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             Position Description                                         Senior Surveyor I
Department: Surveying/Engineering             Reports To: Team Leader                        Effective Date: 10-22-01

Location: All                                    Pay Type:  Hourly  Salaried             Non-Exempt Exempt

Schedule:  Full time  Part time

  I.     Purpose: What is the overall purpose and objective of this position, why does it exist?
         This position functions as a senior member of a RAI client services team, with the purpose of
         facilitating the completion of assigned projects and tasks by providing leadership, direction, training
         and mentoring to junior staff within the team organization, and coordination and cooperation with
         other teams and personnel within the firm. The objective of this position is to deliver survey services
         to the client that meets the requirements of our agreement as to type and quality of services and
         timeliness of completion while meeting company goals of team and firm profitability.

  II.    Essential Duties: What would someone have to be able to do to achieve the desired results of this job?

        1.   Plan, organize and lead the daily survey activities of assigned staff in the accomplishment of
             client project tasks. Identify and manage priorities of assigned staff to meet client, team and
             corporate goals. May function in a lead position with respect to actual accomplishment of
             tasks and/or may function as technical consultants to other team members. Schedule and
             assign field crew work daily, and coordinate the work of subcontractors as needed.

        2.   Function as a primary contact point for the client concerning the surveying aspects of his/her
             project, including conflict resolution, with RAI. Facilitates good communications among the
             client, all RAI departments and team groups and applicable governing bodies.

        3.   With the Team Leader, attend and participate in initial client meetings regarding new project
             proposals as well as new project kickoffs to ensure a clear understanding of the complete
             project in order to be able to effectively contribute to the preparation of proposals & contracts
             and to facilitate the proper completion of assigned tasks.

        4.   Assist Team Leader in preparing proposals for clients including a clear and complete scope of
             work, pricing, time schedule and resource requirements (both RAI and subconsultants).

        5.   Review and approve a) the technical approach to project tasks and b) the intermediate &
             finished work product to ensure that they meet objectives of client while adhering to local,
             state and federal laws. Also assure compliance with company procedures and quality
             assurance/control standards.

        6.   Coordinate with applicable government agencies and attend meetings as appropriate to
             assure that client projects comply with agency regulations and are approved by them.

        7.   Ensure that additional work requested by the client that is outside the scope of the original
             contract is identified, and that AWRA’s are issued and approved by the client before this
             additional work is done.

        8.   In cooperation with the Team Leader, assure that all internal paperwork such as project
             proposals, contracts, budget reviews, time card reviews & submittals and invoicing follow
             established company policy, procedures and standards, and are accomplished in a timely,
             accurate and efficient manner. Review and approve field and office timecards daily to ensure
             correct allocation of time to projects or overhead accounts.

        9.   Perform initial QA/QC and final review of the survey documents if surveyor of record.
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             Position Description                                          Senior Surveyor I

       10.   Supervise and lead assigned staff in accomplishing their essential duties related to client and
             government agency communication & relationships and RAI internal paperwork.

       11.   Participate in the establishment and implementation of staff training & professional
             development programs, and lead in affecting daily technical and administrative on-the-job
             skills training of assigned staff. Function as a mentor to assigned staff.

       12.   As directed by the Team Leader, participate in the routine and special evaluations of staff
             work. Participate in performance reviews; hiring, promotion, discipline and termination
             decisions and other appropriate Human Resource functions affecting assigned staff.

       13.   Ensure that staff is aware of and abides by all appropriate safety and loss prevention
             guidelines and policies.

       14.   Participate in the marketing efforts of the firm by ensuring that, in the course of conducting
             normal project tasks, clients are made aware of all the related services that the firm offers.
             Be alert to information about potential upcoming projects that might require RAI services, and
             alert appropriate firm personnel to pursue.

       15.   May function as a Project Surveyor when one is absence or when the team is too small to
             support a separate Project Surveyor function.

       16.   React to change productively and handle other essential tasks as assigned.

III.    General Description: Describe this job as you would to someone who has never done it.
        This senior level client services position is part of a client services team and is responsible for
        organizing, leading and managing a staff of junior level survey personnel in fulfilling the land
        surveying portion of a clients’ land development project needs. This includes participating in a) initial
        meetings and proposals, b) accomplishment of project tasks, c) coordination and communication with
        clients, d) coordination with applicable government agencies and subcontractors, e) interim and final
        QA/QC reviews and f) successful delivery of the final product to the client. This position coordinates
        the production and delivery of RAI services with other team members, clients and their subcontractors
        on all assigned projects. Position also involves a) professional development of assigned staff
        technical and management skills, b) participation in the firms marketing efforts and c) upholding the
        firm’s standards of technical practice, policies and philosophies.

