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									                                            WEST CAMPUS COMMENTS
     I have never eaten on campus. I take evening and night classes, therefore ,the reason the second part survey contains
1    all neutral answers
     Overall the foodservice and quality are good, however, the costs are too high for a campus. Additionally, would like the
2    cafeteria to be open beyond 12:00p. Even if it was just minimum drinks and food, over 100 nursing students are still on
     campus well past 12:00p
     The food at the west campus cafeteria is grease, the cheese used for sandwiches tastes like flour, and, it is hard to find
3    the turkey in the turkey wraps
     The quantity, variety, and quality of the foods served are abysmal. The prices, too, are outrageous. The food service
4    employees and cooks are not friendly nor do they exude much professionalism

5    The food for the most part isn't to bad, but as a full time student I prefer a bit more variety in my meal selections
     The only thing I buy on campus is coffee. And the price of one 12oz cup is to expensive. I buy it to keep me awake for
6    my classes. But if there was a microwave available, I would bring my own and make it
7    run a better cafeteria with competetive prize tags, you make big $
     I honestly would have to say that the prices for the food is very high and poor quality. Its like being back at lunch in
8    Middle School. It would be nice to have a little Cafe' with great salads sandwiches and soup. I think that it would sell big
     think having two chefs on duty will help with the speed of grilled foods. Because their are times were i only have 15
9    minutes between classes and become late because the line is long
10   I enjoy the cafe in the health services building
     I do not eat in the school cafeteria too much anymore because they do no accept my debit card anymore and the speed
11   of service is extremely slow. It is also cheaper to eat at a fast food resteraunt
12   a soup/salad bar would be great!

13   I would like a menu that wouldn't change on a daily basis, and a friendly staff, and the ability to pay with credit card
14   The school should offer more salad and fresh fruits

     The prices for the food are way too high, thats the reason nobody eats there and gooding's doesnt make a profit. I think
15   that Valencia should let private companies invest in fast food restaurants inside of the campus. Create the offer and
     demand will come. I would rather eat in campus but there are no ecnomically fit options there
     every time i go to the cafeteria i have to wait in a long line and there is only one person waiting on people. there is also
16   not food ready to eat ie. chik-fil-a
17   Would like healthy food. Low Fat

18   I would like to see more healthy, fresh choices at the school. A menu similar to Panera Bread's would be great
     I would just like to know if there is any way the cost of food at the cafe could be reduced. We dont get what we pay for
19   which is one of the reasons I stopped eating at the cafe so much
20   I would like to see more healthy choices
21   I'd like to find more salads in our campus caffe and more hot food - e.g. pasta,soup
22   My only suggestion is to lower the prices a little bit and to offer a wier range of food and drinks
23   is it possible to open a healthy organic cafe of something close to in on campus ...(
     Being dual-enrolled I go to school at TFA which meets at the First Baptist Church of Orlando. THe cafeteria food there is
24   amazing. I think it would be worth the time if you talked to the person in charge of the cafeteria because they have a
     range of the healthier wraps as well as pizza and other junk food

     I like eating breakfast and snacks on campus.. it's really convenient. However, the price of some of the items now are
     really high. I often wonder how they expect poor college students to pay $.89 for a little carton of milk that I would
     have paid $.30 for in highschool, or $5 for a chicken salad wrap or sandwich, or $3.69 for a small bowl of miscellaneous
     fruit in the morning. I can go to Publix and buy the large bowl of fruit for the same price, but I guess you pay for
     convenience huh? Valencia's caffeteria is great, but the prices have got to go. Another thing I face is the limited menu.
     There's not a whole lot of variety. I can live with that I guess.. as long as the selections aren't all over 2 per item! :)

     You should offer more sandwiches/subs like Subway, etc where you can build your own. It is nice to have Chick-fila, but
26   who wants a fried sandwich? Why not offer grilled. The grilled chicken sandwich Valencia serves is not that good. We
     need to be offering more low fat items, that way more Americans can control their weight and not be obese
     The food and drinks on campus are very expencive, I would rather go off campus and eat because, it's cheaper and I
27   have more money to spend on something else later on in the week
28   they need to have spanish food for the hispinic public.

29   I would more prefer to be served foods that are made fresh and home styled-not heated up from the freezer or fried in
     oil-and foods that are healthy and make the rank for the nutritional pyramid. Also, less sodas and more milk
     We need more salads and wraps. East Campus made excellent wraps that they would mix up with dressing while you
30   waited
31   hours for people taking class during the evening or night will the hours change?
32   I would like to see food services over next to building 7 and 9 on the West Campus
33   I'd like to see more healthy eating choices

     Your food quality is good but your asking prices are too high. This is a public school not a private one. These are
34   students trying to obtain an education and some work to pay tuition just to stay afloat. Then they have to look at your
     extremely high prices just to get a bite to eat. Please consider lowering your prices. Thank you.
35   cheap candy like now laters laffy taffy more chips cheaper maybe??
     During the hours of 11am thru 1pm, food service quantity and speed of service needs improvement,I've the occassion
36   during those time period not to have eaten due to certain food stuffs have run out or because of the lack of enough
     employee's, time did not permit the luxury of sitting to eat

37   it'd be great if there were a fast food restaurant like subway or the same kind,i think healthy food it's really important

     Just a side comment, I am a fan of Chick-Fil-A Sandwiches. I have purchased several CF sandwiches on campus, and
     they are terrible. The chicken is always dry, and they always leave off the traditional chick-fil-a pickles, an important
     part of what makes those sandwiches so great. I happen to know from previous experience that those sandwiches do
     not store well because of the fried chicken drying out so quickly. If you plan to keep chick-fil-a sandwiches, perhaps you
     would want to get some of their grilled chicken, or grilled chicken club sandwiches, as those tend to keep much longer
     without spoiling the flavor. -Daniel Hall

     dont like the people who are over the food on campus now. they are not clean i personally watched the man give some
     onion rings to a lady she held them for about 8 min waiting on just a burger they took so long she said never mind and
     gave the onion rings back and the guy put the onion ring back in the bin to serve to someone else. i complained to the
     manager and she said thatis there policy. i have never eat there since.
40   We need more variery of food and star accepting credit cards of any kind.

41   I feel that the cafeteria's location and service are perfectly fine, it is the price ranges which keep me away from it

42   The food needs to be more nutritional. The current choices are extremely high in calories and fat. As a soon to be
     dietician no human being should be eating the artificial, preservative-loaded, junk that is available right now.

