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Position Statement

 Position Title                                                                  Level
 Manager Tours and Transport                                                     5
 Business Unit                            Section                                Location
 Holiday Services                         Tours and Transport                    Rottne st I sland (Commute)

Background to Rottnest Island

Rottnest Island is an A-Class Reserve which lies in t he Indian Ocean, 18 kilometres west of Fremantle in south -
west Western A ustralia. The Mediterranean-style climate, scenic nat ural environment, biodiversity and the
turquoise waters in 63 sheltered beaches and 20 bays make Rottnest Island a favourite holiday plac e for
Western Australians and an attractive destination fo r tourists. The Island has cultural and spiritual significance
for many Western Australians including A boriginal communities across the state. Consequently, every year
Rottnest Island welcomes an estimated half a million accommodated guests and day-trippers, attracted by its
informal atmosphere, beautiful scenery and the emphasis on ecologically responsible tourism. Additionally, the
special attributes of a holiday s ettlement with no private land ownership or privat e vehicles, based around
heritage buildings in a significant conservation reserve, make Rottnest Island unique in the region.

Rottnest Island Authority

The Island is managed by the Rottnest Island Aut hority (RIA ) in accordanc e with the Rottnest Island Aut hority
Act 1987 and Rottnest Island Regulations 1988. The RIA is largely self-funded and runs the Island as a
business, while being keenly aware of the need to protect the Island’s intrinsic values and built assets in its role
of custodian.
The RIA employs 105 people throughout the year, with employee numbers rising to 145 during the summer
season to include seasonal workers. Work opportunities are diverse; jobs in the organis ation cover a wide range
of functions, including conservation/environment, park rangers, Island education, hospitality, bike hire, coach
captain/tour guides, cultural heritage, contract management, building development , moorings management,
human resources, IT, finance, planning, events, marketing, OS H, risk management and public relations.
Excellent employment conditions are on offer including:
    Flexible working hours
    Generous leave conditions including 14 weeks parent al leave after a qualifying period and ability to
        purchase leave
    An employee benefit scheme including discounted accommodation
    Access to salary sacrifice arrange ments
    Penalty rates for weekend work

Rottnest Island Authority’s Mission

Rottnest Island A uthority’s vision is to become a model of ethical tourism bas ed on financial, environmental and
social sustainability. Our mission is to ensure that Island visitors enjoy recreational and holiday ex periences in a
healthy natural and cultural environment now and into the future.

Manager Tours and Transport/Level 5

 Rottnest Island Authority’s Goals

        Rottnest Island provides a wide range of recreational and holiday services to Island visitors that creat e a
         high degree of satisfaction.
        The A uthority generates revenue from commercial activities to financially sustain the A uthority’s
         operating and asset replacement costs.
        The Rottnest Island’s natural environment and cultural heritage are conserved and enhanced as models
         of sustainability within Australia.
        The A uthority acquires and manages its financial and ot her resourc es to become financially self-
        The Authority becomes an employer of choice within its relevant industries.

 Business Unit Objectives

 The Holiday Services Business Unit ensures that visitors have a positive recreational experience by providing
 high quality Bike Hire, Tours & Transport, E vents & Venue Management and Museum Shop services. The Unit
 also identifies and develops business opportunities for promoting and marketing visitor experiences and
 services on the Island and its unique environment to assist in achieving brand recognition, revenue goals and
 business objectives.

 Position Objectives

 The Tours & Transport Section includes the provision of various bus services, namely the Shuttle, Bayseeker,
 and fully commentated two hour coac h tours, as well as a limited dies el locomotive service. The Manager Tours
 & Transport is responsible and accountable for managing the Island’s tours business and transportation fleet so
 that it meets profitability, sustainability, customer satisfaction and product quality targets.

 Position Resources

 Total number of positions under control:                   Direct: 1. 8 FTE
                                                            Indirect: 9.2 FTE

 Reporting Relationships

 The position reports to Manager Holiday Services and supervises the Tours and Transport Coordinators.

 Refer to attached organisational chart

Manager Tours and Transport/Level 5

 Key Accountabilities

          Development and management of a cohesive and productive team.
          Completed performance appraisals and development plans for all employees .

          Visitor experience satisfaction targets are met.
          Return on investment targets are met.
          Services and products quality standards are met

 Financial Management:
          Budget targets are met
          Business plans are achieved on time and within appropriate frameworks

 Environment & Heritage:
  The operations of Tours and Transport are managed in line with RIA’s envi ronmental and heritage approval
         and protection processes and obligations.

          All staff are aware of their obligations in relation to relevant safety legislation, policies and proc edures
          The Tours and Transport Business Unit achieves no lost time injuries

 Key Measures:
 A list of Key Performanc e Indicators and a performance management framework will be developed and agreed
 on commencement.


