Areas Volumes Formulas of Different Shapes Pre Algebra MATH 23 4units A O’Leary

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					Pre Algebra                                                     MATH 23        4units
A. O’Leary

Prerequisite: Math 10B with grade C or better; or El Camino placement test
              with passing grade
Instructor: Ms O’Leary –Telephone- (310) 660-3224 during office hours
Office Hours: MCS 200 MW 6:20-6:45pm              or by appointment
Text: Prealgebra 3rd edition       Tussy and Gustafson

Objectives: This course is designed to bridge the gap between arithmetic and formal algebra
Topics include solving algebraic equations with integers, fractions and percents, operations on
different sets of numbers, recognizing equivalences when they occur, finding perimeters, areas,
volumes of geometrical shapes, representing linear relationships with tables, graphs and
Attendance: Regular attendance is required for the entire class period. Otherwise an absence is
recorded. A student may be dropped after 3 unexcused absences. After 2 absences or a missed
exam , a student should make an appointment with the instructor.
Tardiness: Every attempt should be made to come to class on time. Points will be deducted for
excessive tardies. After the first 2 classes, three tardies are allowed without penalty. Two points
will be deducted for each tardy thereafter.

Homework (HW): Assignments will be made at each meeting. It is due the next class meeting to
be put on the board and discussed. Student participation is required (Points are deducted from
your hw for non-participation). In general HW will be collected prior to an exam ,quiz, or after a
chapter is completed , and graded. NO LATE HW accepted.
 In general, students will not use calculators on exams. A ruler with inches and centimeters required

Exams: There will be 4-5 closed book exams and a cumulative two-hour final exam.
NO MAKE-UP TESTS will be given. If a test is missed, it is recorded as a zero. . See instructor
if extenuating circumstances occur. Please contact in person or call and leave a message
One such zero score (excluding final) will be replaced by 0.8 times the final exam % grade.
To receive a passing grade the final exam must be taken.
Grading: Your grade will be determined by the total points on quizes(15-30 points each),
homework(1 point each section), tests( 100 points each), and the final exam (approx 150 points).
A mini-test is 50 points.
Tentative grading scale: 90-100 %- A            80-89%- B
                          68-79% - C             55-67%- D         0-54 %- F
Study Habits: Experience indicates that students with irregular attendance do poorly in school.
Students who do not keep up with their assignments do not do well on tests. According to your
ability, you should plan. 4 hours per class for study outside of class. Doing homework
immediately is the key to success, as well as memorizing formulas
Help is available in the tutoring room in MCS 106. Get a study buddy, use the tutor lab, and
visit the instructor during office hours as frequently as needed

Behavior: No disruptive behavior, talking, listening to walkman, doing other class work,
cheating, etc is not tolerated and student may be dropped or asked to leave. Cheating on tests
results in an immediate “F”. Please turn off all electronic devices prior to entering classroom.
Because of liability, no children or visitors are permitted in the classroom.

Withdrawal: It is the students responsibility to process an official withdrawal from class at the
admissions office. The last day to withdraw with a W is listed in the college catalogue. Students
who withdraw after this date receive an F for the course.

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