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WPF and Silverlight


Microsoft Silverlight is a cross-browser, cross-platform plug-in, in order to bring the next generation of network-based. NET based media experiences and rich interactive applications. Silverlight offers a flexible programming model, and can be easily integrated into existing Web applications. Silverlight can run on Mac or Windows on the major browsers to provide high quality video information fast, low-cost delivery.

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									   Microsoft Technology Practice
   Capability document

                                                WPF and Silverlight
Microsoft® has taken giant leaps in the         Building Rich Interactive Applications with XAML
Presentation Layer. WPF and Silverlight make
use of XAML (eXtensible Application Markup
Language) for definition of the presentation    “One of the stated mandate on technology practices is to
elements. ITC Infotech has made significant     examine emerging 'new generation products' and if there are
investments in adopting these technologies.
                                                significant market potentials for such new generation products,
                                                then ITC Infotech needs to be ahead of the curve and be in a state
This document gives an overview of our
experience with WPF and Silverlight – the       of readiness to launch the service offerings backed up by world
next    generation    Presentation  Layer       class competencies and capabilities in such products.
technologies from Microsoft®.
                                                Microsoft Practice has taken this mandate in a significant manner
                                                in the last 12 months and some of the work on new generation
Technology and Tools                            products such as WPF, WCF, MS Silverlight including Web 2.0
At a minimum, the following tools and           components from Microsoft is showcased in this document. Our
technologies are needed to build an effective   belief is similar to that of Microsoft corporation in terms of
WPF or Silverlight application                  'eating its own dog food' and these proofs of concepts and
     Visual Studio 2005 or 2008
                                                applications amply demonstrate this principle.”
     Expression Blend
     XAML
                                                S. Janardhanan, Chief Technology Officer
     C# or VB.Net
     .Net Framework 3.x

Our approach to new technologies                ITC Infotech’s Microsoft Technology Practice is fully geared
     Early adopter
                                                to accept challenges in the Rich Interactive Applications
     Focus team of around 10 people
     Research on any existing material or      space both in the windows desktop applications and
                                                browser based applications. Many months of focused
     Share learning with wider audience
     Create POC                                research and practice with the beta releases of .Net 3,
     Create sample applications
     Create applications for internal use      Silverlight and preview releases of Expressions Blend has
                                                enabled us to be adapt to the needs of new age user
Projects and Samples
The following projects and prototypes are       interfaces, navigation and interactivity.
showcased in this document
      Silverlight Application: MTR
      WPF live project: iKey Burner            Some of the projects and POC undertaken by ITC Infotech
      WPF/XAML Browser Application
                                                in these areas are showcased in this document.
          (XBAP) UI Prototype: Aircraft Mass
          and Balance
      WPF Desktop Functional Prototype:
          Smart Chat

                                           Windows Presentation Foundation (WPF)
                                           WPF provides a unified framework for building applications with rich user interfaces and interactivity.
                                           It is built on top of the .Net Framework and makes use of the managed and unmanaged code. WPF
                                           programming model allows the developers to write code once and deploy it as a standalone installed
                                           application or in a browser.

                                           Microsoft Silverlight
                                           Microsoft Silverlight is a cross-browser, cross-platform, and cross-device plug-in for delivering the
                                           next generation of .NET based media experiences and rich interactive applications for the Web.
                                           Silverlight offers a flexible programming model that supports AJAX, VB, and C # and integrates with
                                           existing Web applications.

                                           Extensible Application Markup Language (XAML)
                                           XAML is a markup language for declarative application programming. It is a tools-supported, XML-
                                           based user interface design language that maps XML markup tags to objects in the .NET Framework,
Capability document: WPF and Silverlight

                                           enabling designers and developers to collaborate on delivering superior user experiences. Windows
                                           Presentation Foundation (WPF) and Silverlight application user interfaces are created in XAML.

                                           Development Environments
                                           Visual Studio and Expression Studio are tools used by the developers and UI designers. Expression
                                           Studio is primarily used by the UI designers to create the layouts, styles, animations, etc. Visual
                                           Studio is used by the developers to write the code behind to take care of the functionality and
                                           processing. Both Visual Studio and Expression Studio make use of the same project definition
                                           structure. Hence a project created in Visual Studio can be opened in Expression Studio and vice versa.

                                           XBAP (stands for XAML Browser Application)
                                           XBAP is a WPF application run in the browser. XBAP runs sand-boxed in Internet Explorer and has
                                           restrictions when compared to a WPF desktop application.

                                           Though WPF and Silverlight use XAML, there are variations in these.

