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									                        Bomdila Monastery Arunachal Pradesh

Arunachal Pradesh the ‘Land of Rising Sun’ is a magical and mystical destination of
India Tourism attract scores of tourists from several parts of the globe. It is the remotest
settlement of the North Eastern states renowned for its grueling rivers, snow Cladded
Mountains, evergreen forests, diverse flora and fauna and rich cultural heritage.

Along with the scenic natural wonders Arunachal Pradesh is also famous for its
Buddhist monasteries. These monasteries are the place where heritage meets with
natural splendor. Among several renowned monasteries the popular one is Bomdila
Monastery, which gives tourists the spiritual essence of Buddhism.

Arunachal Pradesh Bomdila Monastery is popularly known as Gentse Gaden Rabgyel
Lling Monastery. It is a famous pilgrimage of the Lamaistic faith which belongs to
Mahayana Buddhism. This monastery is built by the 12th reincarnation of Tsona Gontse
Rinpoche who got it constructed before his death in the year 1966. The sacred prayer hall
adjoining to this monastery was built in 13th century after the rebirth of the Tsona
Gontse Rinpoche.

The design and decorations of this monastery resemble the style of the Tsona Gontse
Monastery which is in Tosna South of Tibet. In the year 1965 this monastery came into
existence and since then it remains the most popular attractions among Buddhist and
tourists across the world.

Along with the prayer hall the monastery also comprises of a temple of Lord Buddha and
residential accommodation of the monks. It is also known as the Gentse Gaden Rabgyel
Ling monastery. Large number of tourists visits this monastery so that they can have a
close look to the life and traditions of Buddhism.

The peaceful environment, hanging prayer flags and the echo of constant chant creates a
mystic atmosphere which provides solace to weary souls. The composite beauty of
mystic aura and serene nature make this monastery an enthralling tourist destination.

Bomdila Monastery belongs to Mahayana Buddhism that imparts teaching and
philosophy of Gautama Buddha. This is among the most popular Arunachal Pradesh
Buddhist Monasteries visited by scores of tourists around the year.

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