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					                              Korean Mobile Technoloies and Companies for Global Mobile Vision2008(Version1.1_0910)

          Company                    Website                                                                    Business & Products
1    Dongwon Systems          Small RF Repeater , UltraSmall RF Repeater, Femto-AP
2    SHINGI ACOUSTICS           Mobile phone receiver, Speaker
3         Contela                  WCDMA Femto Cell, WOS, MIH Server, MBMC/BCMCS Solution, M2M Solution
4         DigiCAP             Mobile DRM, Mobile Contents Security
5          FRTEK                   WiMAX repeaters, WCDMA repeaters
6         LogicPlant          Mobile Browser (Server based) : Applicable to Mobile Devices
7    SOLiD Technologies               UMTS ICS Repeater, UMTS Home Repeater(One Box Type),DVB-H/T In-building DAS
8         WITHUS                     RF Repeater, ICS Repeater
9          Klisten               Audio equipment based on DSP technologies
10     GS Instrument         Indoor/Outdoor repeater systems, Network Analyzer, Foneplus, Femtocell
11        Haansoft                Asianux mobile edition/ Linux based OS Platform for mobile device such as MID, sub laptop and smart-phone
                                                            Mobile TV solution in Video Editing, Video Authoring, Video recording, Video Surveillance, Claymation, SNS/UCC
12   Honest Technology
                                                            editor, Photo editor, Mpeg encoder)
13         Huone                OpenVG/OpenGL-ES Solution
14       Gamma Nu                  High Isolation Antenna, DAB receiver,
15          BND                      Converged Messaging Client, Mobile TV Solution, Email Client
16        C-motech                 USB modems of HSUPA,HSDPA,WiMAX, CDMA EV-DO
17         NIBox                     Mobile Porting Solution, Multimedia engine, Multimedia embedded S/W
18         Selnix               USB MEMORY, CHARGER & BATTERY
                                                            Wireless Internet solution, Mobile Service, SCP System, IP System, Established SCE/SMP System, and various intelligent
19        UANGEL       
                                                            network services
20          Fatoz                QURAN Software on NOKIA mobile phone
21     TOMATOFLASH           Mobile USB with mobile phones and digital device

22          nTels                    Convergent Mediation & Charging Gateway, Convergent Rating Engine & Product Manager, Digital Content Management

23 FANTALOG INTERACTIVE            Mobile internet browser, Integrated suite of content management, Mobile emotion engine

24 ACROVERSE CREATIVE           User Interface and application contents on Flash platform for mobile devices, Downloadable contents on Flash platform
25 Samsung Electronics             Mobile handsets, Telecommunications network equipmentssystem
26         3ALogics               RFID, Mobile RFID Chipset
27       Ace Antenna      Mobile Antenna, Repeater, Base Station
28          Actipass     Repeater, Waveguide(Passive) components
29          Airpoint        ICS Repeater and IP-BTS
30      Airtech System      CDMA Repeater, PCS Repeater, Cellular Repeater, GSM Repeater
31           Altgen                Wireless PAN Platform & device, PMG (Personal Mobile Gateway) Management Solution
32    Arion Technology   Digital Satellite Receiver, ISDB-T Receiver for Note PC Desk-Top,
33            Arro                  Folded and Bent Internal Mobile Antenna
34          Bixolon       Mobile Printer, Thermal Printer
35          Broad-Q                Mobile DVB-T Demodulator Chipset
36       BTB Solution        Wireless Internet Solution based ASP, Mobile EPG, Mobile Terminal(Server) Solution
37     C&S Microwave       Repeater system for CDMA, WCDMA, GSM, WiMAX)
38     C&S Technology          Multimedia Chipset, Mobile TV Chipset, VoIP ICs
          Company                  Website                                                                Business & Products
39     Ceyon Technology        RFID Reader, Tag, Antenna

