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					       HERITAGE                                                       CRAFT FAIR
                     Heritage Craft Fair Pty Ltd   A.B.N. 97 088 417 878    A.C.N. 088 417 878

Gary Israelsohn                                                                           Telephone:(02)8065 2009
Manager                                                                                       Fax: (02) 8001 6216
P.O. Box 762                                                                             Mobile:     0424 850 157
Chatswood 2057 NSW                                                            Email:

The Heritage Craft Fair promotes and displays Australian made, genuine handcrafts of premium quality with no mass
produced, second hand or imported goods.

We aim to provide an environment where the public expects top quality items with relevant prices, to eliminate the vast
gap between a second hand or imported cheap item and an original handcrafted item.

We aim to provide a total craft experience. Many of our craftspeople demonstrate their skills which adds to the
atmosphere, whilst attracting attention and interest to their stall.

Craft workshops for the public are encouraged. If you are running/promoting any craft courses please notify us.

We also provide entertainment, musicians, dancers and various organisations to build a unique and relaxed atmosphere.

We have many Children‟s activities such as the train, bungee trampoline, face painting, balloon tying, plaster painting,
pony rides etc., as we feel that if the kids enjoy the fair, Mum and Dad will keep visiting us.

All of the above is designed to attract the public and their shopping dollars to your stall and keep them coming back
time and time again, whilst further building our reputation for a fabulous craft fair.

How To Become a Stallholder
Stall positions are offered after an appointment has been made to view your work and the following terms and
conditions are accepted.

To apply for a stall please complete the Application Form and submit with photos and details of your work. You will
be contacted shortly.

1.    Stall space and trestle hire must be paid for one fair in advance.

2.      New bookings are posted to: Heritage Craft Fair, P.O. 762 Chatswood 2057 NSW.

3.      Money Orders/Cheques are to be made payable to „Heritage Craft Fair Pty Ltd‟.

4.      Re-Bookings for the following month, are preferred to be paid for on the day of the fair, at the Information
        Stall between 10.30am – 12.00 noon and 1pm – 4pm.

5.      Receipts are provided on the day of the fair at the Information Stall between 10.30am–12 noon and 1pm–4pm.

6.      New bookings that are posted to Heritage Craft Fair will be issued with receipt on the day of the next fair. NB:
        It is not standard procedure to post receipts unless requested.

7.      Once your booking has been accepted as a permanent stallholder (i.e not filling a cancellation or booked away
        position), your booking is automatically reserved for the following month. If you are not continuing as a
        stallholder, please notify us as soon as possible so that the vacancy can be filled.
8.      Stallholders may take a maximum of two fairs break away each year, and pay a $10 holding for each fair away.
        Please note that the notification period necessary is two complete weeks prior to the missed fair (week is
        Sunday to Sunday). Notification outside of this period means the entire stall fee is payable. Early notification is
        also required as there is a maximum of 20 stalls permitted to be away at each fair.
Cost – Gst Inclusive
1.     *Stall Space Outside - $65.00
       Stall Space Inside Pavilion - $97.00
       Food Stall - $65.00 (+ either $10 or $15 for rubbish skip depending on food category)
       * Growers markets and organic food stalls $85.00
       *Christmas period November to December is an additional $10.00 per fair (except for pavilion stalls)

2.      Trestle Hire - $11.00. Plus a refundable deposit made on Fair morning when collecting trestle of $10.00.

3.      Stall and Trestle fees are non-refundable or transferable.

4.      Holding Fee of $10 per fair away – see specific details in point 8 above.
Stall Information
1.      Stall size: *Outside Stall = 3mtr x 3mtr. *Pavilion Stall = 2.6mtr frontage x 2.3mtr front to back.

2.      Trestles are 6ft or 8ft (same price). Please book before fair. Once Trestle is collected they become your
        financial responsibility until returned and deposit collected at the end of the day. Trestles are to be collected by
        9.00am and returned from 3pm to 3.45pm sharp.

3.      Tablecloths must hang completely to the ground so that table legs and excess stock cannot be seen.

4.      Stall presentation is very important and stock must be displayed as creatively and attractively as possible.

5.      Stalls may be set up from 7.00am on the fair morning to be ready to trade by 9.00am. To comply with our
        traffic management and safety plan, all stallholders must be on site before 8.00am.

