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									BYLAWS Format, Components, and Content
Bylaws are rules adopted and maintained by an organization to define and direct its internal structure and management. Bylaws describe the relationships, the rights, and the obligations of members, directors, officers, and staff.

ARTICLE I - NAME Announces the full legal name of the organization. ARTICLE II – OBJECT (or Purpose) States why the organization exists. ARTICLE III – MEMBERS Explains who can be a member, how to join, what it cost; and explains rights, duties, and obligations of membership. ARTICLE IV - OFFICERS Provides for officers, how they are chosen, how long they serve, and their duties. ARTICLE V - MEETINGS Describes when regular, special, and annual meetings are held, how they are called, and the quorum required. ARTICLE VI - EXECUTIVE BOARD (or Board of Directors) Describes the composition and duties of the board, what power is given to the board, board meetings, action without meetings, and quorum. ARTICLE VII - COMMITTEES Provides for standing and special committees, establishes the power to appoint committees, and may include duties of committees. ARTICLE VIII - PARLIAMENTARY AUTHORITY Prescribes the parliamentary authority. ARTICLE IX - AMENDMENTS OF AUTHORITY Establishes the method to change bylaws or rewrite them completely.

SOURCE: PATHWAYS TO PROFICIENCY What Does It Say In The Bylaws? A Guide to Writing, Amending, and Interpreting Bylaws National Association of Parliamentarians®, 2003-2005
Prepared by: Karen Swett, Chair Bylaws Sub-committee District Advisory Council Sacramento City Unified School District July 16, 2008

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