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Pilates by the Numbers _ by bestt571


Pilates to create fascinating to know the reason for the lower abdomen? Want to know about Pilates knowledge to create beautiful belly up?

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                                                             FEBRUARY - MARCH - APRIL

                                                              We wish you all a prosperous and healthy New

                                                              Impressive news received from USA : A 100 year old
                                                              woman (Frances Giesecke) started Pilates in her eight-
                                                              ies for two to three times a week. She  said that Pilates
                                                              makes her feels good, relaxed, keeps her straighter,
                                                              more limber and is good for her psyche. We hope this will
                                                              inspire you to continue your pilates sessions, knowing all
                                                              the benefits that Pilates bring to your mind and body

                                                              Starting in  March we are obliged to add a 10 (ten)
                                                              percent tax due to the current government tax review and
                                                              We will continue to offer a discount package on occa-
                                                              sional basis and for those new to Pilates, we recommend
                                                              to try our “intro Pilates package” . This package entitles
                                                              you to have 3 private sessions, 1 studio class (maximum
                                                              a group of 4 persons) and 1 mat class (group).
During her absence, our instructor Nancy initiated mee-
                                                              We appreciate your views and welcome your comments
ings with pilates centres and instructors in Jakarta,
                                                              and suggestions to make Sunset Pilates a better Pilates
Bandung and Semarang.
The Pilates system has grown popular especially in the
big cities. There's a strong feeling amongst pilates
instructors to start an Association of Pilates teachers,
working together with PMA (Pilates Method Allience) -
an international body for pilates standardisation. In due
course, Comprehensive Teachers training can be
realised locally, which benefits Indonesian teachers.

Frequently asked questions :

What is the advantage of Pilates Reformer classes versus
Mat classes? The mat work is wonderfully  practical and
complete. However, it does require a certain level of
strength and flexibility.
If you have an injury or out of shape, mat work can be
frustrating and inappropriate. The reformer is ideal for
Whether you are an elite athlete or a couch potato, the
reformer provides the exact amount of support and chal-
lenge you desire.
In addition, the reformer enables you to stretch deeply in
places that may be difficult to do effectively on the mat.

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