6.      If you have not started setting up by 8.30am you may lose your space and trestle. (Unless called on mobile to
        inform of late arrival).

7.      The stall allocations are pre-set according to product and requests where possible. Health requirements are
        given top priority. Your stall allocation, vehicle offloading and parking will be shown to you. Please go to the
        Information Stall upon arrival.

8.      All enviroshades/gazebos/umbrellas/display stands etc., must be properly erected and secured appropriately for
        the ground surface allocated each and every fair, to ensure that your stall remains safe and in place for
        whatever the weather/ground conditions are or may develop into during the day.

9.      Packing up commences absolutely no earlier than 3.00pm. The Fair closes at 3.00pm. However, if customers
        are still present you may continue trading. All stallholders are to be off premises by 5.30pm.
Care of Site
1.     Please note that St. Ives Showground is extremely well maintained. We have to pay a substantial bond and any
       damage must be paid for. As such all Stallholders will be liable for any damage that they may have caused eg.
       Broken fence poles, damaged trees/plantings etc.

2.      Do not pick any vegetation or nail or insert anything into a tree – this is a protected area.

3.      If you encounter the Showground Ranger, please show him every courtesy.
1.     It is also a requirement of our Insurance Company that each Stallholder takes out their own Public Liability
       Insurance for a minimum of $10 million coverage.

2.      A „Certificate of Currency‟ must be submitted to the Fair Organiser prior to commencement of trading, which
        details the period and persons/business covered and states that the cover is for the display/sale of your work in
        a market/fair environment.
Items To Be Sold
1.     This is a Fair for the display and sale of quality handcrafted items only. We reserve the right to refuse the sale
       of any unsuitable items or items that you have not been given permission to sell.
2.     If your range alters, please notify us as categories are restricted to ensure the best trading conditions for all
Parking & Offloading
1.     No vehicles in the fair area between 9.00am and 3pm.

2.      Parking is available to Stallholders behind the Douglass Pickering Pavilion.

3.      Separate Customer Parking is available at designated areas. The State Emergency Service are employed to
        handle the Customer Parking.

4.      It is imperative that when unloading/loading you do not block any access way and that you park your car in the
        Stallholder Carpark as soon as possible BEFORE you set up your stall.

5.    Stallholder Passes are issued upon request from the Information Stall for Stallholder or helper to leave the Fair
      between 9.00am and 3.00pm
Power Usage
1.    Some stallholders may be able to use power at their site. If approved, all power leads are to be provided by the
      stallholder and suitable for outdoor use (external industrial lead) and attached to a safety cut out switch.

2.      All power leads must be checked and tagged prior to commencement as a stallholder by a qualified Electrician
        or a Competent Person who has completed the relevant TAFE course designed to carry out power lead checks.

3.      As a requirement of „Workcover‟, Electrical Lead Tagging must be carried out at the fair every six months, at
        your expense – Fair Organiser will notify you of these dates.

4.      No double adaptors – please contact Electrician for advice if several items are plugged into one extension lead.

5.      Every stallholder approved for power will be allocated a powerpoint and must not use any additional points
        without prior permission.

6.      Power leads must run above ground giving enough clearance for vehicles/trucks/emergency vehicles to pass
        under and not touch the lead.
1.    Please do not leave any rubbish at your stall. There is a rubbish skip behind the food stalls.

2.      Ensure that you take any gazebo „weights‟ (bricks etc.) or table leveling blocks etc. with you.

Sick or Can’t Attend on the Morning
1.      Please call on mobile 0424 850 157 if running late or cannot attend the fair on that day. The phone is attended
        from 06h30 am on fair morning.
Wet Weather
1.    The Fair is on rain, hail or shine and is NEVER cancelled.

2.      If you do not attend you will forfeit your stall fees and receive a warning – if you do not set up to trade the next
        time it is raining, you will lose your spot permanently.