43   There has been many times where I have rushed from work to campus and not had time to stop and eat. By having the
     cafe staying open later hours would accommodate students that are taking evening classes
     I would love to be able to eat on campus; however, everything except the coffee shop closes too early. Now, I don't
44   mind the coffee shop; however, I would like something more substantial and would like to be able to pay with American
     I think that some of the prices at Valencia Community College's cafeteria are too high and unreasonable considering that
     most of the students are working part time or coming directly from high school. *I also think that they should realize
45   how much competition they have with all the other options that are near them like:Crispers, Pizza Hut, Wal-Mart... email-

     The food smells bad, looks like playdoh, and tastes like card board. I refuse to eat things I wouldnt feed to a dog, so
     you wont be getting my money on campus for food items until you #1 get food worth cooking #2 find people who know
     how to cook it or teach those you have how to #3 clean up the pig pin you expect people to eat in Instead of putting
     money into a stupid survey, why dont you get off your lazy rear end and go eat in these facilities on a daily and weekly
     basis yourself. Unless your main diet is some form or paper product or bark, it wont be very hard to recognize the
     problems with this situation. My advise;
     Why we have to pay $.70 cent to use debit card? Why the coffe is too expensive in the cafe place at the library? It is a
47   second starbuck!!!! Why the food is so bad at the cafeteria on B-2
48   I don't really eat any of the food on campus so I dont think my answers will be very useful!
     The food on campus is excellent but too expensive. I only make a certain amount of money a week and some people
49   cannot afford to purchase food. We all have other expenses to pay too.
50   I usually take online and telecourse classes and do not take advantage of the on campus cafe
     1) Sometimes the entree selections 'run-out' and they aren't replenished. 1) It would be great to have more variety in
51   foods

     like hamburgers but the ones offered here are precooked and soaking in a grease pot before being put on the grill
52   again. everything is too expencive. the same amount of money i spend on chik fila on campus i can get the fries and a
     drink at the actual place for almost the same price. where are your salad bars?
53   I always eat b/4 going to campus (at home) so really none of these questions pertain to myself
54   cut the cost of the food items and more variety
55   Need better prices...Should be able to get free refills

     we need more of a veriety of foods @ the cafeteria. We also need more help. The service would be better if we had
56   more then one cook on duty and if you offered something other then greasy burgers and chick-fil-a. The prices could be
     a little more reasonable as well. Thats another reason why i think more people go off campus to eat.
57   The reason I don't use the cafferia often is because you don't recieve enough food per dollar
58   I think there should be a greater HEALTHFUL selection of food choices on campus

     the overall look of the place is okay. it's a comfortable environment, but the prices for food is too high and the quality
     isn't so great. even if the prices were cheaper i wouldn't eat there only because sometimes the food isn't thoroughly
     cooked. when i do eat in the cafeteria it's only because it's conveniently located near my class and i don't take the risk
     of losing my parking space by leaving campus.
     I liked when you added the Chick-Fil-A selections to the West Campus. I am also often at the Winter Park campus and I
     would take advantage of a quick service cafeteria a lot. Could the cafeteria hours at west campus be extended on
     food on campus is not very good and over priced,thats why i have stopped going to the cafeteria on campus. You should
62   offer more variety for better prices

63   The biggest problem with campus food is that it is too expensive!!!!!!!
64   More variety of food on school campus cafeteria.

     The food currently at the west campus as far as the cafeteria goes is not very good. It is over priced and is low quality. I
     do like the cafes and prefer going to them for cold meat sandwiches before I consider the cafeteria. We need better
     quality food at a reasonable rate. Many times I have a short break that only gives me enough time to stay on campus
65   for lunch. I do not like spending seven dollars on chicken tenders, fries, and a drink. That is crazy! I can go to any fast
     food chain and get better quality at a cheaper price. Most of us that are in school can't afford these overpriced items!
     Also the cafeteria does not accept my debit card. So I have to use the ATM at the school that charges me an additional
     1.50. Please tell me that we will receive better food at an affordable price
     please make sure that the omlettes are properly cooked. the other day i ate one and i had to throw it away. i vomitted
66   everything. also cleanliness is key
     Cafeteria food is really awful, but the little coffee stand in library's good. Expensive, but tastes better than the other
67   place. Would like to see better prices all around and some sort of variety like a food court. Maybe one of those places
     that have two different restaurants like taco bell and kfc together
68   Your food sucks! I whouldn't eat there if it were the last palce on earth
     on the east campus they have(or had) salad wraps with chicken that are sooooo good, i would love to be able to get
69   those at the west campus. i would get them twice a day if i could. could we have them in the west campus cafeteria?
     The cafeteria has very poor choices and very limited selections. Any proper food management company should be able
     to see this. I do not think they have to offer hot food, however, certainly salad bars/ soups and deli sandwiches. I
70   thought the grille did a good job with sandwiches for the most part, but the line is always quite long and
     students/faculty usually cannot wait very long
71   I think the prices are too high, and I think there should be a wider range of more healthful foods

72   An on campus eatery should have the food and atmosphere of a typical off campus eatery. Make us forget that we are
     enjoying our lunch at school! A wide variety of food would be great, along with cheap prices on some items.
73   I would love a steak escape in the cafeteria
     lower prices of food and advertise more... i'm a student that has been going to the west campus so long that i finally
74   found ou there was a cafeteria about my second year the #1 complaint is that nobody knows about it and then when
     they do go see the place for themselves they say the prices are to high!
75   I find the people working in the cafeteria pleasant, helpful and knowledgeable
76   i would probabily eat on campus more if they actually had choices for food
     Well, I really love the food at Valencia West, but it is a little pricey for us poor college students. Although the service
     itself is exquisite and I love the atmosphere there. However, the cost of the food is my main inhibitor of going there. I
77   usually can only go there MAYBE once a week. Feel free to respond or send me a comment. My name is Chris and you
     can reach me at
78   Food quality is mediocre and prices too high for the quality
79   i have no comments what so ever

     As a single mother on financial aid, affordable and healthy are two words that do not mix, especially in your cafateria.
     As a nursing student I spend a lot of time on campus. I could pack my meals but sometimes there is not enough time so
     I rely on the campus "hot plate special". My advice would be to offer discounts or reduced prices for those on financial
     aid because we cannot afford to eat in your cafateria. I would also like to say that I find it ridiculous that pizza,
     hamburgers and other greasy junk food costs less than the "hot plate" which is supposed to be close to the daily food
     pyramid and offer a healthy variety of foods. We are a society of over weight individuals and one reason is the non-
     healthy fatning food is cheaper. We all need to do some changing and it has to start with cafaterias such as ours on VCC
     because most people choose not to leave campus because of parking issues so if there was a larger variety of healthy
     food we would accomadate one another, we get good healthy food and you get the money.
     When going to college there is not many students that can afford to eat in the cafteria. I bring all my food from home it
81   is less cost to myself. There is not much to choose from but grease. Most of the stuff is grilled. The package stuff is pre