A basic comparison of WPF Desktop application v/s WPF Browser Application v/s Silverlight
application is given below:

Item                     WPF Desktop application     WPF Browser application     Silverlight application
Application Type         Windows desktop             Browser application         Browser application
OS Supported             Windows XP and Vista        Windows XP and Vista        Windows, Linux, OS X
Browsers supported       NA                          Internet Explorer on        IE, Firefox, Safari, etc on
                                                     Windows XP or Vista         (Windows, Mac, Linux)
.Net Framework 3.x       Yes                         Yes                         No
Required on Client PC?
Features                 All OS features supported   Runs sandboxed in IE;       Runs sandboxed in major
                                                     missing some features and   browsers. Heavily reduced
                                                     permissions in WCF and      feature sets.
Suitability              Desktop applications        Browser based intranet      Internet applications
RIA (Rich Internet             -                         -                           

                                                                                                               Capability document: WPF and Silverlight
RIA (Rich INTERACTIVE                                                              
Development Tools        Visual Studio, Expression   Visual Studio, Expression   Visual Studio, Expression
                         Studio                      Studio                      Studio
User Interface           XAML                        XAML                        XAML and HTML

The following sections in this document showcase some of the prototypes and projects undertaken
by ITC Infotech in these technologies.

                                           (1) MTR
                                           Silverlight Application
                                           Department: Talent Management - Recruitment
                                           Technologies                      VS2005, ASP.Net, HTML, XML, JavaScript, AJAX, CSS, C#, Silverlight
                                                                             MS SQL Server 2005
                                           Other tools used                  FxCop, Profiler, Re-Sharper, NUnit, SVN
                                           Agile Programming Methodology SCRUM
                                           Duration                          8 weeks(4 Sprints)
                                           Team Size                         3

                                           This application developed for Talent Management department of ITC Infotech provides the workflows
                                           involved in recruitment – starting from candidate applying for a job through candidate evaluation and
                                           selection. The application gives the interviewers and recruiters dashboards of candidate status. An
                                           intuitive user interface provides the recruiter all information needed to schedule interviews involving
                                           multiple candidates and multiple interviewers.
Capability document: WPF and Silverlight


                                                                                                  Drag drop


                                           Silverlight UI features
                                                Recruiters can schedule interviews in 2 simple steps: (a) Drag & drop interviewers into the
                                                    appropriate row and column, (b) click on appropriate interview type icon
                                                Gives snapshot of the day in one screen
                                                Prevents double booking and overloading of interviewers

(2) iKey Burner
WPF Desktop (Smart Client) Application

Customer Profile: IGT is a leading supplier of gaming machines in United States. They have presence in
other countries as well where they sell the same products.

Technologies                       VS2008, C#, WPF, MS SQL Server 2005
Other tools used                   FxCop, Profiler, Re-Sharper, VSS
Agile Programming Methodology SCRUM
Duration                           8 weeks
Team Size                          5

Business Situation: Presently client is selling their product AVP in domestic market and they need to
expand the same in the international market. They wish to extend the facility of burning licenses in
iKey1000 to their international subsidiaries.

Solution: All valid licenses of client’s product include a USB key “SafeNet iKey1000”. This key contains
licensing information of the product. This mechanism is used to prevent piracy of the popular product

                                                                                                           Capability document: WPF and Silverlight
AVP. Ikey Burner Application can burn / deactivate AVP license at their international subsidiaries.
Though there is difference of systems/processes between US and International, the licensing solution
will be identical from a technical perspective and so no change is required on the product side (AVP).

    Central Admin Console
    AVP Burn License internationally
    De-activate License internationally
    Reports
    Audit trail and logging
    No need to send field personnel to the local subsidiaries.

                                           (3) Prototype: Aircraft Mass and Balance
                                           WPF Browser Application (XBAP)

                                           Travel and Transportation Vertical
                                           Technologies                       VS2008, WPF, C#
                                           Duration                           4 weeks
                                           Team Size                          3

                                           This is a UI prototype of Cargo aircraft flight planning. Users can define the parameters, drag-drop the
                                           ULDs onto the empty spaces in the aircraft. System will help in optimizing the mass and balance. There is
                                           also a flight simulation.

                                                                                                                         Drag drop
Capability document: WPF and Silverlight

(4) Prototype: Smart Chat
WPF Smart Client Application

Technologies                       VS2008, WPF, VB.Net, WCF
Duration                           4 weeks
Team Size                          2

This is a UI + Functional prototype of a Chat application. Unconventional UI layouts are demonstrated in
this application.
                                Windows style is not
                              necessarily traditional!               Buttons don’t necessarily
                                                                       have to be rectangular

                                                                                                           Capability document: WPF and Silverlight
                                Vista style angle window

                               ---- End of document ----


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