DDC Accomplishments 2003-2009

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					             Downtown Development Corporation
                   Historical Perspective

                    2003-2009 Accomplishments
The Downtown Development Corporation is a private sector, non-profit corporation
representing the community’s civic and business leadership, responsible for planning for
the long-term economic health and vitality of downtown, providing a forum for
establishing downtown development priorities among private and public entities, and
taking strategic catalytic actions to move these priorities forward. The DDC is the
primary author of the Louisville Downtown Development Plan and the contractual agent
for Metro Government for downtown planning and real estate development.

The DDC has a professional staff of five people that is supplemented through consultant
and contract assistance on an as needed basis. In addition, the DDC houses the Metro
Louisville Downtown Operations Coordinator (an employee of Inspections, Permits and
Licenses), providing supervision, office space and equipment, and administrative

The work of the DDC falls into the following categories:

      Downtown Planning
      Development Facilitation
      Downtown Public Realm Project Management/Coordination
      Downtown Information and Communication

The following is a list of the DDC’s accomplishments since 2003.

Downtown Planning
Downtown Operations Task Force
  • Downtown Operations Team
     o Biweekly meetings and follow up
     o Event and street closure coordination between Metro agencies
     o Maintenance issue management throughout downtown with an emphasis on
        preparing the CBD in the spring for Derby and the fall for Ryder Cup
     o LCVB relationship building and tourism/convention issue resolution
     o Cross-agency permitting issues
  • Downtown Operations Coordinator
Downtown Development Corporation
2003-2009 Accomplishments

Downtown Connectivity Study
   Arena Area streetscape pattern development
   Improvements from Second to 9th, Main to River Road planning
   Concept approach for connectivity to Center City
   Gheens Foundation Grant Reporting
   Consultant contract administration
  Physical Connectivity
      Finalized Conceptual Plans for Main Street North.
      Secured $2.4 Million TE Grant for Second Street Total Project Cost $3 Million
      Continued Advocacy for Private Connectivity Recommendations
  Occupational Connectivity
      Assisted Arena Authority in finalizing traffic impact

Two-Way Street Analysis
   Two-way street study development
   Public Works input coordination
   Consultant contract administration
   Stakeholder input management
   Initial recommendation and back-up data analysis
   Completed Draft Study
   Solicited Public Input

Downtown Transit Planning
   TARC coordination
   Consulting Agreement negotiation
   KIPDA CMAQ Funds application
   Data collection strategy development

Energy Star/ESCo
   Discussions with Mayor’s liaison on coordinating efforts downtown
   ESCo initiative exploration

Edge Neighborhood Efforts
   Maintained contacts and provided technical assistance
           Phoenix Hill
           Smoketown/Shelby Park

Lincoln School
    Magnet School Committee

Transportation Planning
    Urban Partnership Agreement Follow up (GLI)

Downtown Development Corporation
2003-2009 Accomplishments

East Downtown Parking Study
    Final Report publication
    Parking study results follow-up

   • Skywalk Branding
   • Skywalk signage System

Public Art
  • Staff and Financial Support
  • Master Planning effort participation and technical support
  • Funding provision for Master Plan
  • Policy Committee participation
  • MACOPA Board position
  • GAS Conference Planning Coordination
  • Assist in Development Rick Management Plan

Class B Office Space Conversion Study

First and Main Garage Expansion Analysis

Downtown Housing Market Potential Analysis

Development Coordination/Facilitation
100 Block of West Main Development:
    Streetscape and Infrastructure Improvements Plans
    Outreach to Property Owners
    Vacant Property Stabilization
    Relocation of the electrical vault from the arena site to the 100 Block
    Whiskey Row & O’Shea’s technical assistance

500/600 Block Fourth Street
    Guthrie Green Survey of boundary and underground conditions
    Clay Commons Master Plan
    Alley Reconfiguration

Kentucky Theater
   Minor plat coordination
   Right-of-way closure coordination
   County Attorney coordination
   Technical Assistance with Ground Lease and Purchase
   Coordination of Lease, Outdoor Dining Area

Downtown Development Corporation
2003-2009 Accomplishments

Liberty Green Planning and Home Ownership
    Homeownership pre-development planning
    Homeownership utility and traffic issues
    New zoning and form district issues
    Streetscape integration issues

Louisville Slugger Field
   • Concept Development
   • Site Selection
   • Design Development
   • Lease Structure Recommendations
   • Oversight of the lease and management of the Capital Improvement Fund
   • Capital Improvement Plan development
   • Capital Improvement Expenditures, Metro and DDC
   • Negotiation of legal settlement on sports lighting with GELS
   • Implementation of Lighting, Testing and Replacement from Lawsuit Settlement

Louisville Downtown Arena
   • Early Site Analysis
   • Urban Design Forum and Design Program
   • Plaza Design Recommendations
   • TIF Analysis and Development Data
   • Streetscape Plan Implementation/Coordination Traffic and Pedestrian Impact
   • Master planning participation
   • Plaza Design input/review
   • Streetscape plan development
   • Bond document certification