82   I, being a pure vegitarian, believe that more vegetarian dishes should be available.
     The cafeteria on West Campus smells horrible, like burned grease. I hate going in there to buy food because the smell
83   turns my stomach
     think the atmosphere of the dining room is bad. There is the lake to look at, but other than that it is non inviting. Maybe
84   new carpet, paint, new tables and chairs, dividers, decorations, etc. The changes over the course of the past year have
     been good, but more is needed.
85   The cafeteria at the west campus needs a lot of improvement in terms of service and food variety
     I think that campus should have a salad bar and fresh pizza or healthy sandwiches on campus. Right now there is
     nothink fresh or vegeterian there. Plus the quality of the food is so horrible that my whole class (apprx.20 students)
86   usually ends up going out to eat because there is nothing fresh or its too expensive and plus we get charged extra for
     using our debit cards
     1) Is Valencia going to have fast-food services on campus? 2) I think that the food that is being served is ok, but the
87   prices are horrible.
88   The staff at the West Campus is always friendly and helpful

     I personally think that the cafeteria is very overpriced. I would think that a school cafeteria would do what it could to
89   help the students considering that it is already costing so much money to attend. Somedays I just don't even eat if I
     have forgotten my lunch because I am not willing to spend 6.00 on a regular turkey sandwich and a drink
90   Food is a bit pricey, but good to eat, overall
91   The West campus food is very high, need to decrease prices

     This semester has better foodservice employees behind the hot line. Last semester, it was very segregated and if you
92   weren't of a certain race you would get served last. Overall the food quality is ok, but there is no good choices. I wish
     there was a salad bar with soups. the only salads west campus has are pre made ceasar. (yuck)

93   On the west campus the "hot lunch" area closes too early. I usually eat after my 1-2:15 class and by then i have to eat
     something from the grill. I am a vegetarian and one can only eat fries so many times in one week.

94   The food selection is limited and the cafe is always completely crowded when you are trying to get a cup of coffee, they
     need to hire more people and get more equipment, a lot of people eat at the cafe and the cafeteria I have many times wondered why the food service here was so limited to just this and that. If you
95   want people to enjoy lunch from a school sanctioned place, then there should be a place were people can be
     comfortable and relaxed while they eat??? and no i am not talking about some poor excuse for a place to enjoy my food
      My only problem with eating at the cafeteria is the food is prepared before arriving. Take for instance the chicken fingers
      which I have got quite a few times, they are normally very hard. French fries are always hard and cold. Quality of food
96    does not compare to the worst fast food off campus. But a lot of times I dont have a choice but to eat on campus. Scott

97    what types of food are you looking to serve and who are your major bidders to the contract.

      There should be a little bit more variety. Maybe some more healthier items such as salads and good sandwiches and not
      so much fried things. A lot of us spend a good amount of time on campus and hate to leave to go get food because
      when we do we lose our parking spots and have a hard time finding another one when we get back. I think that if there
      was more things to choose from then I think we would be more likely to stay on campus to eat.

99    I would expect a student cafe would have better prices compaired to the fast food industry. I was suprised to see what
      you are charging, it is better for me to order off a dollar menu at the fast food places
100   lowering the prices and having more variety to choose from will make me eat at the caff. more often
      High prices are too high in my honest opinion. Why pay so much money for a average sized burger, when I can get a
101   bigger burger for the same price and sometimes cheaper
102   ijust think that the food on campus are very exspensive
      I only attend on campus class once a week and it is during the evening. I have not eaten in the Cafe or purchase from
103   vending machines (maybe 2x

      Need healthier, low fat options in both cafeteria and coffee shops. Coffee drinks are good. Baked goods at coffee shops
104   are too large (3 times larger then what a serving should be) and taste like they were previously frozen. Friendly service.
      Very good prices (as I student I appreciate that). A sub shop (Subway) would be great.
      I believe that there should be more affordable food choices accompanied by healthier food choices. There is no reason
105   that most foods sold should not be fresh and they definitly do not need to be all fried. (ex: grilled chicken that is
      affordable, not just affordable fried chicken)
      The food service is fine but way too expensive and if it goes up , which it probably will due to the "new contractor" then
      I will never eat there again. $2.99 for a cheeseburger / $1.45 for a dog $1.50 for a soda ......come on we are students
      not full time employees with cash flowing out of our pockets. We are your future work force so before you gouge us
      realize that if we are too in debt due to ridiculous prices then you will recieve crappy service and few dedicated
      employees anywhere

107   don't normally eat on campus because I do not eat meat, and what is available is fried or not my idea of healthy. I liked
      eating at east campus b/c they had a Subway there and I could get a vegetarian meal there
      like the cafeteria location, but I think if we would have a better viriety and helthier selections I would definately eat
108   there more often if not all the time

109   I work full time during the day and take classes at night. Sometimes I don't get home until 10:00pm and would like
      something on campus but it is closed. Please have the Cafe stay open later for the night classes
      I believe that the prices at the cafeteria are very high. Students have to manage a budget including
110   rent/phone/electricity and other bills. Sometimes there isn't enough money to actually buy lunch at the cafeteria for the
      high expences, and because of this, students would find themselves starving
      The staffs are not friendly. It almost looks like they do the job to get paid, although it is miserable for them to be there.
      However, it does not apply to all employee there. The food does need to improve a lot in quanlity and variety. I know
      this is food from the cafeteria, I should not expect very high standard. So then let's make it cheap food. But do not
      make students pay more money than they should, just to get cheap, low quanlity food. The prices and the quanlity of
      food should be equal or near to equal as much as possible. I understand we need money to maintain the school
      cafeteria, my question is: was that not the maintaining fee that was included in students' tuition. I attend VCC as full-
      time student. Besides, I do not drive. So, I ate in the cafeteria during my first semester (Fall 2005). However, it is just
      so frustrating for me, up to a point when I decided I have to bring something from home to eat. I, myself, as an
      international student, do pay about three times the amount of money that domestic students pay to go to school. So I
      do expect something more from the school. And I need to see some big changes before I, as a student and as a
      customer, consume food from the cafeteria again. I do visit the cafeteria at least once a week, if not more. My email:
      I would like more healthier options. There is one fresh salad offered, not much variety. If I did choose to get something
      from the grill(and I don't because of the nutritional values) I'd have to stand in a line of 20 people because everyone is
112   eating at the same time and we just don't have much time between classe. I usually pack my lunch so I know it is good
      for me and I don't have to wait to eat
113 and (407)298-8242 Whitney A. Goulbourne
114   the west campus can push for a more fresh salad bar
115   If the food on campus was not gross I would eat there. The quality is poor, it's cold over cooked and greasy
116   Comment: The line waiting for food around lunch time is always long and I have a class
117   I would like to see more Options for Vegetarians! and For those who are watching calories and fat
118   The valencia west campus should have an on campus chik-fil-a like the east campus has

119   In the main cafeteria, variety would be nice. The salad bar that was once there was appreciated. The little cafes on the
      west campus, in the library and in the health services building are nice, but their menus need a little expanding
120   selection, quality, fair prices. are always a good draw
      the service at the cafe is biast- i am sorry to have to say this, but if you are white you get crappy service. if you are
121   racially diverse,hispanic or black, the servers will serve you first no matter wher the line is located. This is the sad truth
      of the valencia west campus cafe
      The prices are too high for very simple fair w/out good quality, service is extremely slow and lackidaisical. Assortment is
122   appaling small. Cleanliness is also an issue. Atmosphere is dark and stuffy
123   The service and the food is usually good but the price and preperation time make it unreasonable

      The food products on campus that shoul be hot are most of the time could. There is not to much variety of products and
124   the prices are very high, considerating that we are students and most of the time we can not afford it. Please, not just
      make this survey just for making it, we are going to appreciate that some body really listen to us
125   I think it would be nice to have a salad bar and/or a cold sandwich bar- to create my own lunch!!!

