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									                                         Steps to Confirming your Admission
                                                    Spring 2011

Please use this form as you make plans to enroll at Wheaton College. It is very important to complete each requirement. Please keep this sheet for future
reference and make note of any deadlines.

Step 1 Set Up myWheaton Portal and email account
To find out the amount of your financial aid award you need to setup a new student account. [Current Wheaton College
employees who are first time graduate students do not need to create a new account] To activate your myWheaton account
and Wheaton email address, follow these steps:

     1.   Locate your five-digit Wheaton College ID number, which is printed on your Notification of Acceptance.
          You will need this ID number when you set up your account.

     2.   Go to the following website and follow the instructions to set up your accou nt: www.whea

     3.   When the process is completed you will have a username and password and can log in to the MyWheaton portal
          which provides a single sign-on to the student database system, Banner Self-Service,

                            For help with your myWheaton account set up, please contact:
                Wheaton’s Computer Support Desk at or 630-752-HELP (4357).
                        Hours: Monday-Friday, 8:30 a.m. - 5:00 p.m. Closed on weekends and holidays.

Step 2      Monitor the status of your Financial Aid award through

     1. If you expect to receive th e need-based Wheaton Grant, you must submit a FAFSA ( Once your
        FAFSA has been processed you can proceed to the Financial Aid section in your account.

     2. If you have not submitted the FAFSA prior to receiving your admission letter you will not receive your financial aid
        award prior to the Enrollment Confirmation deadline set forth in your admission letter. Please contact the Graduate
        Admissions office to let them know you need an extension (

      3. If you filled out the FAFSA, your financial aid award will be presented as the amount of need-based grant you will
         receive, any endowed scholarships you have been awarded, and the amount of loan eligibility you have.

The image below points you to the student tab and the Banner Self-Service Folders. This will provide you with access to your
financial aid information.

Revised 12/21/2010                                                                                            800.888.0141
Please use the following chart to estimate your costs:

                                    2010- 2011 Esti mated Budget for a Graduate Student
                                                 (See an Explanation of Terms )
                                                                                    PsyD Student
                                          Master of Arts Student                                           PhD Student
                                                                                 (full time status is
                                            (full time status is                                        (full time status is
                                                                                 10 hrs / semester)
                                            12 hrs/ semester)                                           10 hrs / semester)
                                                  $15,600/year                      $17,000/year           $16,000/year
                                                   ($650/hr)                         ($850/hr)              ($800/hr)
Wheaton Health Insurance*                          See below                         See below              See below

Books**                                                  $840                          $1,200                 $1,120
Living Expenses**
Includes housing, food,                             $18,600                            $18,600                $18,600
  TOTAL                                             $35,040                           $36,800                 $35,720
     *These costs are "direct costs" and will be billed by Student Accounts.
     ** These costs are estimated "indirect costs" and will not be billed by Student Accounts. The actual costs may be greater
     or lower depending on your individual situation.

     NOTE: Illinois state law requires students to have health insurance. #Unless waived, students will be charged for Health
     Insurance. Click here for more information

Updated: March 2, 2010
PLAN RATES                                    6-MONTH                             ANNUAL
Students age 21 and under                      $603**                              $1,206*
Students age 22 and over                       $722.50**                           $1,445*
Spouse                                         $2,010                              $4,020
Child(ren)                                     $1,034                              $2,068
                                          The above cost is billed each semester for six (6) months

Step 3 Submit Your Enrollment Confirmation
When you are ready to accept your admission offer, please send the following to the Graduate Admissions Office:

          An Advance Deposit (MA-$100, PsyD-$200, PhD-$500) along with the Enrollment Confirmation Form—
           due by the date indicated on your acceptance letter. Please con tact the Graduate Admissions office if you cannot
           make a decision by the date indicated.

Step 4 Submit Important Information to Support Offices
     Health Center:

         Health history and immunization forms-please download and complete at

         Mail to: Wheaton College Student Health Services; 501 E College Avenue; Wheaton, IL 61087
         Students born prior to Jan. 1, 1957 are exempt from proof of immunization forms.

     Health Insurance:

         ALL Wheaton College students are required to have health insurance for medical emergencies and non-emergencies in
          the Wheaton area. Students are automatically charged for the Wheaton College Student Health Insurance Plan when
          they enroll for classes. You can opt out of the Wheaton plan if you have a health insurance plan that is comparable to
          the Wheaton College plan as outlined at:
         The online waiver form is available at this website:

Revised 12/21/2010                                                                         800.888.0141

         New and readmitted graduate students are able to pre-register online beginning Nov 19. Our website,
 tion explains the registration process. During orientation all new graduate
          students will meet with an academic adviser and have the opportunity to make any necessary schedule changes.
          Classes begin on Monday, January 10, 2011.

     Graduate Orientation:

        All new graduate students are expected to view the Online Orientation found on Blackboard, located
        on the MyWheaton web portal and participate in the Orientation Day on Friday January 7, 2011.
     The Orientation Schedule can be found at,

Graduate Admissions Office:

         If you applied to graduate school prior to graduating from college, please contact the Registrars Office at your
            college and request that they send a Final College Transcript indicating graduation date.

         If your admission was based upon completing pre-requisite course work, you must submit a transcript showing that
          you completed these courses. YOU WILL NOT BE ABLE TO R EGISTER UNTIL WE RECEIVE THIS

          Cancellation: If you do not plan to attend Wheaton Graduate School, please return the enrollment
          confirmation form indicating your cancellation. We would appreciate knowing as early as possible.

January 7                                  Orientation and Registration for new graduate students
                                           Spring Semester Classes Begin
January 10                                 Due Date: Spring semester tuition payment
January 1                                  No classes; Martin Luther King, Jr. holiday
                                           Final Date Insurance waivers are accepted.
January 17                                 No Classes; President’s Day Holiday (Classes scheduled after 3:00pm will meet)
January 28                                 No Classes; Spring Break
February 21                                No Classes; Good Friday
                                           Last Day of Classes
March 5-13                                 Reading Day (no classes)
April 22                                   Final exams
April 29                                   Graduation Weekend
May 2
May 3-5                                    Be sure to check your schedule before making travel arrangements.
May 7-8

Importan t Campus Phone Numbers: Please feel free to contact the department directly if you have any questions.
          Grad Admissions:       800-888-0141 or 630-752-5195      Registrar:                  630-752-5045
          Financial Aid:         800-362-2674 or 630-752-5021      Student Accounts:           630-752-5801
          Grad Student Services: 630-752-5191                       Student Health Services:    630-752-5072
          Housing:               630-752-5027                      Orientation:                 630-752-5195

Revised 12/21/2010                                                                         800.888.0141
Revised 12/21/2010   800.888.0141

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