3.      Our advertising states that we are on rain or shine and customers must be able to rely on us 100%.

4.      It is imperative to keep wet weather policies simple and consistent. If we cancel sometimes, uncertainty is
        introduced into the publics mind. If it rains/storms in the customers suburb they may assume that we are
        cancelled and perhaps it has not even rained here at the Fair.

5.      If the fair is cancelled and an hour later the sun comes out, followed by the public and we are not trading, it
        becomes a public relations nightmare.
6.      With trading in a market environment you have to realistically expect to encounter sun, wind, rain, storms and
        be prepared for them all.
7.       Bring own shelter/cover in case of wet weather or showers/storms occurring during the day.

        HERITAGE                                                     CRAFT FAIR
                     Heritage Craft Fair Pty Ltd    A.B.N. 97 088 417 878    A.C.N. 088 417 878


Business Name:


Phone:                                                        Mobile:

Fax:                                                           Email:


Vehicle Rego:

Where did you hear of the Fair?

Will you be promoting courses/workshops at the Fair?

What part of the craft process, can you demonstrate at the Fair?

Detailed Description of Items for Sale

Please sign the following statement if you accept these conditions:

I understand that my booking will be terminated immediately, if I attempt to sell any products which are
mass produced, second hand or imported.

I understand that I must set up and trade in adverse weather conditions, for any booking made, or I will
lose my stall fees and the opportunity of continuing as a Stallholder. (Please sign

Copy of Certificate of Currency attached (min $10Million Public Liability Insurance)                  Yes/No

Outside Stall $65.00, Pavilion Stall $97.00, Food Stall $75.00 , Growers markets foods $85
(Christmas Fairs – Nov & Dec fairs – except pavilion stalls - attract an additional $10.00 ea) $

Trestle Tables @ $11.00 each (NB: A refundable deposit of $10 is payable on Fair Morning).            $
                                                                                                             Total   $

                                                  HERITAGE                     CRAFT FAIR
                                    Heritage Craft Fair Pty Ltd A.B.N. 97 088 417 878   A.C.N. 088 417 878

Deed made the                          day of                    2008
BETWEEN: Gary Israelsohn representative manager of heritage Craft Fair Pty Ltd trading as Heritage Craft
      Fair ("Heritage") of the one
 Part AND:_____________________________________________________________________________
the ("Stallholder") of the other part.

A: Heritage intends to conduct at The St. Ives Showground Mona Vale Road St. Ives on one Sunday per month and
   two Saturday evenings per year a quality craft fair.
B: Heritage has entered into an agreement with Ku-Ring-Gai Municipal Council in its capacity as the Trustee of
   The St. Ives Showground Reserve Trust whereby Heritage is allowed to conduct in St. Ives Showground (“the
   Showground") a quality craft fair on one Sunday each calendar month, and two Saturday Evenings per year ("the
C: The Stallholder wishes to be allowed to erect a stall or other construction ("the Stall") for the purpose of
   exhibiting certain wares and merchandise at each of the Fairs.
D: Heritage has agreed to allow the Stallholder to erect its stall and to exhibit its wares and merchandise at the Fairs
   on the terms and conditions contained in this deed.

1.In consideration of Heritage consenting to allow the Stallholder to erect the Stall and to exhibit its wares and
  merchandise, the Stallholder agrees to keep indemnified Heritage against all actions, claims, demands, losses,
  damages, costs including legal costs and expenses which Heritage shall or may be or become liable in respect of or
  arising from:
        a)loss, damage or injury from any cause whatsoever from the erection and/or the dismantling of the Stall, such
         erectionand dismantling including, without limiting the generality of the foregoing, the entering, travelling
         through and exiting from the Showgrounds and the placing upon or storage thereof of material, goods and
         equipment necessary for the erection and dismantling of the Stall
         b)loss, damage or injury from any cause whatsoever to any property or person caused by the use or occupation
         of the Stall by the Stallholder or any servant, invitee, agent or any other person claiming through or under the
         c)loss, damage or injury from any cause whatsoever to property or persons within or without the Stall
          occasioned to any substantial extent by any act, omission, neglect, breach or default of the Stallholder or any
          servant, invitee, agent, contractor or subcontractor or any other person claiming through or under the
  PROVIDED ALWAYS Heritage EXPRESSLY AGREES that the Stallholder shall not be liable as aforesaid where
  Such actions, claims, demands, losses, damages, costs and expenses shall have arisen through the negligence, default,
  Or breach of contract of Heritage.