126   I think the overall quality of the food on the East as well as the West campus is very poor. It lacks taste and variety. We
      need food where people can really sit down and say they enjoy. The food is tasteless if you ask me and too bland
127   would dine on campus much more often if the food was better and not so expensive

128   A salad bar would be nice. More easy quick to eat food. Diet type stuff like south beach meals would be great
129   More healthy options
130   West Campus food service is the pits. Why does East Campus have better food and service
131   goodings needs to have their contract canceled
      I have only eaten at the cafeteria once. That time was pleasant, the area was clean, the price was what I expected to
132   pay. But I really can't judge the quality, service, or cost of the food
      The food sold at the West Campus is outrageously expensive, they even charge for water!! I'm a college student, that
133   means my money goes to paying for school expenses and bills. I really choose not to eat on campus because it is too
134   Healthy snacks would be nice, trail mix, healthy bars, dried fruit, low-fat chips, hummus/pita
135   Have value meals

      I stoped eating in school because the food quality was not good; so I manage to bring my own food everyday. It would
      be great if there was variety; at least adding some spanish rice, beans, chicken instead of just plain american food. I've
136   tried the rice there and it has no taste; the pizza and chicken strips, well i can find them better in another place at a
      cheaper price;BUT above all the price is just too expensive and with gas going up and living so far from school as many
      other people agree it doesn't help
      Most students would appreciate more variety of food to choose from because most of us do get food on the way to or
137   from class

      Obesity and lack of nutrition is a big issue facing our country and I think Valencia should have healthir choices of food.
      Even though some of the foods may appear nutritious, it is often canned food or contains a lot of hidden fat, calories
      and unwanted ingredients. I know it would be more difficult to keep and serve fresher, more nutritional foods but if they
      were available, I think students would purchase them
      How am I to have any faith in the reliability of a company based in the opposite end of the country (Portland, Oregon)
139   that has been contracted to help to "fix" the problems in our COLLEGE cafeteria when that company cannot even spell
      the recurring word "occasionally" in its survey
      The cafeteria needs to expand on its' variety of foods served and there should be more people to serve the food. A
140   faster service would be very helpful. There should be more choice of tea for students like me who needs a good cup of
      tea in the morning
      From time to time, I will purchase a sandwich (turkey club) and chips at the cafeteria. In general, though, the food
      selection on campus is very poor; I avoid eating lunch here because most of what is offered is unhealthy, American junk
      food: hamburgers, hotdogs, fried chicken, pizza, fries, chips, cookies, etc. The salad bar is now apparently defunct
      (which never did offer olive oil and vinegar), and I can't even get an unsweetened iced tea unless I go to the coffee
      spots. The hot-lunch cart is at times acceptable, but I have also been disappointed with portion sizes there, which is
      very frustrating because I cannot imagine that a bowl of green beans would need to be rationed to guarantee a
      reasonable profit. Prices in general are high considering the poor quality of food, and food/drink items that are brought
      in, such as Arizona tea/orange juice, are very expensive, priced at least 1/3 more than any standard 7-11. If this is truly
      an institution of higher learning, good quality and healthy food should be part of that equation. I would begin by booting
      Chick-Filet and bringing in a Subway, a much healthier alternative with a better selection. GOOD QUALITY sub
      sandwiches (with fresh vegetables), pastas, salads, rice and beans, etc., along with slightly more generous portions
      I would like to see some decent fast food items available, but also some healthy alternatives such as FRESH SALADS,
142   unbreaded chicken breast sandwiches, fresh turkey or chicken wraps with condiments on the side or light mayo
      available. Low fat yogurt, fresh fruit, etc

      I would really like to see an improvement in the quality and variety of foods/beverages currently offered on the VCC -
143   West Campus (Cafeteria, vending machines etc.). A great need currently, due to the health and appearance of the
      general public is to make drastic changes/adjustments in eating patterns and types and amounts of foods consumed
      The main problem that I have with the cafe is the price. I don't have a problem with the quality of the food, but I don't
      think it's worth the price. If they offered better items such as, romane lettace, greek salads, hot garlic bread sticks,
144   "real" pizza, etc. the prices might be worth it. I you need a commity to develpe menu choices, I will be happy to
145   why are the prices so high on the west campus at valencia College

      I find the selection offered limited not only in selection but as to availablity--at times food runs out--also the timing--
146   12:00 all items should be stocked and available, also what is the student supposed to do on friday afternoon--perhaps
      keep lunch available until 1:30????? Lids for coffee would also be a special treat---Thank you
147   more food choices and more healthy choices
      Question 20 ask if you like using your Bank Card I responded yes, the only thing I don't like about using my bank card
148   is the usage fee
      HSB new cafe is very nice. it lacks in variety though, if you are trying to get something during a class break in the
149   evening, you have to take it in class with you because you are too press for time
      There should be something open later like a place to get a slice of pizza late as I and many fellow students are on
150   campus until almost 10 pm some nights
      i believe that the prices at the cafe on campus is a bit expensive for college students. i enjoy eating between classes but
151   cannot afford to pay the meals

      Suggestion: This is a perfect opportunity for VCC to develop and control its own cafeteria and provide better quality food
      for the students AS WELL AS provide excellent training to BOTH the culinary arts students and business major students.
      It can also provide jobs for the students-besides menial work. Imagine, business students have to develop flow statistics
      for the cafeteria, the restaurant manager students have to take that information and order the correct amount of food
      for each day/week/month, the class that teaches baking, making the bread needed every day, the chefs making GOOD
      food as part of their training, event planners developing such things as "iron chef" cookoffs that the students who eat at
      the cafeteria get to vote on. If there are not enough classes to keep consistently providing food-hire the students who
      are taking the class-that's what the goal is. It would look really good on a students resume if he/she could, instead of
      saying I took some training, could say I ran the cafeteria for the time that I was in my class. Anyway....just a thought
153   Quality is the main reason I seldom patronize the cafeteria at Valencia

154   I think there should be more healthy choices on campus such as a salad and soup bar or more fruit options. I think the
      cafe is limited too much to pizza, fried foods and chick fil-a FRIED sandwiches and chicken fingers

