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									                                 Silverlight Guidelines
Version: 1                                                         Date: 2/1/2010

Background information: Silverlight is a Microsoft technology to build Rich Internet Application (RIA).
Traditional web applications built by .NET, PHP, JSP and most other web technologies are rendering UI
in the standard W3C approved format in which all browsers can process without depending on a third
party tool. Silverlight is a proprietary tool that requires users to use proprietary plug-in to run the


        Provides flexible, dynamic and very rich graphical user interface.
        Plug-in is available for major browsers (I.E, Fired-Fox, and Chrome).
        Uses the familiar .NET languages.
        Can be built to run with or without browser.
        Capable of accessing the local storage (in the secure isolated area)


        Relies on propriety plug-in that requires users to download. This can causes problems for users
        if they don’t have rights to install the plug-in. Most non-technical savvy users are also reluctant
        to download the plug-in.
        Less mobile. Users may not be able to access the application from different computers due to
        lack of plug-in.
        Silverlight application version control can be a challenging task.
        Become dependent on proprietary software. Propriety technologies tends to fade away in the
        long term when open standard technologies are upgraded. (HTML 5 already drafted)


        Should not use Silverlight for internet application unless there is no alternative functionality
        available in the standard web application. This can be changed over-time if the public
        acceptance of Silverlight is highly available.
        For intranet application, limited Silverlight in the area where application requires rich UI.
        Developers should avoid building entire application in Silverlight.
        Silverlight application is suitable for client-server app replacement if the standard web
        technology does not meet users’ requirements.
Document History

Date          Version     Editor     Change

9-22-2009     Draft       Son Tran   1st draft

9-28-2009     Draft – 1              SAT reviewed

2-1-2010      V1                     SAT reviewed and Approved

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