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					                            CITY OF DECATUR
                       HISTORIC RESOURCE SURVEY
                         REQUEST FOR PROPOSAL


The City of Decatur was incorporated in 1823 and has retained the small town
character of its roots. It is a diverse city of roughly 18,000 residents covering 4.2
square miles and serves as the county seat for DeKalb County. It has the highest
population density among all cities in the state of Georgia. The land use is
characterized by a vibrant, mixed-use town center, a smaller, neighborhood
business district on its south side, and a commercial corridor running through the
middle of the city. All three commercial areas are surrounded by traditional
single-family neighborhoods.

Decatur has a wealth of historic resources dating from the early 1800’s through
the mid-century including many outstanding examples of post -modern
architecture. Currently, the city has four local historic districts: the McDonough –
Adams-King, Clairemont Corridor, Ponce de Leon Court, and Old Decatur.
Additionally, Decatur has two National Register Districts, Winnona Park and
South Candler Street. There are also twelve buildings/sites listed individually on
the National Register.

In 1992, a historic resource survey was conducted resulting in the creation of the
Decatur Historic Preservat ion Resource Manual. While this manual is still utilized,
it did not address all of the historic resources in the city and a number of
properties have now become eligible for the National Register.

In 2008, the city commission recognized the need for an updated historic
resource survey and authorized the city to obtain bids for such a survey. The
goal of this project is to identify historic resources in the City of Decatur that
have not already been placed on the National Register or not protected under
local historic district regulations. The updated survey information will be used to
identify individual buildings and districts for possible listing in the National Register
or Georgia Register of Historic Places, support local designations of buildings and
districts, expedite environmental review by governmental agencies, aid
preservation and land-use planning, promote research of the city’s history and

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architecture, and increase awareness of, and interest in Decatur’s historic


The proposal must be submitted by 4:00 p.m. on Friday, January 30 2009. Any
proposals submitted after this date will not be accepted.

Proposals must be submitted in Microsoft Word and a PDF file on a compact disc
with five (5) hard copies to:

City Manager
City of Decatur
Attn: Historic Resource Survey
P.O.B 220
509 N, McDonough Street
Decatur, GA 30030

It is anticipated that the work will be awarded within two weeks (20 days) of the
due date.

The proposal will be evaluated by the following guidelines:
-Completeness and clarity of the proposal.
-Firm experience, members of the project team and t heir qualifications.
-Previous historic resource survey experience.
-Technical approach to the project scope.
-Onsite interviews of finalists.
-Ability to meet schedule.

Questions regarding this RFP should be directed to:

Regina Brewer, Preservation Planner
(404) 371-8336

This Request for Proposal (RFP) does not commit the City to award a contract, to
pay any costs incurred in the preparation of a response to this request, or to
procure or contract for services or supplies.

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The City reserves the right to accept or reject any or all proposals received as a
result of this request, or to cancel in part or its entirety this RFP, to waive
formalities and negotiate changes in the scope of work or services to be
provided and to otherwise waive any technicalities, if it is in the best interest of
this City to do so.

At the option of the City, applicable clauses of the proposal may be included as
contractual obligations. Therefore, consultants should be prepared to be bound
by their proposals. Submittal of a proposal indicates acceptance by the
proposer of the conditions contained in this request. The City of Decatur
reserves the right to retain all proposals submitted. All proposals are public
record to the extent required by the Georgia Open Records Act.


A. Survey Area

The survey area is bounded by the city limits of Decatur.          The areas to be
excluded from the survey include:

McDonough-Adams-King Historic District - bounded on the north by E. College
Avenue, on the east by McDonough Street, on the west by Kings Highway, on
the south by Oakview Road.

The Clairemont Corridor Historic District - bounded on the south by Commerce
Drive and on the north just past Maediris Drive to 1105 Clairemont Avenue.

Ponce de Leon Court Historic District - boundary is Ponce de Leon Court.

Old Decatur Historic District - bounded on the north by E. Ponce de Leon
Avenue, on the west by Church Street, Sycamore Drive, and North Candler
Street, on the east by S. Sycamore Street, and on the south by the E. Howard

Additionally, individual buildings and sites already listed on the National Register
shall be excluded from the survey. Note: the two (2) districts listed on the
National Register shall be included in the survey.

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B. Stakeholders

Major stakeholders include members of the following groups: Decatur residents,
Decatur business owners and property owners, City Commissioners, City of
Decatur Board of Education, the Decatur Preservation Alliance, and the DeKalb
History Center.

B. Resources

The survey should be completed using the Georgia Hist oric Resources Survey
Manual by the Georgia State Historic Preservation Office ( and
the National Park Service National Register Bulletin #24 Guidelines for Local
Surveys: A Basis for Preservation Planning ( as guides.

C. Final Report Requirements

The final historic resource survey report shall include the following components:

1) A digital photo record of all historic properties identified. Photographs shall
be taken as soon as possible once the contract is awarded. Since Decatur has
a great deal of old growth, the trees tend to obstruct the view of the buildings.
Photographs shall be color thumbnails of each JPEG, no more than twelve to a
page, printed on archival paper, each labeled with the property address.

2) A digital spreadsheet of properties survived grouped by neighborhood or
commercial area which should include the following:

           a) Address
           b) Style and type of house.
           c) Contributing, non-contributing, or vacant parcel.

3) A map or maps showing the survey areas and identifying structures as
contributing, non-contributing, or vacant parcel. Maps must be in a current GIS

4) Each property shall be documented on an individual inventory sheet that will
include the following information:

           a)   Photo
           b)   Estimated date of construction
           c)   Number of stories
           d)   Architectural style/type

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           e)   Construction materials
           f)   Current use
           g)   Condition
           h)   Neighborhood/district/area name

5) A narrative describing the project objectives methodologies used to conduct
the survey, a summary per neighborhood or commercial area describing
findings and conclusions with an accompanying map. The findings and
conclusions should include if each area or neighborhood is eligible for the
National Register and local designation. It should also be noted if there are
unique or special historic resources that are specific to the City of Decatur.

D. Additional Consultant Requirements

The consultant will be required to meet with the City of Decatur and other
relevant interested parties just prior to the commencement of the project, once
the photo-documentation is completed, and before and after the final report is
prepared. The consultant will also present their findings to the City Commission
and Historic Preservation Commission in a PowerPoint presentation. (Total: four
(4) meetings). Regular phone or email consultation/updates with the city’s
preservation planner are expected.


   A. Resumes of key personnel who will participate in the project.
   B. A brief statement that identifies experience with and knowledge of
      conducting historic resource surveys.
   C. An outline explaining the proposed process to be followed in completing
      the project and a time line for project completion.
   D. Hourly rates structure and description of scope of services.
   E. Firm fixed price for entire project as proposed.
   F. Professional references
   G. Samples of completed historic resource surveys or similar reports.
   H. Recommended format(s) of final report and associated cost of
      reproduction of the report(s).
   I. Any additional information that you feel is necessary but has not been

Proposal is limited to fifteen (15) pages not including sample surveys.

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