      I'm an international student. I have a on-compus job. I bring my food almost every day because the food from cafe is
155   very expensive. They almost cost me one hour's wage of my job $6.4 if I want to want to have a nice and hot meal. Ok!
      I can look for something cheap, but I can't have burger and hot bogs every day, right
      Most of the student population is on financial aid or we are just the plain, working poor. I seek out the cheapest food
      possible. Believe it or not school food is too expensive for me. It costs the same as the hospital where I am doing
      clinical rotations. An innovative idea would be to turn the cafeteria into a food court like you find at the mall. That would
      give the students choices. The school could get a profitable contracts with fast food chains; Subway (equals 2 meals),
156   Taco Bell (cheap), Wendy's (cheapest),...etc. Through advertising, word of mouth people from the community and
      businesses could also bring their $$$ and dine there for lunch. This could contribute to word of mouth advertising for
      our school. Think of the possibilities. But, before that could happen adequate parking must be addressed first. Parking
      garages for our campus would be great. It is worth the cost. More parking = more students = more $$$ Sherri Lund
      Radiography program Senior
157   n/a
158   Why is the lunch room food service so high prices?
159   good

160   To eat on campus must mean convenience from a location perspective as well as time perspective. Prices must be fair
      as well and the food good for the price paid. However the price should be less than if we left campus to eat
161   The prices are way too expensive for us students and the variety is poor
162   Food is too expensive to eat there often, especially for students. The food is sometimes cold or soggy

      The coffee carts have better food than the cafeteria. The cafeteria quality continues to go down while prices go up. The
163   girll food gives me indigestion from the greasy after-taste and I get tired of cold sandwiches every day. Hot line is
      disappointing overall. I bring my lunch on days when I know I can't get off campus to have a meal
164   The prices at the Campus cafeteria are a lot more expensive than majority of fastfood restaurants
      Overall the food service is not very good on the West Campus as compared to the East Campus. I think that the service
      and the variety on the East Campus is much better than that of the West campus and since I am taking the majority of
165   my classes on the West Campus now it would be nice to have the same level of food and service as the East campus.
      Thank you
      A food court with standard prices may relieve students from spending extra on gas (and time between classes) to leave
      campus and will add variety to food available for purchase. I don't see how the present cafeteria can offer better food at
166   more reasonable prices, but students and staff may be more amenable to spending money here with foods they know
      and afford, even if just occassionally
      Is there any way that the caferteria can be more of local fast food resturants like subway,smoothie king and all the
      other great things that are out there not for students but for faculty and staff too that they like to eat. I know that some
167   community college have kfc,are some local seafood and bar-b-que place. But I'm just suggesting to you and not to be
      picky about the situatuion. Thank You
168   They csn offer value tickets if you eat often at the campus

169   Choices are a big thing in this day and age. Co branding is also big Atmoshpere is also huge and despite the best
      attempts on West Campus it needs like an extreme makeover regardless of who you pick to cook. Chef Ken
170   More real healthy choices would be nice. Snack such little carrot bags//cereal boxes, etc

171   there seems like there' not many choices in restaurants really close to campus. there's a MacDonald's, Dunkin Donuts,
      Chopotle's, and that's about it. i usually have to drive out of the way to find something good to eat

      I feel very strongly that we are doing our students and staff a disservice by serving high calorie, highly processed food.
172   I would also like to see organic and fresh food options that include balanced (providing protein combinations) for
      vegetarians. Because the food service options offer little or none of these, I choose to bring my lunch
      Cafeteria should provide more healthier, freshly prepared food, not just hamburgers and hotdogs. Yes there's
173   sandwiches and wrpas there, but I prefer "Freshly made".
      Conveinence and intense hunger are the only reasons I ever choose to eat in the West cafeteria. It is dirty and the food
174   is terrible
      Sandwiches and wraps are really convenient to young people, we can just grab and go. Fruit salads are also healthy and
175   popular with everyone going on diets now

      I feel that the lunch room also needs to offer hours at night. Due to their lack of offerings at night I due have to leave
176   campus to grap something to eat at night. Please consider night time hours for the students that work during the day
      and attend classes at night. We also need to keep the prices reasonable
      The service has been bad. The cooks do not practice cleaness when they are visible. I afraid of what is happening within
177   the kitchen. The quality of the food could be better with a better variety of choices
      Many of the faculty like to eat healthy choices and need to go to nearby resturants to get a better ( fresher )quality BUT
178   would prefer to eat on campus, if given the same foods. Freshly made salad choices, grilled veggie dishes, fresh fruit
      salads, etc

      There are many Muslim students attending valencia. Muslims can only consume foods that are HALAL, just like Kews con
      only consumer foods that are KOSHER. Unfortunetly, we do not have any halal foods available on campus. This will be a
      good opportunity for the school and a good service for the students. For more information on HALAL, feel free to contact
      me at or 407-497-1600. You can also find information at

180   like the food but feel that the prices are very high compared to the eating establishments around the campus
      It is my feeling that the cost of the food in a campus cafeteria should be lower than that in an off-campus restaurant or
181   fast food chain
      My main problem with the cafeteria is the expense. If I felt like going off campus, I could get a burger for $1.00 at
182   McDonalds, but it costs $2.59 in the cafeteria. The price of a plain cup of coffee is ridiculous. I guess all the prices are
      the safe because we have to supplement the price of fancy coffees

      Please bring back the fresh salad bar and keep it clean. This is a medical campus full of nurses, firefighters and
183   paramedics. We must eat processed on the run food all the time - I do not want to come to school on my "days off" and
      be forced to pay $6 for crap food plus $2 for a drink. Most of us have less money than a starving artist.............

184   Why don't you let the culinary program offer more to the students. I.e. let the culinary students design menus and run
      the cafeteria, and maybe even make it into an informal restaurant for them to gain experience
      Being health conscience, I feel the campus should evaluate the need for a health food restaurant rather than a fast food
185   restaurant that reduces the health of the students
187   think the campus should offer more variaty of healthful foods, and The prices are a little high
      The reason why I hate to eat lunch on campus is because the food is terrible and extremely expensive. The service is
188   pretty good but there is not enough selection for the health conscence student
189   Having the coffee shop in the library was a great decision

190   I think the food is horrible on west campus and they should offer more of a variety of healthier fresher foods
191   The cafeteria has good pizza. They should definitley keep the pizza bar
      would like to see a more healthy selection of food to choose from. Also I would like to see more reasonable prices
192   theprices are just too high
      One of the things that really seems to be outrageous is the fact that a Caesar Salad costs $5, when it isn't anything out
193   of the ordinary
      I teach in the evenings and rely on the campus food service prior to class. Usually by then we either get cold leftovers of
      poor tasting food, or a poor choice of other available food items. I think if students and professors could count on
194   something better to eat, we might be more interested in buying at the school at the end of a day. Of course, you would
      have to advertise the changes
      try having a mini firehouse subs on the west campus to bring in more revenue plus satisfaction to sub lovers like myself.
195   I know with the tuition rates it can be looked into
      would like more vegitarian options. I would also like to be able to choose whole grain breads. The snacks availible to
196   students in the "heath" science building are all white flour, sugar, and preservatives. I would like to have healthy choices
      for lunches and snacks in the "health" building
      Why do we have to be charged a fee to use our bank card in the cafeteria? Many of my classmates leave campus for
197   that reason. We dont always have cash on us

