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					August 2003
Process Overview

PeopleSoft Human Resources

Create Job Requests

Hire Students

Terminate Students

Inquire on Students

On-line Documentation

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        Process Overview

                Job       Student   Department   Overnight
              Posted/     Applies     Hires       Feed To
             Advertised   For Job    Student     PeopleSoft
   Process Overview
BC Student Hire Process

Job Request created in PeopleSoft by Department
Budget checking occurs at hire, not at job request
Student I-9 Form completed in Student Services
Student Tax and Direct Deposit forms brought to HRSC
Hire processed in PeopleSoft by Department

Non-BC Student Hire Process

Paper Hire Form completed by Department
Student I-9 Form completed in HRSC
Student Tax, Direct Deposit and Personal Data forms
   brought to HRSC
Hire processed in PeopleSoft by HRSC
PeopleSoft Human Resources
PeopleSoft is a database that stores related

PeopleSoft HR/Payroll contains employee
human resources and payroll data:

  Personal Data             Student Hire Data
  Job Data
  Benefits Data
  Position Data
  Paycheck Data
  Training Data
  Faculty Data
  Job Applicant Data
      PeopleSoft Human Resources

     On the Internet via Agora 24 X 7

             Add it to your favorites!

1 Open Agora in
  Internet Explorer

2 Enter username

3 Enter pin number

4 Click Sign In
PeopleSoft Human Resources
Select PeopleSoft Human Resource Services
PeopleSoft Human Resources
Student Hiring items located in “BC Custom” menu
PeopleSoft Human Resources
Use = Process Pages
PeopleSoft Human Resources
Inquire = Summary Pages
    Create Job Requests
  Department enters Job Request Information:
   Department Information
   Job Information
   Contact Name
   Website Posting

  Department may use Budget Calculator to estimate the
budget dollars needed to hire students for this request
    Informational only
Hire Students
Department enters Student Information:
 Payroll Information

       • I-9 not completed: e-mail message sent to
       student, student cannot be hired

       • Pay rate is above the allowable limit: hire
       is pending Student Services approval

       • Hire is a foreign student: hire is pending
       Foreign National Tax Specialist approval

       • Once all requirements are met, student
       hire is processed overnight
   Terminate Students
   Department terminates students who:
     Were hired but never worked in the position
     Leave their position before the employment period
   is scheduled to end
     Have graduated

   Terminating students frees up funds to be used for
other students

   Always use the appropriate effective date for

   Do not terminate students you know will be
returning to work the next employment period
  Inquire on Students
Student Hiring information displayed in list format:
  Student Information
  Job Information

Inquire on Student Hires
  by Account Code
  by Department

Inquire on Job Details
   by Account Code
   by Department

Inquire Student Hires by Job

Inquire Jobs by Students
PeopleSoft Demonstration
 On-line Documentation

On the Internet via HR Website:

       Add it to your favorites!

Up-to-date information

Field-by-field instructions for all processes
 Have a Question?

Student Job Requests
Student Services
Terry Rezzuti
Phone: (617)552-4984

Student Hire Processing
HRSC Representatives
Phone: (617)552-4772

PeopleSoft Navigation
Human Resources Information Technology
Serene Silva               Peggy Zolad
Phone: (617)552-6421       Phone: (617)552-6424
E-mail:     E-mail:
Navigation Tips
  Click Hyperlinks to open more options to the right.
  Click the Home link to return to the PeopleSoft Home Page.
  Never exit PeopleSoft without clicking the “Sign Out” link.

                                                     Go Back Home

                                                                Always Sign Out of
Hyperlinks                                                          PeopleSoft
Navigation Tips
  For those also using PeopleSoft Financials, note that menus in PeopleSoft HR open to the right
  instead of opening downward.

     Menus                            Function

Navigation Tips
 Click the hyperlinks in the Breadcrumb Trail to navigate back.
 Click the New Window link to open multiple PeopleSoft windows.

  Breadcrumb Trail

                                                                  Open New Window
Navigation Tips
  Never use the Explorer   back button to navigate back.
Navigation Tips

 When doing data entry, never press [Enter] on the keyboard.
 Pressing [Enter] will SAVE information entered on the page.
 Always press [Tab] or mouse-click to move out of a field.


Navigation Tips

  Click the magnifying glass to open a Lookup Page to search for
  field values.

  Enter search criteria. The less you enter, the broader your search.
  Click the “Lookup” button to perform the search.
Navigation Tips
 Click hyperlink to make selection from returned search results.

                                                                    Click on any
                                                                   hyperlink in the
                                                                   row to select it
     Navigation Tips
         Name searches are case sensitive and strict on format.
         Format is Last,First (no space).

It is recommended that you:
1.   Enter Last Name (case sensitive) in the field
2.   Click the magnifying glass to open the Lookup Page
3.   Click the “Lookup” button to perform a search on Last Name
4.   Click on the hyperlink in the Search Results list for the name you
     wish to select
      Navigation Tips
          Click "View All" hyperlink to view all rows of data.
          Click “First” or “Last” hyperlinks to view first or last rows.
          Click Left/Right Arrow buttons to view previous or next row.

                                     View Previous Row
View All Data Rows on One
           Page                                          View Next Row

                            View First Row           View Last Row
Navigation Tips
 Use the “Return to Search” button to return to the
 Search Results page.

 Use the List buttons to return to move up or down
 through the search results.

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