research does show that women are
most willing to share their feelings than man.
    Disclosure list:-

     female- female

     male- female

     male- male

Although both sexes are equally likely to reveal negative
information, men are less likely to share positive feeling.

Women are more emotionally mature and interpersonally
competent than men.
  But it is also seen that emotional expression
  isn’t the only way to develop close relationships

  Unlike women, men grow close to one another
  by doing things.

Through shared activities, they

 Developed feelings for independence
 showed appreciation for one another
 and, demonstrated mutual liking
This difference between male and female
measures of intimacy creates a misunderstanding.

Example- a women ho looks for emotional disclosure as a measure of
affection may overlook an “inexpressive” man’s effort to show he cares
by doing favors or spending time together.
Like wise different ideas about meaning
of sex can lead to misunderstandings.

Whereas, many women think of sex as a way to
express intimacy that has already developed,
men are more likely to see it as a way to create
that intimacy.

Means, men who encourages sex early in a
relationship or after a fight may not just be
lecherous person.
By contrast, the women who views
personal talks as a pathway to
intimacy may resist the idea of
physical closeness before the
emotional side of the relationship.
        Cultural Influences on Intimacy
A notion of how much intimacy is desirable and how to
express it varies from one culture to another.

A research on residents of Britain, Japan, Hong Kong and Italy
resulted that the greatest differences between Asian and
European culture are:-

 Showing emotions
 Expressing affection in public
 Engaging in sexual activities
 Respecting privacy and so on….

Example- Japanese seem to expect more intimacy in
friendship     whereas Americans look for more intimacy in
romantic relations.

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