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									The Gem Lifestyle Network Marketing Program Review

The Gem Lifestyle Network Marketing Program is at the forefront of the new 3D virtual world that is the
next wave on the Internet. First, we had websites, then blogs that could be both website and dynamic
evolving entities that allowed people to interact. Then, we got Web 2.0 with social networking and
interlinking. The virtual 3D world that GEM Lifestyle Network embodies has been heralded as the
coming of Web 3.0.

In these virtual worlds, you interact as a 3D character with other online representations who are people
who've signed up for entertainment purposes. When you sign up, you are taken to GEM Island where
there is interactive social networking, a 3D casino that has 2 million Euros in jackpot slots, 3D virtual
motor racing, football and horse racing and a chance to shop online.

The Gem Lifestyle Network Marketing Program is global entertainment platform offering gaming on a
level that is so close to the reality of visiting an island paradise with all the games you could ever
possibly want.

On the business side, there are a number of established network marketers, as well as compensation
plan designed to enable Associates to create a very profitable online business. Combining the power of
network marketing also known as multi-level marketing, the Gem Lifestyle Network Marketing Program
is poised to take off quickly.

Because the business model is in the fast-paced, entertainment industry, and GEM Island offers all of
the latest and greatest forms of gaming for their players, the revenue possibilities are enormous. A
person can become an Associate for a fee of EUR275, and after completing an online application, they
will receive three websites to market.

The three websites of the Gem Lifestyle Network Marketing Program consist of a site to promote the
business opportunity, one to gather players who are not interested in making money but using GEM
Island for fun and a third that is the Associate's back office where they keep track of what's going on
with their business. The back end offers full administrative tools, gives stats and the state of their
business overall. The player or entertainment website comes equipped with a multi-story shopping mall
where there are a number of retail outlets where real shopping can take place. The Mall will house high
fashion stores like Nichole De Carle and the like.

The 3D world of GEM Island is a virtual paradise, but when you look and interact with the occupants, it is
so close to reality that it will be quite attractive to gamers, called Gemmers right off the bat. As part of
the state of the art technology that GEM Lifestyle has, they already have a very simple contract to keep
you up to date via your cell phone about the latest and greatest events happening at GEM Island.

Entrepreneur and found, Mark Campbell, has a unique vision about GEM Island. He feels that it should
be a total immersion, interactive entertainment and social networking portal, where all visitors are
quests and it's a community of guests who can take on the gaming opportunities and indulge in a wide
variety of leisure time activities.

They have two VIP casinos named, Taak'in Place and Augustus Palace where high rollers go to play and
gamble, as well as a fully functional F1 racing circuit and race course for horses. If the gentlemen wish to
take a break, there is an exclusive gentlemen's club where they can kick back and relax in splendor.

The management team of the Gem Lifestyle Network Marketing Program includes Mark Campbell
whose track record stands for itself in the oil, telecom and gaming sectors. There is also Chris Copeland,
Charles Chisnail, Peter T. Powderham and Elaine F. Fishberg, all Founder Associates. This project brings
together a unique vision, a top-quality management team with years of successful experience, and
technology to offer a one of a kind experience to both players and prospective business people alike.

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