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									Global Warming

Cynthia Hampton Priscilla Natkins

• Global Warming is an urgent problem:
•Caused by heat trapping greenhouse gases building up in atmosphere as a result of human activity. •Major sources of greenhouse gases: cars, power plants, other industrial sources burning fossil fuels (coal, gasoline)
•Current consequences: melting glaciers, altered weather patterns, warming oceans, dying coral reefs •Further consequences: rising sea levels, faster spreading diseases, species die-off

Campaign Objectives
• To

create a powerful and emotional connection to the issue

• Make Americans

understand that they can reduce global warming pollution people to find out what they can do to combat global warming

• Drive

Political Landscape
• Global Warming is largely viewed as a political issue
• On-going federal and state legislative activity reinforces political nature of the issue

• International efforts receiving significant attention • Media headlines punctuate ongoing debate

News Headlines
• UN: Global warming threat rising; govt. action needed (USA Today March 7, 2006)
• NASA puts it weight behind warming signs (MSNBC March 13, 2006)

• "The American people have just been bludgeoned with climate disaster stories for God knows how long," said the climatologist, Pat Michaels, "and they're just, they've got disaster fatigue." (ABC News March 26, 2006)

News Headlines
• Hurricane Debate Shatters Civility of Weather Science Worsened by Global Warming?
Spats are so Tempestuous, Sides are Barely Talking (WSJ February 2, 2006)

Strategic Considerations
• Creative context must adhere to widely accepted science
• Link

to environmental impacts called into question on a regular basis

• Net take away must be considered as important as explicit messages

Strategic Considerations
• Campaign must focus on individual action
• Website must be free of all politics • Public service director perspective is critical

Campaign Strategy
• All Adults.

Key Message
• If we don’t join together to solve this problem now, our children will feel even more dramatic effects within their lifetimes. • Global Warming is an urgent problem but there are things every American can do to help solve it.

Call to Action
• Visit where you can learn steps to help slow down the effects of global warming.

Campaign Elements
• Television • Radio • Web Banners • Print (newspaper, magazine) • Out-of-home • Public Relations

Web Banners

Print (magazine and newspaper)


Campaign Results
• Media community has been supportive of campaign

• Tracking shows growing awareness and personal importance • In almost one year has received over 1 million visitors

Lessons Learned
• Know who your advocates and adversaries are
• Understand

all sides of the political debate and isolate factors that impact your work

• Stick to the Science • Avoid being provocative for provocative sake
• But

do not shy away from edgy creative

•Research can support approach

• Have a plan to address concerns
• PR

is essential

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