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									                            NEW EMPLOYEE CHECKLIST
Joining a large organization like the University of Arizona, can be an intimidating and
challenging experience. So many forms to fill out, people to see and departments to visit! A
successful orientation requires the combined efforts of the supervisor, the employee and
University service units to effect a smooth transition to campus life.

The checklist below is designed to help you quickly review information related to benefits and
services, job responsibilities and workplace policies and procedures. Additional new employee
resources are available on the “New to the U” website and all new employees are asked to
attend a New Employee Orientation session during their first week of employment.


    Return a signed letter of offer (if applicable) to your department prior to your hire date.

    Determine if your employment verification and visa (if applicable) documents are current.

    Determine if you are eligible for University and State-sponsored benefits and retirement
    plans and review the information about critical enrollment deadlines in your New
    Employee Packet information.

    Complete your New Employee Packet and sign the I-9 form on or before your start date.

    If you do not have a local Tucson address at the time of your hire and you are a benefits-
     eligible employee, you may want to consider using your department’s address on your
     Employee Information Form to ensure that you receive University correspondence.

    Retain the “New Hire Information for New Employees” form and a copy of the “Notification
    of Polices” form from your New Employee Packet for your records.

     Return your completed New Employee Packet to your department prior to your hire date.

     Identify your transportation options and apply for a parking permit if applicable.


     Confirm with your departmental payroll representative that your hiring documents and
     New Hire Packet have been processed through Human Resources and the Systems
     Control Office so that you can obtain a University ID (CatCard) and enroll for benefits.

     Memorize and retain the Employee Identification (EID) number you will receive from your
     department’s hiring representative. The EID will be used as your personal identifier for
     University business systems and transactions. You will receive written notification of your
     employee identification number through your home department three or four days after
     your hiring paperwork is processed through the Systems Control Office. Your EID will
     also appear on your Personnel Action Form (PAF) and your paycheck or pay advice.
Confirm that your department has registered you for a New Employee Orientation session.

If you are a new faculty member, confirm the dates for the summer Faculty Instructional
 Resources Orientation Program offered each year in August.

Obtain your University Identification Card (Cat Card) from the Cat Card Office located in
the Student Union (626-9162).

Obtain building keys or access cards you need for your work area.

Find out how and when your University NetID and e-mail accounts will be assigned to you.

If you are an eligible Classified Staff employee, complete an ASRS enrollment form
 and send the form to Human Resource within thirty (30) days of your start date.

If you are a Faculty or other Appointed Personnel employee, select either the Arizona
 State Retirement System (ASRS) or an Optional Retirement Program (ORP). After you
have carefully weighed your retirement plan options, select "Benefits" from the HR
 website, then "Mandatory Retirement Plans -- Appointed Personnel."

Review the retirement and benefits packet you receive from your department along
with on-line benefits information to ensure that you fully understand your plan options.

Complete the benefits worksheet and enroll in the programs of your choice through the
on-line benefits enrollment system within thirty (30) days of your official date of hire. You
can only access the on-line enrollment system on or after your hire date.

If you are an Arizona Health Sciences Center (AHSC) Faculty, Resident or Fellow
Member, contact the AHSC Benefits Coordinator at 626-2600 for information regarding
AHSC benefits orientation information.

If your job duties require access to any University administrative systems, find out if access
 has been requested and if you have been scheduled for training classes.

If you are required to drive or repair a university-issued vehicle (or drive your own vehicle
 as part of your duties), make sure you have a valid Arizona driver’s license. Your driver’s
 record may be screened and you may be required to attend training classes.

If you will be handling hazardous materials, contact Risk Management at 626-1136 to
 determine what training courses are required.

                 about your job                                about your work environment

 how the department is organized                        your colleagues and their job functions
 your department’s goals and mission                    your assigned work area and the office
 the specific functions of your section/unit            furniture and supplies you will be issued
 who you report to                                      who to call for service or assistance
 your duties and responsibilities                       the dress code for your area or unit
 your specific work week and scheduled work hours       the rules regarding food in your area
 the performance standards for your position            the proper operation and care of computers
 what,(if you are classified staff), is the length of    and office equipment
  your probation period                                 how to use the phone systems and e-mail
 how performance planning and evaluation is             the polices for making personal and long-
  managed, by whom, and how often                        distance phone calls
 your supervisor’s expectations regarding attendance    how to access the internet for UA information
  and tardiness                                         and services
 the procedure for requesting time off                  where the restrooms, fire exits and break
 the procedure for reporting absences                    room are located
 when staff meetings are held                           how to obtain/order office supplies or other
 how you will be trained and by whom                     tools or resources
 career development opportunities available to you      the rules for after hour access to your work area

                 about your pay                           about your rights and responsibilities

 your rate of pay                                       the safety requirements of the job
 if overtime is ever required and how it is managed     what formal training courses are required
 the time recording procedure for your area             how to access information on the University
 the UA paydays and how paychecks are distributed        policies and procedures that govern your
  in your department                                     employment
 travel and reimbursement procedures                    the benefits, services and resources available to
 how to sign up for direct deposit                       you and your family
 when your lunch period is and if it is flexible        rules for use of University resources
 if break periods are permitted, and if so, how many    the appropriate use of confidential information
 your accrual rate for sick days                        the University’s policies on equal opportunity,
 your accrual rate for vacation days                     sexual harassment, drugs or firearms in the
 when you are eligible to use sick or vacation days      workplace, e-mail use, and other safety and
 the University’s holiday schedule including the         security policies
  winter closure in December                            what to do if you are injured or suffer a work-
 the University’s paid leave policies                    related illness on the job
 the University’s unpaid leave policies                 campus resources available to you if you are
 how jury duty, voting, bereavement, and                 experiencing problems at work
  military paid leaves are administered                 the University’s progressive discipline processes

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