4th Street Live/Louisville Galleria
   • Galleria Repositioning Analysis
   • Tourism Tax Credit Analysis
   • Cordish Company Recruitment

Center City District
  • Site Analysis/Design Input
  • TIF Feasibility Analysis
  • Property Negotiations
  • Development Agreement Negotiations
  • Coalition building and public relations

Downtown Development Corporation
2003-2009 Accomplishments

Louisville Medical Center Development Corporation
   • Concept formulation
   • Initial Work Program
   • Health Related Business Park Feasibility Study
   • Haymarket Planning

Cobalt Agreement
   Option and Development Agreement finalization

Downtown Housing Fund
  • Operation and Management
  • Impact Assessment
  • CDFA Best Revolving Loan Fund Award
  • Direct Loans
        o Waterfront Park Place
        o Henry Clay
        o Zirmed Towers
        o Hancock Street Firehouse
        o Glassworks
        o St. Francis
        o Park Place Lofts
        o 550 South Fifth Street
        o The Levy Building
        o Burwinkle Hendershot Building
  • Renegotiation of loan – Waterfront Park Place

Ohio River Bridges Project
   • Advocate of a new downtown bridge and redesign of Spaghetti Junction
   • Executive Committee Member of Build the Bridges Coalition
   • Build the Bridges Coalition Working Group participation

Louisville Downtown Marriott
   • Convention Center Headquarter Hotel RFP
   • Coleman Façade
   • Design Refinements

Museum Plaza
  • Pre-Development Planning
  • Project development team meetings
  • Main Street and Fort Nelson Park impact

Muhammad Ali Center
  • Feasibility Analysis
  • Site analysis

Downtown Development Corporation
2003-2009 Accomplishments

Former Brinly Hardy Property Redevelopment
   • Sale and Development Agreements:
         o Park Place Lofts
         o Residence Inn
         o The Mercantile Condominium Development
         o Cobalt – The Hub
         o Fleur de Lis

Henry Clay/YWCA

Galt House
   • Expansion
   • New sidewalk paving pattern and design development
   • Assist in new garage access/egress discussions
   • Assisting in planning and Implementation of Pedway to Arena

Second Street Design
   • Two-Way Traffic
   • Boulevard Design

Aegon Plaza
  • Secured Brown Foundation support for Plaza Purchase
  • Plaza Design

Ft. Nelson Park Redesign

Founders Square Plaza Design

Muhammad Ali Plaza Design

Belvedere Redesign

Flower Pot Beautification Initiative

Mayor’s Committee on Public Art

Downtown Public Realm Project Management/Coordination
Louisville Slugger Field Managment
Curbs, Sidewalks and Street Lighting
    Sidewalk and Street Light Inventory
    Street lighting methods and Plans best practice investigations
    Energy efficient street light design research
    American Planning Association’s Great Streets --West Main Street

Downtown Development Corporation
2003-2009 Accomplishments

    Project Design, Implementation and Communication Management: Main
      Streetscape, Energy-efficient lighting improvements

West Main Street
   Strategic Planning Discussion with Business Owners
   Streetscape Improvement Initial Conceptualization

Healthy Hometown/Active Louisville
   Board activities
   Grant closure

Broadway Streetscape Improvements

East Main Street/Market Street District Streetscape Improvement

Sixth Street Streetscape Improvements

East Jefferson Street Streetscape

West Market Streetscape Improvements

Muhammad Ali Plaza Construction
   Project Management and resolution of construction issues

Signage Cleanup
    Existing Sign inventory
    Sign removal strategy development

Downtown Wayfinding Signage System
  • Sign Design
  • System and Venue Planning
  • Trailblazer Signage System redesign, bid and award
  • Trailblazer Signage installation

Downtown Street Name Signs
   New blue street name sign modification
   Contract bid and award

Downtown Beautification Committee
   Participated in Planning and implementation of Flower Planting and beautification
     to Downtown with other Metro Agencies and Private Partners

Downtown Development Corporation
2003-2009 Accomplishments

Downtown Trees/Community of Trees
   Ordinance participation
   Participant on multiagency, Metro-wide committee Chaired Subcommittee of
     Tree Ordinance Revision and are awaiting further recommendations from other
     Metro Agencies on a new Ordinance

Banner Policy and Standards Manual
   Streetscape designs and plans collection and documentation
   Key agencies and stakeholders information dissemination

Downtown Information and Communication
Louisville Downtown Management District Coordination
    Increased staff-level communication
    Established regular coordination meetings to address Arena-related issues
    Board of Directors participation
    Physical Improvement Committee participation
    Marketing Committee participation

Public Education Forums
   City by Design Speaker Series
   Arena Urban Design Forum

Crises Management Post Accident

Reworking of work plan

Pilot newsletter

Metro Council Materials

Public tours, speaking engagements

Benchmark development

Enhanced Board Participation

Executive Director search and recruitment

Budget management and amendment

Office management

Downtown Development Corporation
2003-2009 Accomplishments

Informational requests and presentations

Board management and communications


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