198   Egg Salad Sandwich!!!!And stuff to eat for people who can not really chew stuff.Like Yogurt and Soups and Chilies
      There are really not that many choices of things to eat at school. I like the east campus dining location much more than
      the west campus one. At least there is a Subway there. The west campus one has chick-fil-A, burgers and sandwiches
      and that is pretty much it. That is not what people want to eat everyday. I wish that there were more options such as
      pastas, salads, casseroles, etc. Stuff that we could make at home. That would be much better as well as being
      convenient for classes
      I would frequent the cafe more often if they offered more healthy choices, salad bar, grilled chicken, lite entree's, etc.
200   Although most students are younger, there are those of us who are older and prefer something healthy vs. greasy, fried
      food all the time. Thanks
      How about dinner? There are lots of student getting off jobs between 5 to 6 pm to take classes at night. Some of them
201   (like me on tuesday) take classes until 9 pm. A good hot meal will be great
      It is my opinion that more students and faculty being both myself, would use the campus vending machines, visit the
      cafe and cafeteria, if there were healthier food choices, more variety of foods, and reasonable prices for those foods. As
      it is right now, majority of people I hear complain about the high prices for VERY poor quality foods. Many people just
      don't have a choice after a long busy day at the point where they are starving. I could have more then 50 people I know
      vouche that

203   The food at our campus is never fresh even when just made their are no healthy chocies such as salads, soups, or fruit.
      The prices are extreme why would I pay $1.20 for a coke I can buy out of the machine for $1.00
204   I would like a better selection of food for the cafe

      The food available on campus is somewhat satisfactory, however inconvinient. The cafeteria is closed for dinnertime,
      which is when I usually have classes, so we are all stuck bringing something on our own. During the early afternoon,
      after the tradiditional lunch rush, by 2pm there is virtually no one to hlp you and serve you. The food by then is usually
      old, and sub par. The vending selections include a lot of candy bars, and some off brand chip selections. The addition of
      Chick Fil A was good, but they provide such a limited menu, that it offers a fraction of what I would seek from that
      restaurant, such as tea, waffle fries, or salads
      Providing healthy food in a pleasant atmosphere at a reasonable price should be high on the priority list for a student-
206   centered college

207   the prices are too expensive. they also want to charge you an extra fee for using your debit card which is ridiculous

      Food service is not normally available to evening or weekend students so convenience earns a poor rating regarless of
      quality or price. The quality of the food tastes like carboard or lacks flavor. The price is always too high including the
208   packaged vending type stuff. It is not an enjoyable place to eat when it is open because of the poor lighting and
      stuffiness in the eating area. Good luck --- it cannot be a profitable operation at the price I am willing to pay and the
      employees will not work for wages that will support the price I am willing to pay
      Please have the cafeteria open on Friday afternoon, at least to 1:00 p.m. There are classes that go on after 12 noon, it
209   would be nice to have at least some premade sandwiches available

      have only eaten food from the cafe a few times and I never order anything from the pre-made food. It doesn't look very
210   appetizing to me. I usually order the vegetarian burger from the grill since it seems to be the most healthy option. I am
      not a vegetarian, but there is no fresh salads and such at the cafe and I don't like to eat fried foods very much
      There are few healthy options on campus. The variety on the whole is fairly poor but if you are like me and tend to eat a
211   healthy diet. You are better off waiting until you leave campus to eat
212   Can you please serve good quality vegan/vegetarian food? thank you
213   More competitive prices and variety would really make a difference
      I never eat on campus because I've lived in Orlando since I was little and I am used to eating at home. I have nothing
214   against eating on campus if I didn't have a home cooked lunch

215   i think that the food is sometimes much too expensive for college students. i feel some of it could be cheaper
      Could lunch prices drop lower? It's too much money. We, college students, are very poor? The campus foods are for rich
216   people

      In my opinion, the food service on the West Campus has a good variety and is good. I choose either a hot meal or a
217   salad. It is easier to stay and eat breakfast and lunch on campus than to use up value study time by dashing off campus
      for something else. The food service people on the West Campus are very nice and helpful
218   The cafeteria is a little pricely compared to eating off campus
      In the past, I have eaten in the cafeteria 3-4 times a week. That is no longer the case. The hot food line is dismal. The
219   sandwich line quality and price is not even close to commercial outlets. That is,the food service on campus is very
      The food at the Valencia Campus is not good quality. Everytime I have eaten there the food that I ordered was always
      cold and old, because it was sitting there for what seems like several hours. I also feel that they should serve more for
220   people that do not eat beef or pork. One example would be to serve turkey burgers. Or just have a better variety of
221   The food is too expensive
      I think myself, along w/most students at Valencia, wish that a contract would be established to let places like Chick a fil-
      a, Taco Bell, Pizza Hut, Subway, McDonalds etc., to have carts or areas of some sort for students. Keeping students on
      campus for food with the most popular restaurants would make lots of money for the school AND make the students
      MUCH happier. As it is now, everyone I know thinks the cafeteria, ah well.....STINKS! Please bring us some REAL FOOD!
      think the cafeterial should offer lower food prices. We pay our tuition and most of us are broke. If we are trying to
223   further our education and spending most of our time at school, we should at least be able to get a decent meal for

225   very expensive

      West campus needs to take a look at the east campus in regards to the setup and variety of food that they supply. Yes,
226   east campus may have subway but outside of that they hands fown beat the west with the quality of the food. Larger
      variety, including their fresh made chicken wraps/salads. 407-252-0130
      The food on campus is dismal. The closest thing to healthy options are bland salads or even blander wraps and
      sandwiches on horribly dry bread. The hot food line is horrible, with over-salted, fat laden foods that get repeatedly
      served as leftovers if not sold out on any given day. The West Campus is a campus that serves a large number of Health
      Care Programs that require the students to spend virtually all day on campus. We are taught all about the importance of
      good nutrition, but cannot even obtain healthy foods on our campus. I have been utilizing this facility for almost 20
      years, returning for various programs and continuting education, and the cafeteria and its menu options have remained
227   almost UNCHANGED for all of those years. It is appalling, not only for students, but for the faculty as well. I cannot
      imagine what it must be like for an instructor who works on campus full time to have to deal with the unchanging,
      unhealthy, embarrassingly bad food on a daily basis. I've heard many reasons why the cafeteria has not changed,
      mostly because they don't make enough money- but has no one thought that if they had decent food at decent prices-
      the students as well as teachers would eat on campus more often! I don't have time to leave campus to eat meals, so I
      am stuck eating the crap out at school. Even the Little Bean Cafe has horrible food- who wants a sandwich made on
228   See if Golden Corral will bring in a daily spread. Price it right and you will have my business forever
229   food quality sucks, prices are average. staff is very nice

