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China – Economic & Employment Outlook
+ China's economy expanded 8.7 percent in 2009 from a year earlier, achieving its full-
   year growth target of 8 percent for 2009. The gross domestic product (GDP) reached
   33.54 trillion yuan (4.91 trillion U.S. dollars) in 2009. (PRC Government Website, Jan
+ 11.02 million new jobs were created in urban areas in 2009, exceeding the government
   goal of 9 million. Urban unemployment rate stood at 4.3 percent, with 9.21 million
   people registered as unemployed. (PRC Government Website, Jan 2010)
+ China's foreign direct investment (FDI) rose for the fourth consecutive month in
   November, up 31.97 percent year on year to USD7.02 billion (PRC Government Website,
   Jan 2010)
+ Chinese Government announced a historic 4 trillion yuan (stimulus package aimed at
   encouraging growth and domestic consumption in response to the global financial
   crisis. (PRC Government Website, Jan 2010)
China - Jobs in Demand
+ The government’s plan to boost several pillar industries as part of the stimulus
  package may stimulate talent demand in the fields of finance, insurance and

+ The Chinese government has pledged to create over 1 million jobs for college
  graduates over the course of the next five years. (People Daily, Apr 2009)

+ Employment market is becoming more optimistic in China: 49% of
  respondents believe their headcount will increase over the coming 12 months.
  (Michael Page, Jan 2010)

+ Salary levels are expected remain constant or increase marginally within a 5-
  10% range for people who remain in their roles.
  (Michael Page, Jan 2010)
China - Jobs in Demand

+ Statistics -
  Foreign banks incorporated locally : 26
  (PricewaterhouseCoopers, Jun 2009)
  SOEs: 143,000 (National Bureau of Statistics, Dec 2009)
  International CPA Firms in China: 27 (CICPA, 2009)
+ Useful job search sites -
                       + 51job

Skills in Demand by Employers
+ International and local accounting knowledge
+ Strong analytical skills
+ Fluency in English (spoken and written) and Chinese
 (Cantonese and Mandarin)
+ Good interpersonal skills
+ Professional with commercial acumen
+ Proficiency in IT, e.g. accounting software
+ Team player
+ Relevant experience preferred

China – Salary Statistics 2010
               Position                 Years of Experience   Annual Salary Range AU$   Annual Salary RMB
                                                                                        (Exchange rate: 6.1)
              Accountant                     2+ years                  20K+                    120K+
         Financial Accountant                3+ years                 20K-30K               120K-180K
         Accounting Manager                  3+ years                 20K-30K               120K-180K
           Financial Analyst                 3-7 years                20K-49K               120K-300K
       Management Accountant                 4+ years                 20K-57K               120K-350K
          Finance Manager                    8+ years                 39K-89K               240K-540K
  Senior Financial / Business Analyst        5-10 years               39K-89K               240K-540K
    Financial Planning & Analysis            5-10 years              59K-128K               360K-780K
     Financial Controller, Division          10 years                69K-161K               420K-980K
      Financial Controller, China            13 years                90K-180K                550K-1.1M
     Regional Financial Controller           15+ years               98K-197K                600K-1.2M

Source: Salary & Employment Forecast 2009/2010, Michael Page, December 2009                                    5
               Position                 Years of Experience      Annual Salary Range AU$     Annual Salary
                                                                                           (Exchange rate: 6.1)
        Finance Director, China              15+ years                   118K-246K             720K-1.5M
     Mergers & Acquisitions Director         12+ years                   148K-246K             900K-1.5M
      Head of Strategy / Business            14+ years                   139K-295K             850K-1.8M
       Regional Finance Director              16 years                   157K-295K             960K-1.8M
      Group CFO / Regional CFO                18 years                   197K-328K              1.2M-2M
          Treasury Accountant                 2-5 years                       20K+               120K+
           Treasury Manager                  5-10 years                  49K-118K              300K-720K
       Head of Treasury, Country             12+ years                   102K-197K             620K-1.2M+
       Regional Treasury Director            15+ years                   118K-230K             720K-1.4M+
            Tax Accountant                    2-5 years                       20K+               120K+
              Tax Manager                    5-10 years                  49K-108K              300K-660K

Source: Salary & Employment Forecast 2009/2010, Michael Page, December 2009
               Position                  Years of Experience       Annual Salary Range AU$   Annual Salary RMB
                                                                                             (Exchange rate: 6.1)

          Tax Director, China                 12+ years                       98K-213K            600K-1.3M

         Regional Tax Director                15+ years                       148K-230K           900K-1.4M

      Vice President / Head of Tax            18+ years                       148K-262K           900K-1.6M

            Internal Auditor                   3-7 years                       30K-49K           180K-300K

      Audit Manager, Commercial                4-8 years                       39K-98K           240K-600K

         Audit Manager, Big 4                  4-7 years                      57K-131K           350K-800K

     Senior Internal Audit Manager             8+ years                       74K-151K           450K-920K

    Head of Audit / Director of Audit         12+ years                       115K-197K          700K-1.2M+

Source: Salary & Employment Forecast 2009/2010, Michael Page, December 2009

Professional Recognition in China

+   CPA Australia is well recognized in China as a leading international
    accounting qualification, esp. by the Big 4 and most of the multi-national
    companies in China.
+   Most of our members in China work in MNCs, CPA firms and large SOEs.
+   CICPA and CPA Australia had signed a Memorandum of Understanding and
    cooperated on the IPP program (International Partnership Program) for 3
+   CPA Australia was invited to join CICPA’s Foreign Expert Panel for its
    examination reform and provide expert advice.

CPA Australia Employer Partners

+   Our mission is to position our members as international strategic business
    leaders across businesses of all sizes.
+   CPA Australia remains firmly committed to enhancing the relationship with
    organisations which embrace our emerging members
+   The CPA Australia Employers Club was officially launched in 2007 for the
    Hong Kong and China business communities, providing a array of benefits
    for our employers partners.
+   For more information:

CPA Australia Employers’ Club
+   Greater exposure as an employer of choice for finance, accounting and
    business graduates
+   Access to high-calibre graduates through annual internship program and
    recruitment fairs
+   Online job posting facilities at CPA Australia website
+   Invitation to networking luncheons and events attended by senior level
    professionals in the business community
+   Special group discounts for selected CPA Australia events
+   Advertising in member publications through sponsorship options
+   Speaking, exhibition and sponsorship opportunities at CPA Australia
    events                                                                   10
Contact Details
+ Beijing Office                              + Shanghai Office

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