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									                                                                                         Integrity. Value. Reliability.

                      Washington Archives Management
                                  Healthcare Solutions
In today’s healthcare organizations, the need for managing     that keep your physical files organized while providing
and protecting patient information has never been more         quick and easy access. Our highly-trained staff will come to
important. At Washington Archives Management we                your office or storage area and pick up your records for
understand the challenge of balancing excellent patient care   storage or destruction. With our Records Management
with cost control and reduction. Our senior leadership         solution you get real-time access to your records through
includes a former healthcare executive who understands         a secure interface that lets you manage the description
what it takes to meet those challenges as well as HIPPA,       and contents list of each item.
JCAHO and daily care delivery needs. With 20 years
experience in records management and having served             Our Records Management Solution includes:
over 80 healthcare organizations you can feel 100%             • O’Neil RS-SQL Records Management Technology
confident in our expertise and ability to deliver state-of-    • Point-to-Point Tracking
the-art information management solutions.                      • State-of-the-Art Fire Protection and Security Systems
                                                               • Automatic File Purging
What can you expect?                                           • Inventory Tracking and Chain of Custody
• Proven solutions to help you manage, store, secure and       • 24-hour File Access
  destroy information effectively                              • On-Demand Box, File and Record Retrieval
• Highly experienced and dedicated staff                       • File indexing and Data Entry
• Exceptional customer service
                                                               File-Room Management: Reduce costs and increase efficiency
Records Management and Archiving: Stored, Secured              Managing and storing patient files is a critical part of patient
and at Your Fingertips                                         care, but can be a significant expense for most healthcare
In today’s complex healthcare environment records              organizations. Let WAM build you a cost effective, secure and
management has become a critical factor in running a           reliable filing system to free up valuable hospital or clinic
successful healthcare organization. There are now legal and    space for patient care while reducing staffing needs in the
technical requirements for storing and destroying patient      process. We will work with your HIM stakeholders to
and administration information. Our Records Management         develop a purge schedule and benchmark file/retrieval
solution can help you manage and meet these requirements.      processes that will exceed the expectation of your care
At WAM we provide secure, dependable, flexible solutions       delivery professionals and reduce costs at the same time!
                                                                          Integrity. Value. Reliability.

                Washington Archives Management
                            Healthcare Solutions
                                    Our File Room Management services will significantly improve onsite
                                    file management with a proven approach for tracking active patient
                                    files and identifying old files for timely purges.

                                    Compliance Management: Making Compliance Easy
                                    With the passage of the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability
                                    Act of 1996 (HIPAA) the importance of managing and securing patient
                                    information has become a necessary part of every healthcare practice.
                                    At WAM we understand the challenges of compliance. We have served
                                    some of the largest Hospitals in the Puget Sound area. Our proven
                                    solutions can help you understand what compliance means to your
                                    organization and develop a plan to assist you in becoming compliant
                                    and remaining compliant.

                                    Imaging: Scan on Demand—From Paper to Pixels in No Time
                                    WAM’s Imaging solution can improve efficiency, reduce costs and
                                    enhance customer service by converting physical files to an electronic
                                    format. Our highly trained staff can prepare, scan and index all of
                                    your documents, then organize them into an easy-to-use digital
                                    database you can access online. Virtually any document can be
                                    scanned for digital storage and online retrieval.

                                    Delivery Services: To Your Door in Four Hours or Less
                                    Order it in the morning, get it in the afternoon. That's what you can
                                    expect from our standard half day delivery service. Just place your
                                    request on our website or by fax. We also provide 24/7/365 emergency
                                    if requested. Whatever you need, whenever you need it, you can
      “The transition was           count on Washington Archives Management to deliver it.
     smooth and complete.
    The attitude of all WAM
     employees is excellent.
The response time is very quick.”

   -Providence Centralia Hospital

                           • 2205 51st Avenue East, Suite 300 • Fife, Washington 98424
                                                                                                              Integrity. Reliability. Value.