40      Chips&Media       Video Codec technologies(MPEG-2, MPEG-4, H.264, VC-1 and DivX, RV(RMVB) from CIF to Full HD(1080p)
41        Core Logic      Mobile Handset Solution, Mobile Multimedia Chipset(ICs)
42        CoreTrust        Digital Broadcasting/IP TV Protection Solution, Conditional access, DRM
43        Cubicwave       Mobile Handse, CDMA Module
44        Cyberbank             Mobile information devices (PDA),
45          Diabell          Mobile Hinge, IML Window, Connector
46   Digital Image System        Mobile TV modules(DVB-H, T-DMB, ISDB-T)
47       Direct Media      Digital Contents Media Platform , Contents License System
48         Disys             Mobile TV Module & Set-top box, Digital Photo Frame with Mobile TV, Digitial Information Display
49      DTVinteractive    Test &measurement solution for mobile TV, terrestrial/satellite/digital broadcasting
50         ELUON               Home Location Register, Authentication Center, Roaming gateway, USIM management, MMS, Mobile RFID
                                                      Embedded Relational Database Management System (RDBMS), Integration Data Management Platform for general
51        Fusionsoft
52         Gaeasoft   Mobile Platform, Mobile Internet Solution
53         Hampax             Mobile Phone, Mobile TV, DMB Solution
54     Highgain Telecom       Repeater, Antenna
55      I&C Technology       CMOS SoC Design, DMB, Settop Box Chipset(RF&Analogue Chip),
56     INKA Entworks          DRM Adaptor (EXIM) Solution,
57        Innoace            Mobile Platform, Wireless Internet Infra, Multimedia VOD/MOD Player (Multimedia) Solution, Mobile SNS
58         INSPRIT          Wireless Convergence, Dynamic Content Delivery, Mobile Widget Delivery
59          InziSoft        OCR, ICR, 2D Barcode, Image Security, Mobile Letter Recognition
60      KISAN Telecom      WCDMA, WiBro, DMB Repeater, Gap Filler, VoIP
61      LG Electronics        Mobile Phones and Accessories
62      MIZI Research           Mobile application platforms based on embedded Linux
63         Mobilus         Mobile Full Browsing, Browser Engine, DRM Client&Server
64         Mteksoft         Mobile Multimedia Solution, GUI(Pattern matching), Remote safeguard solution
65           MTI             RF Repeaters for CDMA & WCDMA, In-Building Distribution System for CDMA & WCDMA
                                                      MPEG-4 authoring tool and transmitting system for broadcasting and communication combined interactive service
66         Net&TV    
                                                      based on DMB system.
67         Netblue         PSS Wibro Modem, Base station
68         Nuribom           Mobile Handset S/W and application development
69          Ocube       Smart Phone Solution, Symbian Application
70         Omnitel         Mobile broadcasting system by Cell Broadcasting Service, Mobile Contents
71        Oniontech        Mobile Contents, Ringtone Service, 3G VMS, LBS
72       Ontime Tech        Multimedia server system,Mobile VOD Platform, Mobile Broadcasting System, Multimedia traffic system
73        Ontimetek        DMB, DAB Encoder, Mobile TV Terminal
74         Pixtree           Mobile TV(T-DMB Video/Visual Radio) Encoder, DMB Headend System
75         PREXCO      Mobile Hinge
76         Reakosys         MPEG 4 Solution, Mobile 3D Engine Solution
77       RF Window          ICS Repeater
78       RFMorecom         Duplexer and Filter, Divider, coupler, Tower Top Amplifier, GPS antenna, attenuator, Indoor repeater
79         R-Tron             Repeater, Amplofier
80       SHELL-LINE       Mobile Slide Hinge module
81       SK Telesys        Repeater system for CDMA, WCDMA, GSM, WiMAX), Access Control Router, Radio Access Station
        Company               Website                                                             Business & Products

82   Thin Multimedia   Mobile multimedia such as mobile IPTV, mobile advertising, and mobile RTS(Real-time Transcoding System
                                                Messaging, Mobile VAS, AIN-IP, PPS (Prepaid/Postpaid System), VAD (Voice Activated Dialing), CMX (Call Mixer eXchange)
83     TI SQUARE
                                                based on the Core Network service

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