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					                                                                                        11th FEBUARY 2009
                                                                                             Registration Open 09:00 ~

09:10~09:40                                                                                               Morning Coffee

                                                                                                          Technical Session

09:40~12:00                   Session 1 - Wireless Multimedia                                           Session 2 - Sensor Networks                         Session 3 - Wireless Security

                                           Session Chair:                                                       Session Chair:                                      Session Chair:

              Seamless Handoff Support for Real-Time Applications in *INVITED PAPER*Meshed Multipath Routing with                                   Quantum Cryptography for Wireless Network
                  the Next-generation Wireless Access Network            Levelling in Route Discovery: An Efficient                                             Communications
09:40~10:00                        Architecture                            Strategy in Wireless Sensor Networks
               Lee Sungkuen, Youchan Jeon, Taehyong Lim, Jinwoo         Rama Murthy Garimella, Sai Krishna Tejaswi
                                      Park                                                                                                          Xu Huang; Shirantha Wijesekera; Dharmendra Sharma
                  Wireless Sensor Networks for Voice Capture in      A Parametric POMDP Framework for Efficient Data                                Securing Data Transfer in Delay-sensitive and
                         Ubiquitous Home Environments                Acquisition in Error Prone Wireless Sensor Networks                              Energy-aware WSNs Using the Scalable
                                                                                                                                                                Encryption Algorithm
                                Luis Palafox; J. Antonio García                               Sunisa Chobsri; Watinee Sumalai; Wipawee Usaha         Necla Bandirmali; Ismail Erturk; Celal Ceken
                  Speaker Recognition using Speaker-independent                                A Sensor Network for Surveillance of Disaster-hit    Case Study: Trust Establishment in Personal
               Universal Acoustic Model and Synchronous Sensing for                                                Region                                         Area Networks
10:20~10:40                   "Business Microscope"
                                                                                                Toshiaki Miyazaki; Ryouhei Kawano; Yuji Endo;                         Yafei Yang
                                  Jun Nishimura; Tadahiro Kuroda                                                    Daiki Shitara
               A Proposed RED-based Scheduling Scheme for QoS in                               Grid-Based Energy-Efficient Routing from Multiple    Security Architecture for IEEE 802.15.4-based
                               WiMAX Networks                                                 Sources to Multiple Mobile Sinks in Wireless Sensor             Wireless Sensor Network
10:40~11:00                                                                                                          Networks
                                                                                                  Kisuk Kweon; Hojin Ghim; Jaeyoung Hong;                            Taeshik Shon
              Po-Chun Ting; Chia-Yu Yu; Naveen Chilamkurti; Tung-Hsien Wang; Ce-Kuen Shieh                         Hyunsoo Yoon
                An Efficient MBMS Content Delivery Scheme over the                             An Efficient Multilevel Coverage Scheme in Mobile
11:00~11:20                       HSDPA Network                                                                  Sensor Networks
                             Ahsan Chaudhry; Jamil Khan                                       Juhyun Cho; Soonmok Kwon; Jae Ko; Chee-Ha Kim

                                                                                                Supporting Dynamic Application Programming
11:20~11:40                                                                                      Environment In Distributed Sensor Network
                                                                                                Yeon Jun Choi; Seungki Hong; Jong-arm Jun;
                                                                                                                 SungIl Jin

12:00~13:20                                                                                                  Lunch Time

                                                                                                           Invited Speaker




15:00~17:20                Session 4 - MIMO Systems                     Session 5 - Ad-hoc Networks & Routing                  Session 6 - Wireless Computing

               MIMO UWB-IR Noncoherent Transceiver with Poisson     Key Management for Lightweight Ad-hoc Routing       (INVITED PAPER)Dynamic Parameter Setting
                             Wireless Models                                      Authentication                         for End-to-End TCP Enhancement Schemes
15:00~15:20                                                                                                                  Over Mixed Wired/Wireless Networks