Case Study 1: Mason General Hospital
praises ‘highly professional’ archiving program
THE CLIENT                                                                   “The Washington Archives folks were so professional,” Moll said.
Mason General Hospital is located in Shelton, Wash., on the                  “They listened carefully and customized their services to fit our
Olympic Peninsula. Along with its modern facilities and patient-             needs. That was very valuable to us.”
friendly medical care, the hospital maintains several outstanding            The service package also included a scan-on-demand
clinics, including the Diabetes Wellness Center, which was                   component, whereby film is digitized when that patient’s records
recently recognized by the American Diabetes Association for                 are requested by the hospital. The digital images are sent via a
its self-management education program. The prestigious award                 secure network to Mason General’s PACS server, where
lauded Mason General Hospital for offering high-quality education            administrators can provide access to the image for the
services to its patients.                                                    appropriate medical staff. The system maintains confidentiality
THE CHALLENGE                                                                and saves the client time and delivery charges.
In the fall of 2007, Mason General Hospital had completed the                THE OUTCOME
transition from use of traditional x-ray film to digital imaging for         By all accounts, both medical and admin staff at Mason General
its patients. However, the hospital had years’ worth of x-ray films          Hospital were pleased with the convenience, service and flexibility
on file, which were being stored at three separate locations.                radiology archiving service provided. And Moll noted that Washington
An efficient and totally secure means of archiving and accessing             Archives went the extra mile in a most impressive way: they actually
these important patient records was needed. The goals were to:               volunteered to help reduce the fees they were earning.
• Maintain patient confidentiality                                                                             Here’s the story. After archiving the
• Provide physicians with rapid, reli- “ heyvoluntarilyshowedushowtocutbackonthe                   hospital’s x-ray films, physicians
   able access to the radiological files    useofthe‘stat’serviceforobtainingarchivedfilms.           who wished to review a patient’s
• Free up storage space for staff and Theydidn’tjusttakeourmoneyandrun.”                                records could request a set of films
   clinical use                            	 -Eric	Moll,	Chief	Financial	Officer,	Mason	General	Hospital       to be shipped to the hospital via a
“We knew going forward everything                                                                              same-day “stat” delivery service.
[in radiology] would be done digitally,” said Eric Moll, the                    But rather than simply sit back and collect those fees, Washington
hospital’s Chief Financial Officer. “But in certain situations                  Archives suggested the hospital didn’t need to be spending that
when patients are re-admitted to the hospital, our physicians                   kind of money.
still wanted to be able to review the original films for diagnostic             “They showed me a high degree of professionalism by voluntarily
purposes. So we had to make sure we had immediate and                           showing us how to cut back on the number of times we used
hassle-free access to the archives.”                                            the ‘stat’ service for obtaining archived films,” Moll said.
                                                                                “They noticed the high number of requests, and realizing our
THE SOLUTION                                                                    budget limits, set up a conference call to walk us through the
Washington Archives Management’s trained staff went to work                     alternatives, including how to lower our physicians’ expectations.
at each of Mason General’s radiology storage sites. They began
bar coding the hospital’s archive of films and transferring them                “They didn’t just take our money and run, and that certainly
to Washington Archives’ secure, state-of-the-art storage facility               paved the way for us to consider using Washington Archives
in Lacey, Wash. When the films were received at the site, the bar               Management for future records management, that’s for sure.”
codes were scanned and indexed into a central database, which
hospital staff was then able to access whenever needed.
Because Mason General Hospital did not have an institution-
generated bar code on its charts, Washington Archives
Management indexed each x-ray film individually, making it
easier for hospital staff to request individual patients’ films.

Schedule a personal assessment of your institution’s radiological and medical archiving needs by contacting Washington
Archives Management at 800.715.6683. Better management of your most valuable business asset is just a phone call away.
                                                                                                        Integrity. Reliability. Value.