         Builds, models and promotes an ethical leadership culture that encourages innovation, collaboration,
          coordination and partnership with a range of internal and external stakeholders and demonstrates
          dedication and commitment to the values and vision of the Rottnest Island Authority .
         Builds and maintains effective internal and external working relationships with relevant stakeholders
          including peers, colleagues, industry groups, specialist organisations, other public sector agencies and
          members of the community to support the Authority in meeting its goals

           Leads and manages fleet evaluation, procurement, enhancement and dispos al through;
          o development and implementation of fleet maintenance plans and replacement strategies.
          o conduct of cost benefit analysis on fleet operations and charges.
          o Preparation, management and monitoring of business plans and budgets including a fleet replacement
           Develops, implements and maintains financial control and monitoring systems.
           Provides fleet management advice to the agency.
           Negotiates, consult and liais es with external stakeholders including government departments, motor
            vehicle dealerships and other private sector suppliers.
           Supervises and develops drivers and maintains and promotes employee relations.
           Ensures compliance wit h regulatory and Authority’s requirements.
           Ensures safe operation of the Rottnest Island Railway as defined in the Rail Safety Management System.

           Prepares, manages and monitors business plans and budgets.
           Develops, implements and maintains financial control and monitoring systems.
           Coordinates the development, promotion and delivery of products and services as required by the RIMP.

Manager Tours and Transport/Level 5

         Develops marketing strategies together wit h the Mark eting & E vents sections and liaises with tourism
          industry representatives as appropriat e.
         Ensures delivery of product and servic e training to staff as appropriate.
         Ensures compliance wit h regulatory and Authority’s requirements.

        Leads and develops a successful and productive team that is outcome focussed and aligned to corporate
        Fosters innovative and c reative thinking and solutions wit hin an environment of transparency and
        Fosters an open, communicative working environment.
        Builds and maintains an effective safe work environment and workforce capabilities

        Assists with the development and implementation of Business Plans and budgets for the Tours and
         Trans port department that actively support the Authority’s strategic plan and identified objectives.
        Develops, manages and meas ures performance, financial and ot her resource utilisation in accordance with
         sound business practices and department objectives .
        Oversees the rostering of staff in line with the business plans and the appropriate industrial agreements.

        Actively participat es as a member of the RIA management team through t he development of internal and
         external relationships that will support the maintenance of industry knowledge, trends and potential growth
         strategies. Work in conjunction with and communicate wit h other RIA business units.
        Fosters an open, communicative working environment.
        Demonstrates dedication and commitment to the values and vision of the Rottnest Island Authority and
         promote inter-departmental co-operation that will support Authority wide initiatives.
        Participates in inter-disciplinary project teams across the RIA which focus on implementation of the Rottnest
         Island Management Plan.
        Where required, provides support by assisting other RIA departments or operations.
        Where appropriate, attends and participat es in events that support on going business & working

        Ensures compliance with statutory regulations and government requirements that are applicable to the
         Authority and the management of complex projects.
        Ensures workplac e safety for staff and visitors by adhering to all OH&S policies and procedures and being
         aware of any changes.
        Achieves ‘best practice’ operating standards by maint aining an up to date knowledge of, and adhering to, all
         standard operating procedures

Manager Tours and Transport/Level 5

 Selection Criteria


 1.    Demonstrated commercial experience in the management, promotion and delivery of products and/or
       services, preferably within tourism.
 2.    Demonstrated experience in fleet management.
 3.    Budgeting and financial management skills and experience.
 4.    Demonstrated ability to work as part of a broader management team within a diverse organisation.
 5.    Highly developed int erpersonal and verbal and written communication skills including the ability to lead,
       supervise and develop a team and effectively liaise with customers and stakeholders in order to develop
       and deliver excellent customer service.
 6.    Sound understanding & experience in managing small projects or working in project teams.
 7.    Competent in the use of Microsoft Office products.

 Additional information

 Travel to Rottnest Island by ferry will be required on a daily basis, with occasional overnight stays.


 The details contained in this document are an accurate statement of the duties, responsibilities and oth er
 requirements of the position

  _____________________________                                    __________________________
  Chief Executive Officer                                          Holiday Services Manager

  ________________________                                         __________________________
  Date                                                             Date

                                                        Manager Holiday Services (L7)

                                                                                   Projects &
                                                                                  Officer (L3)

      E vents and Functions     Manager Tours &                     Manager Bike Hire &                                 Design
         Coordinator (L5)        Trans port (L5)                        Retail (L6)                                   Coordinator

                                                                              Bike Hire
            Events              Tours & Transport                          Coordinators (L3)                           Marketing
         Assistant (L3)       Coordinators (L4 MERIA)                                                                 Coordinator

                                                                                  Bike Mechanic (L1)
                                Coach Captains (L3

                                                                                  Bike Hire Assistant

                                                                                                   Museum Shop
                                                                                                  Coordinator(L3) &
                                                                                                   Assistants (L1)


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