      There are many restaurants within 300 meters of campus. The prices on campus are outrageous, and the food quality
      poor. I can afford it, the students can't, but I refuse to pay significantly more for low quality food just to avoid driving
      one block. The cafe staff are rude - I have not walked into that building for about one year, when I used to eat there
      every day. The new restaurants nearby eliminate the social role of the cafe on campus - this is a great loss, and it would
      be good to get that back. For students who cannot afford even $5 for lunch, it would be nice to provide a clean work
      station place for them to heat food that they bring from home. Charging a significant fee for a paper cup so that
      students can't bring a drink of water to their table is also an affront. Everything that happens in the west campus cafe is
      all about how to get more money form the students while providing less
      The personal are extremely rude. The food is always cold when I used to go to the on campus cafe. I attended both East
      and West campus, and they both are the same quality. With the above mentioned, I can safely say the food s
      overpriced. If you want any other feedback, please contact me at Please note that I will never
      eat on campus as long as Goodings is still in control. Would you eat there if you were treated like your cold food didn't
      matter, and that it was normal?

232   I take mostly night classes 6p-9or10, and it would be nice to have some place open to grab something to eat latter on
233   N/A
234   A BUFFET/SALAD BAR would be awesome
      West campus food is boring at best, and while priced similarly to local offerings is not equal quality. I choose to go
235   elsewhere unless I want a cup of coffee from the library. BTW, why would I want that stale Chik-fil-a under a hot lamp
      when there's a real one 2 miles away?
236   I'd like to see more salad varieties
      well I Love the whole chick fila thing so please keep it. if there were more options that would be very nice. oh and most
237   of the gatorade machines never work properly
238   Thanks for taking the time to improve our cafeteria
239   Why are we doing this again?
240   Return the salad bar, lower prices, if wanted normal prices I would go somewhere off campus
241   Is there anyway you guys can provide veggie wraps or more veggie items on West campus for vegetarians please

242   take most of my classes at night and it would be conveniet to eat there at campus but I have been finding that the
      eatery is already closed when I get there. The people that are there now are friendly. The food is bad
243   The only real problem is the freshness and the price

244   A sandwich on campus is about $4.25. You can get an entire meal for that price off campus. The prices are a little high,
      especially for students. Also the food service workers aren't exactly the fastest or the nicest
      As lazy as this sounds, most students would rather walk to their car and drive to a close fast food retaurant instead of
245   walking to the other side of the campus to get to the cafeteria. Trying to combine the library and cafeteria could be
246   would like to see a bigger variety of fruits/fruit salads/green salads, and fruit juices at my campus
      the food and foodservice is excellent at the west campus. they serve a nutritional variety of food that we students really
247   enjoy. overall i am very pleased with the foodservice at my local community college

      Being a student with a busy life, I enjoy coffee not only in the morning. I had to leave the campus cafeteria and buy my
      coffee elsewhere at noon since there was only one person available who "knows how to make coffee." He was so busy
248   with approx. 15 people in line, that I didn't have the heart to ask him to leave his post. All employees should be able to
      prepare coffee. It is the first thing learned in most restaurants. You lost a sale and I will probably purchase my
      afternoon coffee elsewhere. By the way, Drew at West campus is great and personable as well as the manager. Thanks
249   Many students, including myself, feel that there are not enough choices at the West campus cafe
      Why does the items have such a high price on a school campus? We are not rich bankers. Why is there a subcharge on
250   using a debt card, cause I know that they are getting plenty of customers
      I am slowly losing favor to the extremely expensive nd low quality fod served on the west campus compared to the east
      campus. I can get for 6 dollars at the east campus (subway steak and cheese sub -loaded with goodies) and the same
      low quality version at west campus would cost me 10 bucks with drink and cookies! If it were not for the fact I dont
      want to haul a lunch toat with my heavy backpack for a long school day I would of stopped paying for anything there

      When I go into the cafe for pizza, the area is empty. Where's the pizza? It needs to be filled more often and not left
      empty. Also, for someone with a lot of food allergies like myself, I wish people were more knowledgeable about the
      ingredients. When I ask, "Is the chicken cooked with milk?" I'd like to have an answer that is not, "I don't know." Does
      the cafe have chicken, other than Chick-Fil-A? Like, how about a chicken sandwich? Or chicken strips? Also, how about
      offering more drinks? Like pink lemonade? And is it possible that you can have some allergy substitutes? I can't eat
      Chick-Fil-A because they cook with milk. I'm allergic to dairy products. Thank you!
      im at school all day and have a hour break between classes sometimes, it is hard to go somewhere get food and make it
253   to class on time because of traffic, parking or the place may be busy. It would be nice to have something good to eat at
      a good price on campus
      Subway can provide either a 6 or 12-inch sub which is healthier and is often more actual food, often for less cost than
      the alternatives in the Valencia cafeteria. My friends and I frequent the local Subways, often leaving campus, going out
      of our way to get the food, then having to come back for class. If the cafeteria area in Valencia WEST had a Subway as
      does the East Campus, we'd be set. No contract you're going to get will do what Subway can do. Subway not only is
      healthier and less expensive than on-campus alternatives, but the food has more appeal and there is a much wider
      variety than is possible under current standards. Fried and or greasy "fast" foods ie: chicken fingers, french fries,
      hamburgers, hot dogs and chick filet et. al are really lacking in nutrition, and they are far overpriced. Subway is really
      what you're looking for, and I can't say as to how many students will actually take the time for this survery, but almost
      everybody I've talked to during the past year at VCC (yes, I talk to people about the food) agree with me that Subway
      would really be a big improvement to on-campus dining. Unless you contract with Subway I'm still going to end up going
      off campus for lunch, along with the majority of my friends. See it as a way to make Valencia more money and have