                                                                        Only then could they begin
                                                                        the process of purging of           Full-service records
                                                                        out-of-date films and               management
                                                                        preparing the remaining films       Best-in-business options:
                                                                        for storage—including bar
                                                                                                            • Storage and archiving,
                                                                        coding, recording the bar             with point-to-point
                                                                        code data in a database and           tracking, 24-hour access,
                                                                        building an indexing system           on-demand retrieval, file
                                                                        to efficiently retrieve files         indexing and data entry
                                                                        when needed.
Case Study 2: Providence                                                “Overall, we had more than
                                                                                                            • Imaging solutions to scan
                                                                                                              and index documents into
Hospital enjoys ‘remarkable’                                            90,000 individual patient             a secure database
service and support                                                     files to be archived,” Hake
                                                                                                            • Delivery on demand.
                                                                        explained. “Our biggest fear
                                                                                                              Same-day service,
                                                                        was a few of these might get          without add-on fees
THE CLIENT                                                              lost in the process of transfer-
Providence St. Peter Hospital is a 390-bed, nonprofit teaching          ring them to storage. But to        • Personalized service, with
hospital in Olympia, Wash., and is affiliated with Providence           Washington Archives’ credit,          flexible packages that
Centralia Hospital, about 20 miles south of Olympia with a              they did not misplace a single        deliver what you need and
second campus in Chehalis, another five miles further south             one. It’s really quite remark-        only what you need
along Interstate 5.                                                     able. They coordinated the
As the key medical centers serving Lewis and Thurston                   entire process very efficiently and very professionally.”
Counties, the Providence Hospitals offer extensive diagnostic
and therapeutic services.                                               THE OUTCOME
                                                                        Overall, the archiving and scanning system worked flawlessly,
THE CHALLENGE                                                           according to Hake. The transfer of digital images has proceeded
After full installation of new digital imaging systems, the             securely and confidentially, and the staff assessment was that
Providence Hospitals were equipped for state-of-the-art                 Washington Archives’ personnel are well-trained and technically
diagnosis, but were faced with the need to store and archive            sophisticated.
nearly seven years’ worth of x-ray film.                                Providence St. Peter and Providence Centralia are now able to utilize
“We know that we must maintain those [patient] records, so              the space formerly dedicated in four separate locations to radiologic
proper storage and access was important to us,” explained Robert        records storage, and the on-demand scanning of archived films
Hake, Director of Diagnostic Imaging for Providence Centralia           has helped the hospital maintain a high level of responsiveness to
Hospital. “Plus, we wanted to use the space devoted to storing all      its most important mission: providing its patients the best possible
those records for clinical or administrative uses.”                     health care.
                                                                        Washington Archives Management’s services were an important
“ ouldIrecommendWashingtonArchives’servicesto                   asset to Providence’s operations, Hake concluded.
 records,they’vegotitnailed.”                                       “Would I recommend Washington Archives’ services to a
                                                                        colleague? Absolutely—without hesitation,” Hake said.
	 -	 obert	Hake,	Director	of	Diagnostic	Imaging,	Providence	Centralia   “Everything they did was handled smoothly. Even seeing their
                                                                        storage site was impressive. When it comes to storing and
THE SOLUTION                                                            managing records, they’ve got it nailed.”
Washington Archives Management’s trained team swung into
action, going on-site to understand the hospitals’ process for
digitizing films and to set up a system to remove, secure and
index the backlog of x-ray films.
Washington Archives’ staff had to develop a customized system
that accommodated different film types and modalities so settings
for the digitizer could be properly configured. Transmission of
the digital images required establishing a VPN (Virtual Private                                          2205 51st Avenue East, Suite 300
Network) that met the highest industry security standards.                                               Fife, Washington 98424

Let Washington Archives Management evaluate your institution’s radiological and medical archiving needs by calling
800.715.6683. Better management of your most valuable business asset is just a phone call away.

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