                        Zu Huang, Dharmendra Sharma                            Ben Soh, Dat Nguyen                                    Cheng Chi Chung
              A Simple and Optimum Geometric Decoding Algorithm   Modeling Energy Consumption of Relay-Enabled             Adaptive Token Polling MAC Protocol for
15:20~15:40                    for MIMO Systems                          MAC Protocols in Ad Hoc Networks                      Wireless Underwater Networks
                   Ziyun Shao; William S. W. Cheung; Ti Yuk      Rizwan Ahmad; Fu-Chun Zheng; Micheal Drieberg;                 Gunilla Burrowes; Jamil Khan
                                                                           Sverrir Olafsson; Michael Fitch
              Performance of Adaptive MIMO System Based on Beam- Degraded Link-disjoint multipath routing in ad hoc     Mitigating Effects of Node Failure via Mobility in
15:40~16:00                           Nulling                                         networks                                         Wireless Networks
                   Mabruk Gheryani; Zhiyuan Wu; Yousef Shayan                 Ms. Junxia cai, Wei Wu                                     Evsen Yanmaz
                Multi-Dimensional Beamforming for Adaptive MIMO   An Energy-Effective Routing Protocol for Mobile       A Novel Network Selection Algorithm of Service-
16:00~16:20                          Systems                                        P2P Systems                                  Based Dynamic Weight Setting
                                                                 Miss. JuHee Lee, Song YoungAh, SongBong Yang                       Hongyan Cui; Lifeng Zhu
                   Mabruk Gheryani; Zhiyuan Wu; Yousef Shayan
                                                                    Performance Evaluation of a Cognitive Radio          Enabling Service Continuity on Future Mobile
                                                                  Network with Exponential and Truncated Usage                             Services
16:20~16:40                                                                            Models
                                                                     Waqas Ahmed; Jason Gao; Mike Faulkner              Nor Shahniza Kamal Bashah; Ivar Jørstad; Do
                                                                                                                                         Van Thanh
                                                                   Throughput Maximization with Multiuser Non-selfish    QoS Support over IEEE 802.11e in Multirate
16:40~17:00                                                               Cognitive Relaying in CR Networks                               Networks
                                                                   Peng Gong; Jae Hyun Park; Jung Min Yoo; Bo-Sun            Naveen Chilamkurti; Hao-Ming Liang
                                                                                 Yu ; Duk Kyung Kim

18:00~21:00                                                                    Conference Dinner

                                                                   12th FEB 2009
                                                                 Registration Open 09:00 ~

09:10~09:40                                                                       Morning Coffee

                                                                                Technical Session

              Session 7 - Localization and Tracking techniques                   Session 8 - Wireless                               Session 9 -Air Interfaces (one)


              A Switching Estimated Receiver Position Scheme       An Integrated Load Balancing Scheme for Future Wireless      Iterative Bandwidth Limitation for High
                 for VLC Based Indoor Positioning System                                  Networks                                  Efficiency EER Power Amplifier
                   Chinnapat Sertthin; Emiko Tsuji; Masao                        Eng Hwee Ong; Jamil Khan                           Abdul Mustafa; Mike Faulkner
               Nakagawa; Shigeru Kuwano; Kazuji Watanabe
              Efficient Database Reduction Method of Building       Performance Improvement by Efficient Polling in             Effectiveness of Asynchronous Channel
              Recognition using Global Positioning System On                      WiMAX Network                              Assignment Scheme in Heterogeneous WLANs
10:00~10:20                    Mobile Device
                         Byungsoo Lim; Joonoo Kim                                          Fei Yin                            Micheal Drieberg; Fu-Chun Zheng; Rizwan
                                                                                                                               Ahmad; Sverrir Olafsson ; Michael Fitch
                Towards Proactive Context-Aware Service             Performance of SIR-Based Power Control in a                 A Novel Frequency-Domain Channel
                 Selection in the Geographically Distributed       WCDMA Enhanced Uplink System with the Hybrid                Parameters Estimation Method by Time-
10:20~10:40          Remote Patient Monitoring System                              ARQ Technique                              Domain Pilots Inserting for OFDM Systems
               Pravin Pawar; Bert-Jan van Beijnum; Hailiang         Messaoud Eljamai; Et tolba Mohamed; Ammar                                 Yong Fang
                            Mei; Hermie Hermens                                Mahmoud; Samir Saoudi
                Improving Real-Time GPS by incorporating              An Efficient MAC Protocol for Throughput               Closed-Form Outage Probability Analysis of a
10:40~11:00        TelegraphCQ in Jamdroid Architecture                 Enhancement in Dense RFID System                      Diamond Relay Network with Opportunistic
                                                                                                                                         Spectrum Access
                      Faraz Khan, Mohammed Qadeer                Gyanendra Prasad Joshi, Sung Won Kim                             Nusrat Ahmed Surobhi; Mike Faulkner
                                                                    A hybrid approach to Robust Traffic Engineering     Antenna Polarization as Complementarities on
11:00~11:20                                                                                                                   RSSI Based Location Identification
                                                                   Himanshu Agrawal, Andrew Jennings, Duc Quang                             Xu Huang
                                                                    Using Debt Mechanism to Achieve Proportional       Investigation of the LO Phase-Noise Effect and
                                                                  Delay and Loss Differentiation in a Wireless Network RF System Simulation for A 60-GHz Wireless
11:20~11:40                                                                   with a Multi-state Channel               Non-Contact Human Vital-Signal Detection
                                                                                      Yu-Chin Szu                      Pi-Hsien Lien; Fu-Lin Lin; Huey-Ru Chuang