255   you need to add more food options on west campus...some sort of resturaunt. at least east campus has a subway
      food selection on west is horrible. too expensive. on fridays there is no food except for the grill line. there's no fresh
256   salads or hot lunches on friday
      The Cafeteria needs to be centrally located. I spend a lot of time in Building 9, and the closest I go for food is the Cafe
257   inside the library of Building 6. I don't know the exact central location of VCC West, but someone needs to find it so
      students in Buildings 5-9 won't have to walk as far
258   Do not prepare shellfish, or pork in the same containers as chicken, chicken, or seafood, etc
      Valencia has serious issues with their cafeteria! The service is terrible, the food is disgusting and the prices are high
      (only because you are paying a lot for terrible food!). Everything is greasy and there is absolutely no variety (especially
      at west campus!) East campus has subway, which is the fairly priced but they only take cash and not debit. How many
      people carry cash anymore??? I eat out every single day and it would be great to be able to eat on campus...if the food
259   was edible and wasn't a rip off! Today, many students drive and there are some great fast food chains right around the
      corner from both campuses - Crispers, Chipotle, McDonald's, Wendy's...the list goes on and on. It is disgusting to me
      that Valencia thinks for whatever reason that we, the paying customer, will actually pay for the garbage you serve in
      your cafeteria just because it is convenient! Think again! Until some major improvements are made (starting with FRESH
      PRODUCT!!!) I will continue to spend my money elsewhere
      Variety of food are limited on campus. We should get some kind of discount for being students, current price for a meal
260   is quite expensive
      the chicken tenders adn fries are good in the cafeteria. the cofee in the LRC building is good, and so are the Croissant
261   sandwiches

262   It isn't that the food offered on campus is bad; it's just very unhealthy, greasy, and there aren't enought vegetarian
      options. I would love a decent salad bar or at least a pre-made sub that didn't have meat, poultry, or seafood on it
      Please provide healthier food choices. A salad bar with lots of vegs. and real lettuce( not just iceberg, which has NO
263   nutritional value). Low-fat hot soups. Deli meats, cheeses and breads that could be purchased by weight as could the
      salad bar items

      It would be wonderful if Valencia could offer more healthy/fresh foods and vegetarian foods such as sandwiches and
      soups. Fresh salads and fruit and yogurt would be nice too. Most colleges don't offer this kind of food; just junk food like
      hamburgers and fries. Valencia could break the mold. Also, pasta would be great too. Lasagna, spaghetti, ziti, bread
      sticks, calzones, and minestrone soup are some item to consider
      The vending machines are often out of the foods and drinks that I like. I never eat in the cafeteria because it always
265   smells bad, like burned, greasy food
      the food is expensive and of poor quality (by-in-large), not to mention nutritional value. The hot line seldom has
266   vegetarian or low fat options
267   Please change food services

      I attend Valencia full-time, and pay the same tuition as everyone else, but attend classes in the evening, after a full day
      of work. I don't have time to stop between work and class to grab something to eat, so dinner often becomes what I
268   can get out of a vending machine or in the campus bookstore (if they're still open). I think it should at least be
      considered to extend the Cafe hours. I don't think it's fair that I don't get all of the same services as would a full-time
      DAY student - unless you want to make my tuition a little cheaper

      would eat in the cafe everyday if there were some good healthy things to eat beside a weak salad bar that is always
      either closed down or empty by the time I break for lunch. The prepared sandwiches are not good for me because most
      of them contain things I cant eat like onions or onion powder. I would recommend a strong salad bar (many topping
269   choices that are attractively fresh) and a good variety of dressings (please include low fat options, specifically
      vinagrettes). Next, I would place some good soup options. I'm sure this would be a huge seller on the colder days or for
      people who just love soup (like me). For my taste, I would stay away from cream based soups (white clam chowder,
      etc.). My ultimate dream would be to have a strong sandwich bar (choices of breads, meats, toppings, etc.)
270   some prices are o.k. but for a sandwich Iwould rather go to 7-11 and pick up a tuna sand for less money
      For the full & part-time faculty and staff here on campus. It would be nice to have a variety of healthty foods on
271   campus. Many over 30 staff employees are diabetic or have other heath conscience issues when it comes to eating.
      Thank you
      I'm a full time studen but I also work full time so I hope that everything you are doing is also available after 5:00 p.m.
272   for students that come straight from work to class such as myself
      The cafeteria food at the West campus is by far the best on any Central Fl campus, incl UCF. I've been attending VCC,
273   off & on, for 23 yrs and its current West campus is the best
      If the college owns all the equipment, and the rent, electricity, etc. must be cheaper than on the outside, why are the
274   prices so high?

275   The food currently provided by the campus cafe is ok. However, I am a student working part-time, so eating a sandwich
      from home, local fast food restaurant, or even buying a snack from Wal-mart is less expensive on my budget
      The overall quality of the food is not bad, but the prices are too high; very expensive. Please, do something about it. We
276   are students, most of us work, but there is a large number of us that dont work
277   The cafe needs to have reasonable prices that fit with a college students budget but have good quality food.
278   I would purchase more often from the cafeteria if there wasn't a fee to use my debit card

279   you guys are too expensive... it costs like $8.00 for a good meal and drink which is way too pricey for us college kids
      I would like to see more variety of hot food items besides hamburger and hot dog. A salad bar is greatly desired as well;
280   it's fast, tasty and above all healthy
281   Why can't we use our culinary arts department to provide food?

282   don't like how we get charged to use our debit cards, service is mediocore, food quality is so so, prices are "ehh

283   I don't even know where the cafeteria is on West Campus. I think that you would get a much larger response if the
      students knew about the options they have available to them because I had no idea that I could eat on campus
      You didn't give it as an option or I missed it, but economics plays an important part as to whether I bring my lunch or
284   buy my lunch either in the cafeteria or at an outside vendor
      My biggest complaint with the cafeteria is that the prices are too high for the quality and quantity of food that I receive.
      I would eat on campus more often than I do if the prices were lower. Right now, there is no reason for me to spend
285   $6.50 on food in the cafeteria when i can get much better food and a lot more of it for the same price or less by driving
      5 miuntes from campus

      Actually, the cafeteria is what stinks - the coffee (Bean express?) places in the new building and in the library are
286   awesome. Love the caffeine fix and the cute guys working them. Get rid of the grease, though. How about a food court?
      Me, I like variety and I like it to be affordable. None of the stuff in the cafeteria's healthy, even when it's premade

      LOVE, LOVE, LOVE the Lil' Bean Cafes - especially the new one in HSB. ALL buildings should be so lucky! Add more of
      those around campus - heck, put one in SSB, I'd hang out there all day. Don't like the food or the speed of service I get
      in the cafe. Last time I ate there, I got sick. Generally, the stuff sits there and just tastes like grease. Even when
      something is cooked to order, it's horrendous and overpriced. Don't appreciate the increase in their prices either. Used
      to get pancakes for 55 cents, they went up to 85 cents, but quality did not improve. Let me tell you, it is NOT worth the
      extra 30 cents. It was "ok" for .55, I could deal. But now I get my breakfast elsewhere when I'm running late. Why
      don't we get a "food court" of sorts like the malls? Obviously we won't have like 25 restaurants, but would be cool to get
      maybe 3 different ones - even if they were located in different buildings. Just an idea. Keep it cheap and tasty - I, like
      most of my friends, am a broke college student trying to make ends meet. Can't tell ya how many times I had to go
      without 'cuz I didn't want to waste my last couple of bucks on the grease they offer on campus

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