IV. Experience & Education
        A.    Work experience (including length of time), training, and/or level of education necessary for this position
              High school diploma or equivalent required. Two or four year surveying degree or equivalent
              desired. Minimum of 1 year of experience in survey project management with progressive
              growth in technical and managerial skills. One year field experience as a Party Chief III,
              minimum. Professional Registration as a land surveyor in the state of Georgia required.
              Demonstrated ability in the management of multiple or large projects.

        B.    Required technical skills (typing, computer skills, etc.):
              Familiarity with MS Word, Excel, Outlook and Project desktop software and AutoCAD® and
              Terramodel® CADD software is required in order to be able to perform all essential duties of
              this job. Applicants with demonstrated skills with other similar software products will be
              considered but will be expected to quickly develop their skills with these products.
              Demonstrated sound judgement and technical & professional competence in land surveying.
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          Position Description                                             Senior Surveyor I

     C.    Special training and/or abilities necessary to qualify for this position.
           Good verbal and written communications skills required. Familiarity with applying financial data
           to project management; thinking and planning strategically; the building, organization and
           leadership of teams and an understanding of project management skills is highly desirable.
           Must be able to handle multiple projects and tasks at one time.

V.   Working Conditions & Physical Demands: Particular working conditions and/or physical demands
     associated with this position that should be noted (i.e., working environment, hours of work, travel, work
     space, walking, lifting, etc.).
     Work hours are normally early morning to late afternoon (7:00 AM to 6:00 PM, for example) Monday
     through Friday but may vary depending on weather, client needs, company priorities and workload
     or other considerations. Some overtime and/or Saturday work may be required. Position is mostly
     office work at a computer terminal with occasional visits to job sites to observe work and conditions.
     This may involve walking through difficult terrain in all types of weather conditions. Some overnight
     travel may be required. Firm maintains a smoke-free office environment.

VI. Special Considerations
     A.    How closely supervised is this position?  Closely,  Moderately,  Minimally
           Position requires someone who is self-motivated who can work with minimal supervision from
           the Team Leader while accomplishing the essential duties of this position.
     B.    Does this position have supervisory responsibility (i.e., responsible for hiring, firing, performance
           appraisals, etc.)?  Yes,  No.
           Usually directs and supervises the work of one or more technical personnel. Shares in directing
           and supervising the work of an administrative assistant. Makes recommendations concerning
           hiring, promotion, discipline, termination and performance appraisals relating to those under
           his/her supervision.
     C.    Does this position have access to confidential information?  Yes,  No
           May have knowledge of clients’ confidential business plans. Prepares and reviews proposals
           and invoices containing confidential information.
     D.    Does this position have access to or handle company funds?  Yes,  No
           May be assigned a company credit card. May be responsible for administering a local petty
           cash account. May receive advances to cover per diem expenses for out of town work.

VII. General Notes or Comments
     A Senior Surveyor is expected to demonstrate an “ownership mentality” with respect to the
     operations of his/her team as a part of the overall company. Although successful operation of the
     team is of high importance, equally important is the cooperation among all company personnel
     toward achieving overall client satisfaction and corporate goals. All supervisors of the firm need to
     be able to adopt a style of management that includes leading by serving. A Senior Surveyor must
     understand and actively support all of these concepts.
     The firm has adopted a Purpose Statement and a Statement of Core Values. All employees,
     especially managers and supervisors, must understand, accept and apply these statements as
     guiding principles in the daily conduct of their business.
     There are some fundamentals that we need for all employees to grasp as an essential part of being
     a successful member of the Rochester & Associates, Inc. team:
           1. You are needed at your job every day and you need to be on time.
           2. You should dress appropriately for the job you will be performing. This includes dressing
              for safety where applicable.
           3. The desire and motivation to improve and grow needs to come from within you.
           4. If the company does not make a profit, its ceases to exist along with all the jobs there.
           5. Stretch, don’t be afraid to try new things. Ask for help as soon as you need it.

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