12:00~13:20                                                                           Lunch Time

                                                                                    Invited Speaker




15:00~17:40          Session 10 - Air Interfaces (Two)                        Session 11- Smart Systems                                      Session 12-

              Comparison of Downlink Throughput Distributions FMIPv6 based Secure Binding Update Authentication            Doppler Frequency Offset Estimation in OFDM
               between Frequency Reuse Factors of One and              in Wireless Vehicular Networks                                        systems
                    Three in MBWA System Field Trial
              Hiroshi Oguma; Suguru Kameda; Noboru Izuka;            Song-Hee Lee, Jin-Young Choi, Nam-Sup Park                   Hyungu Hwang; Hyoungjun Park
              Yasuyoshi Asano; Yoshiharu Yamazaki; Tadashi
                          Takagi; Kazuo Tsubouchi
                 A Low Voltage, Low Power Linear Pseudo               A Centralized Traffic Control Mechanism for          A Compact Memory 2K/4K/8K point Pipelined
                   Differential OTA for UHF Applications           Evacuation of Emergency Vehicles Using the DSRC          FFT/IFFT Processor for DVB-T using Block
15:20~15:40                                                                               Protocol                               Floating-point Scaling Technique
                          Anil Kavala; Kondekar N.                  Chung-Ming Huang; Chia-Ching Yang; Chun-Yu                             Hui-Gon Kim
                                                                                 Tseng; Chih-Hsun Chou
              Improved Pilot-Aided Channel Estimation in Zero      Potential Architecture for Future Generation ‘Green’         Performance of SIR-Based Power Control in a
                       Padded MC-CDMA Systems                                      Wireless Base Station                          WCDMA Enhanced Uplink System with the
15:40~16:00                                                                                                                               Hybrid ARQ Technique
                                                       Vandana Bassoo,Kevin Tom; Abdul Mustafa; Ellie Ciijvat; Henrik Sjol,Mike Faulkner
                Deolinda Cardoso; Fabian Backx; Raimundo                                                                        Messaoud Eljamai; Et tolba Mohamed; Ammar
                               Sampaio-Neto                                                                                              Mahmoud; Samir Saoudi
              A Comparative Analysis on the Signaling Load of
16:00~16:20    Proxy Mobile IPv6 and Hierarchical Mobile IPv6

                              Myung-Kyu Yi
                ZigBee networks performance under WLAN
16:20~16:40               802.11b/g interference
                           Guang Yang; Yu Yu


                                                                               13th FEB 2009
                                                                             Registration Open 09:00 ~

09:10~09:40                                                                                  Morning Coffee

                                                                                            Technical Session

                   Session 13 - Context-aware computing                              Session 14 - Wireless computing                        Session 15 - Wireless Technology
09:40~11:40                                                                                                                                          UMC-General

                  PlaceSense: A Tool for Sensing the Community                An Integrated Load Balancing Scheme for Future
09:40~10:00                                                                                  Wireless Networks
               Tuan Nguyen; Seng Loke; Torab Torabi; Hongen Lu                           Eng Hwee Ong, Jamil Khan
              An Individual Data Extraction Model for Objects Used           Body Temperature and Electrocardiogram Monitoring
                             by a Number of People                               Using an SMS-Based Telemedicine System
                Hitoshi Kawasaki; Ren Ohmura; Hirotaka Osawa;                                   Ashraf Tahat
                                   Michita Imai
                Context-Aware Dynamic Reconfiguration of Mobile              Connectivity Analysis Under Shadowing in Wireless
                           Patient Monitoring Systems                         Networks with Data Correlation Topology Control
              Hailiang Mei; Bert-Jan van Beijnum; Pravin Pawar; Ing Widya;            Sergio Bermudez; Stephen Wicker
              Hermie Hermens
                 Large Multimedia Artifacts Prebuffering in Mobile           Collision Avoidance Multi-rate MAC Protocol: Solving
10:40~11:00    Information Systems as Location Context Awareness                   Performance Anomaly in Multi-rate network

                                    Ondrej Krejcar                                    Naveen Chilamkurti, Sung Jung-Te
               An Efficient Algorithm for Context-Aware End-to-End
11:00~11:20                  Connectivity Management
                                Jaydip Sen; Arijit Ukil
                  A Multi-Dimensional Declarative Architectural
11:20~11:40    Approach to Behavior-Intensive Adaptive Pervasive
                               Nasreddine Aoumeur
              LUNCH                                                          LUNCH                                                  LUNCH

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