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					                                             Architectural Drafting Articulation

                                                              Arch. Design & Construction Technology            BNC 1251 C Construction Drawing                  3 Cr.
Architectural Drafting I480112        1900 hours                   Drafting & Design Technology                 TAR 2122C Adv, Construction Drawing              3 Cr.
OCP A - E                                                     Bldg & Construction Technology – Cert.            EDT 1320 Introduction to CAD                     3 Cr.
                                                              Computer-Aided Design/Drafting - Cert.            ARC 1126C Architectural Drawing                  3 Cr.

   Pass these PTEC courses with a
                                                            Enroll in any of these SPC programs…                        Receive this SPC credit!
   3.0 or better average…

            Schools offering program
            Pinellas County Technical Education Center
            St. Petersburg Campus

            In accordance with the Interinstitutional Articulation Agreement between the Pinellas County Schools' Board of Education and the St. Petersburg
            College Board of Trustees, this program-to-program agreement provides opportunities for students to receive college credit for appropriate work
            completed at the technical education center. St. Petersburg College agrees to award college credit to Pinellas County Architectural Drafting
            graduates of the technical center as specifically defined above.

            Students must present a portfolio of work demonstrating mastery at an acceptable level. Students will not be charged any fees for the
            awarding of hours covered by this agreement. A grade of "P" will be given for the college credit. A minimum grade point average of 3.0 in the
            program area will be required before credit is issued. Students must enroll at SPC as a degree seeking student within 3 years after graduation to
            be eligible to receive the articulated credit. This Career Pathways Articulation Agreement replaces any previously existing agreements relating to
            the aforementioned program

            This agreement will be reviewed every three years.

            Revised 07/07

            To be reviewed 07/10

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