2.The Stallholder warrants that in entering into this Deed it has not relied on any warranty or representation made by
   Heritage or anyone representing Heritage as to:
   (i) the nature, quality and condition of the Showground;
  (ii)the suitability for any use or purpose of the Showground;
 (iii) any other matter having or which may have an affect beneficial or otherwise on the Stall or the yield from the
3.The Stallholder hereby agrees to use the Showground at the risk of the Stallholder and hereby releases to the fullest
   extent permitted by law Heritage and its agents, servants, contractors, invitees, licensees and employees (in the
   absence of any negligence or wilful default on their part) from all claims and demands of every kind resulting from
   any accident, damage, or injury occurring thereon and the Stallholder EXPRESSLY AGREES that in the absence of
  any such negligence or wilful default as aforesaid, Heritage shall have no responsibility or liability for any loss or
  damage to any property whatsoever of the Stallholder.
4. Either party may terminate this deed upon giving to the other party, at the other party's last known address, a notice
   in writing and termination shall take effect seven (7) days after receipt by that party of the other party's notice.
5. This deed shall commence from the date hereof and shall continue thereafter until terminated in accordance with
   Clause 4 hereof.
6.The Stallholder will procure and will immediately, if requested by Heritage to do so, provide proof to Heritage of the
  following insurances:
   a)policy covering all persons employed by the Stallholder under the provisions of the Workers Compensation Act
   b)a public risk policy indemnifying the Stallholder in the sum of not less than $10,000,000 in respect of any one
      claim and otherwise in the form of a standard public risk policy.
7.This deed constitutes the whole of the agreement between the parties in relation to the subject matter. The parties
  acknowledge that they do not execute this deed as a result of any collateral promise, warranty or representation but
  on the exercise of their own independent judgment.
8. No modification, amendment or variation of this deed shall be binding unless it is in writing and duly executed by or
   on behalf of all parties.
9. Unless resolved by the mutual endeavours of the parties within fourteen (14) days after occurrence all disputes,
   controversies or differences which may arise between the parties as to the construction or meaning of this deed or as
   to any matter arising out of or relating to this deed shall first be the subject of conciliation administered by the
   Australian Commercial Disputes Centre Limited in Sydney in accordance with its conciliation rules then in force and
   if not thereby resolved within thirty (30) days after the appointment of the conciliator or such other period as the
   parties may agree in writing it shall be submitted to arbritration administered by the Australian Commercial Disputes
   Centre Limited conducted at Sydney and held in accordance with and subject to the Commercial Arbitration Act
   1984 and the law of New South Wales.
10.Any waiver by any party whether express or implied of any breach or non-observance of the Agreement shall not in
    any way be deemed to be a waiver of any subsequent breach or non-observance and shall not impair or waive any
    right, powers or remedies of which the party may have in respect of any such subsequent breach or non-observance.
11.This Agreement shall be governed by and construed in accordance with the law of New South Wales.
12. If any provision of the Agreement shall be or be determined to be invalid or unenforceable such invalidity shall not
     affect the other provisions of the Agreement.
13. In the construction of this deed unless the context otherwise requires:
     a)A reference to any Act of Parliament or Regulation or to any section or provision thereof shall include any
       statutory modification or re-enactment of it or any substition for it and by-laws and regulations issued thereunder.
     b) A reference to a singular number includes a reference to a plural number and vice versa.
     c) A reference to any gender includes a reference to the other genders and each of them.
     d) Words denoting individuals shall include corporations, partnerships, joint ventures, associates and institutions.
     e) Reference to any persons, company or parties to this deed shall mean and include the legal personal
        representatives, successors in title or permitted assigns of such person, company or party as the circumstances
        may require.

        IN WITNESS WHEREOF the parties have hereunto affixed their hands and seals on the date first mentioned.
        Signed in my presence by

        ________________________                            _______________________
        Signature of witness                                 Signature of Stallholder
        Name of witness